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So what's going down on ...

Question: So what's going down on Veronica Mars? I need some major poop nuggets.

Answer: Veronica will take on the role of babysitter when her investigation into Meg's pre-bus crash life leads her to an abused child. I think I saw a message board light up.

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I liked your response to the ...

Question: I liked your response to the complaints about new characters on Without a Trace and CSI (the "this isn't a soap" comment, especially) and the Josh/Donna romance on The West Wing. But when it comes to excess soapiness and bad-boy romance, I feel the same way about Veronica Mars. It seems that some online-columnist types are just as much into the oooh, oooh, squeal, squeal, Logan, Logan thing as the worst of the fangirls, and I don't get it. I like all the guys around Veronica (Duncan, Logan, Wallace, Weevil), but I think romance "shippers" really miss the point of the show. It's not about Veronica's love life but about nefarious doings under the covers of Neptune, with rich against poor and honest against corrupt. Happy lovey-dovey stuff or people squealing for more Logan in his underwear or whining that they want Duncan gone because he comes between Logan and Veronica really messes with what's good and different about the show. For me, anyway. What do you think? Does too much ... read more

Wow. A Wallace-centric episode...

Wow. A Wallace-centric episode and Percy Daggs III certainly didn’t disappoint. The usual comic-relief sidekick got a chance to show off his acting range with the deeply angry emotions of his mother's betrayal. And he got to show off his vocal range by singing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” He’s actually got a pretty decent voice. But his assessment of his one-way relationship with Veronica was painful and a little bit true. The hurt in his voice when he told his best friend that “It’s your world, we just live in it” was palpable and brutally honest. Thankfully, his loyal pal came to her senses and didn’t try and get payback against annoying Jackie, out of respect for Wallace. When the be-yatch Jackie showed up at the homecoming dance with Logan, the pint-size detective spun out of control with emotion over the fact that this woman would hurt her friend Wallace. Too bad Jackie was the one with the words that stabbed like a knife about Veronica wanting every man to find he read more


It appears the stars have finally aligned for Veronica Mars. UPN's little show that could attracted 3.6 million viewers last night — its largest audience to date. Mars no doubt got an assist from ABC, which aired a Lost rerun instead of an original. It also doesn't hurt that the show is, well, really good. read more

What the hell?! I just read ...

Question: What the hell?! I just read that a major character will be leaving Veronica Mars and some fans will not be happy. Any scoop?

Answer: First I'm hearing of it. When I spoke to Rob Thomas back in June (Ask Ausiello 6/22), he denied rumors that a principal cast member was getting cut. He did, however, acknowledge that "in order to make the budget work, a number of actors on the show lost a few episodes in their contracts." For example, Francis Capra (Weevil) will only appear in 12 episodes this season, down from 16 last year. I suppose one way to accommodate such a shortfall would be to send Weevil on vacation for a few months, but that's pure speculation. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

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Kristen Bell, You've Got Mail!

Kristen Bell

Yeah, we were disappointed, too. That plucky little "Fame"-singing Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, is so busy headlining one of TV's best shows (or "Best. Show. Ever." as Buffy overlord Joss Whedon recently put it) that Insider had to settle for e-mailing our list of questions to her, then waiting out the weekend — and all day Monday and half of Tuesday, but who's counting? — until her answers hit our in-box. Did Neptune's finest play nice? Or did she treat us like spam? went all out to make the most of the electronic exchange (which was filtered through Kristen's people, folks, so no harassing me for her e-mail addy). What R U wearing right.... Oops. Sorry, wrong window. Let me start by, um, thanking you for taking the time to do this.Kristen Bell: No problem. I'm read more

I am a devoted fan of your ...

Question: I am a devoted fan of your column and love reading Ask Matt Mondays and Fridays. Two of my favorite shows, Lost and Desperate Housewives, are often the highlights of my TV week. However, I have to comment on the thousands of commercial breaks during these two shows. I don't mind commercials at all, at normal intervals. But with these two shows, they seem excessive, even if the breaks are actually shorter. What's that about? I am pretty sure that isn't the case with other ABC shows. Can you shed any light on this? Answer: Basically, all ABC dramas are now adopting this five-act format, with an additional (if at times shorter) ad break built into the script structure, including one very close to the climax. One of the primary reasons for this is to do away with the act break in between shows, in the hopes that more viewers will stay tuned to what follows. This is also why shows like Housewives, Lost and now Commander in Chief bleed a minute over into the next hour. All ver ... read more

I was just complaining earlier...

I was just complaining earlier this week about how boring the whole subplot with Wallace's mom being followed by a mystery man seemed. I can't remember who I was talking to at the time, but I'd really like to take that back now... please? The Neil guy is really Wallace's father? And I'd like to say that Rob Thomas (the VM godfather not the Matchbox 20 guy) is truly an honest man of his word. In his Q&A the other day, he promised that Wallace's little bro would be making a return appearance soon, and lo and behold there he was. Now the question is, is he Wallace's half brother, or is Mr. Chicago cop his papa, too? Oh, and Wallace's new gal pal: I've got a feeling that the self-centered New Yorker is gonna stomp all over his little heart. And he even tried to turn down the persistent Ms. Mars to swap spit with the hottie, but honey, in Wallace's world, money talks. I really kinda felt bad for the guy Veronic read more

Your Burning Veronica Mars Questions Answered

Whatcha thinking 'bout, Wallace?

As the mysteries deepen on UPN's Veronica Mars (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) this season, fans want to know: Will Veronica hook up with Weevil? What happened to her dog? And where did Wallace's bro go? readers sent in their burning questions for the show's producers and Mars creator Rob Thomas once again answered them in this exclusive Q&A. Question: I don't have a question. I just wanted to say thank-you for creating such an awesome show. I'm a 38-year-old high school teacher and I'm doing my best to get my students to watch it. Keep up the good work! — JayneRob Thomas: Thanks so much. Question: Is there some significance to the necklace that Logan wears? He never seems to take it off. — Wally WrightThomas: Only that he really likes it. Question: read more

I love Veronica Mars and it's ...

Question: I love Veronica Mars and it's all your fault. I never thought I'd enjoy a show about a young blonde chippy in high school solving mysteries, but you were right — it's fabulous! That said, give up the scoop, er, poop!

Answer: How 'bout some visual Mars poop: Click here for a first look at Joss Whedon playing that testy rental-car manager in the Nov. 9 episode. And to see him in action with Kristen Bell, pick up the new issue of TV Guide magazine and turn to the Ausiello Report on page 10! Also, make sure to read Rob Thomas' latest Q&A with fans in today's Insider. There are a couple of good poop droppings in there.

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Premise: Mars is a feisty and fearless teen sleuth (with a PI father) who juggles an array of cases in the California seaside community of Neptune. The series is a kind of modern-day variation on Nancy Drew, but with considerable more attitude, style, mood and sophistication. First-year ratings were disappointing, but `Mars' has its loyal following among critics and viewers.



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