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Terminator Sequel: Fox Makes Mid-season Noise

Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker in The Sarah Connor Chronicles by Joe Viles/Fox

With the Fox network, it's often all about the mid-season, the time when shows like American Idol and 24 come along to rescue the network from its fall doldrums. Not that it's impossible for any of Fox's September newcomers to catch on. The Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton sitcom Back to You looks very commercial. The situation is admittedly tougher for the downbeat New Orleans crime drama K-Ville or the murky supernatural crime drama New Amsterdam (about an immortal detective) to buck the odds and be a factor come January. While it's possible one or both may hit its mark, you can't help but feel that they might as well be titled "Placeholder 1" and "Placeholder 2" (shades of last fall's Vanished, Justice and Standoff).Once again, Fox is holding back one of its biggest guns (literally) for January. Easily the most anticipated show on the network's lineup is The Sarah Connor Chronicles (look for the word Terminator to be added to the title before it premieres): a high-octane, big-budge... read more

Are we ever going to find out ...

Question: Are we ever going to find out what would've happened on Vanished?

Answer: John Allen Nelson told one of our reporters at Monday's 24 party that his character would have been president of the United States at the end of the season. "I won’t tell you how I was going to get there," he hedged, "but [becoming president] would have been an amazing thing." This just in: Intern Scott says the reason he didn't tell me about Michael getting dumped in next week's Office was because "NBC already spoiled that twist in the press release that accompanied the screener." Way to cover your ass, Intern Scott! I have taught you well.

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Vanished Vanishes as Justice Reappears

Gale Harold's Eddie Cibrian's ratings-anemic Vanished has been pulled from Fox's prime-time lineup effective immediately, though the final four episodes wrapping up Sara Collin's mysterious disappearance will air online at Fox On Demand, starting today, with Episode 10. The recently vanished Justice will resurface Dec. 1 to claim the Fridays-at-8 pm time slot. read more

November 10, 2006: "The New World"

At last, the horrific truth can be told: the Vanished Sara Collins has been deprived of adequate food, water and foundation garments. What's more, her abductors are shooting her up, Dr. Bones McCoy-style, with drugs that disorient her, make her susceptible to inane Brainwashing 101 suggestions, and have her talking as if she is wearing orthodontic headgear. Speaking of Sara's captors, this week's episode put a new face on the mysterious-in-a-TV-serial-kind-of-way group, in the form of a rather Anglo preppie. What is their next tactic, to threaten to make Sara shop last season's Lacoste styles? The inhumanity.Speaking of Chad/Biff-the-Masonic-kidnapper, the casting is so obvious in its "Let's go against the grain" thinking that it's distracting and thus rendered ineffective. Hmm, do we go with an older, perhaps scarred, furled-brow gent of non-descript foreign origins? Nah, let's shake things up with a J. Crew model! If I was Sara, I'd be all, "Listen, your threats didn't work with D... read more

Ratings: Housewives Shoots and Scores

A few Sunday-ratings headlines:— 7th Heaven, up 700,000 total viewers week-to-week, had its biggest audience (3.83 million) since being moved from Monday.— Desperate Housewives' gunplay was witnessed by 22.5 million, the series' best draw since the season opener. Brothers & Sisters, in turn, was up more than a mil, and had its own best audience since Oct. 1.And some Friday footnotes:— In its new home, Vanished (3.35 mil) was on par with, say, time-slot predecessor Nanny 911, but lost nearly half its average Monday audience.— This is unsettling: A special 9 pm edition of 20/20 (7.86 mil) outperformed the previous week's Men in Trees by a million heads.— Despite a 300K dip for lead-in Las Vegas (8.95 mil), Law & Order and its Mel Gibson riff surged 1.9 million, to 10.7 mil. read more

I know you think Vanished's ...

Question: I know you think Vanished's story was getting ludicrous, but I have to disagree. I think it's one of the most interesting new shows, along with Heroes. You might find the string of new twists and few answers to be annoying, but it's no different than Lost or The X-Files. As Chris Carter said of the latter, "We like to pull the rug out from underneath viewers. We answer questions, only to learn later that they were lies. We're big Indian givers." That lasted nine years, and you want to write off Vanished after only a few episodes. If Vanished has been getting low or declining ratings, it probably has more to do with Fox's not putting it in the right time slot and/or not promoting it enough. Preempting it for the baseball playoffs and the World Series didn't help, nor did rescheduling it to Fridays. You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you need to step back and re-examine your own prejudices and preconceptions about shows. If you liked Lost or The X-Files, then you can ... read more

Short Cuts: The Hoff, Degrassi and More

David Hasselhoff will don a dress and tap-dance as Adolf Hitler in a Las Vegas production of The Producers, beginning its run Jan. 31, 2007.... The N's Degrassi: The Next Generation presents its mid-Season 6 finale on Nov. 17.... Reminder: Fox's Vanished (finally) returns tonight at 8 pm/ET.... WE has announced a Dec. 6 premiere for its Dirty Dancing reality series.... Adrienne Shelly, best known for her roles in Hal Hartley's Trust and The Unbelievable Truth, was found hanged in her New York City office on Wednesday evening. She was 40. read more

Fox Teases Prison Break Finale, Sweeps Shockers

The highlights of a November-sweeps press release from Fox:• In all-new episodes of Prison Break, Michael is determined to reunite with Sarah, while Mahone and Kellerman are dead-set on keeping them apart, permanently (on Nov. 6); T-Bag makes the ultimate sacrifice to get his hand on Westmoreland's millions, while Lincoln says goodbye to another loved one (Nov. 13); Bellick makes a stunning confession, as Michael and Lincoln make their run for the border (Nov. 20); and alliances are turned upside-down once again (in the series' Nov. 27 fall finale).• On Nov. 15, in one of three new Bones episodes, Brennan and Hodgins, the Grave Digger's latest victims, are forced to try to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.• Sweeps guest stars include Everwood's Chris Pratt (in a multi-episode arc on The O.C., starting Nov. 2); film vet David Morse (in four episodes of House, starting Nov. 7); Arrested Development's Jessica Walter (Happy Hour, Nov. 16); and Jane Sey... read more

Reminder: Vanished Now on a New Night!

For those sad, mean souls who don't read my Today's News column, Vanished will air on Fridays at 8 pm/ET when it returns from the baseball hiatus. read more

Trivial Pursuits At last a game requiring a few brains 1 vs 100

Here's why I'm rooting for 1 vs. 100 (Friday, 8 pm/ET), NBC's latest game-show import, to catch on, even modestly. I happen to be among the minority that's completely immune to the dubious charms of NBC's ubiquitous Deal or No Deal — or, as I tend to call it, "that stupid briefcase show." Even if it weren't so proud of its mindlessness, bragging that it takes no skill to play, I find the entire excruciating exercise as empty as many of those briefcases. Now the same producers have taken Deal's format of wagering against ever-escalating stakes, and wedded it to a trivia-based rip-off of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The concept is simple yet effective: A single contestant faces a "mob" of 100 peopl read more

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