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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Departed" Season 3, Episode 22

Well the time has finally (well, sadly) come for The Vampire Diaries season finale, and I can safely say we cried, screamed, and squealed — all in a matter of minutes. And that wasn't even considering that Elena made a choice, the choice! So as I try to calm down (RIP you know who!) let's get to recapping "The Departed."

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Before Sunset" Season 3, Episode 21

This week's penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries season was fast-paced, filled with vampy adrenaline, and ended with more than a few shocking moments. So let me attempt to catch my breath and get on with recapping!

"That's what happens when you try to paint your dead guardian's room in the middle of the night." -  Jeremy

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Do Not Go Gentle" Season 3, Episode 20

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries featured a dapper Stefan, a hopeless Elena, a mean Klaus, a witchy Bonnie, an Esther dead set on a plan and, ultimately, a transitioning Alaric.

In lieu of this week's recap, head here for my post-mortem chat with Julie Plec as she talks "hardcore" Alaric, the love triangle, what we'll learn from the finale's flashback and how Klaus is about to "reboot" his villainous side.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Heart of Darkness" Season 3, Episode 19

No point in burying the lede on this one. Damon and Elena made out. It was hot. Jeremy interrupted. Elena continued to be confused. And a lot of other awesome stuff happened too, so let's get to recapping.

Alaric is locked in the dungeon where he'll hopefully morph into his crazy self and reveal where he hid the white oak dagger. Stefan decides to stay and hang with him (while Damon and Elena road trip it and get Jeremy) and soon the two are boozing to try to speed up the turning process. Alas, it doesn't work, and neither does Klaus "killing him" so they soon resort to physical violence.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Murder of One" Season 3, Episode 18

Klaus is back on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries! Does he have a way to unlink the siblings or will the white oak stake take him down for good? Keep reading to find out.  

"We're going vampire hunting, Ric"
After going pyscho-killer on Meredith, Alaric is back to his normal self in the care of Damon. But rather than resting up, he's been tasked by Damon to whittle the Wickery Bridge sign into stakes — 12 to be exact. Damon and Stefan then take said stakes and arm Caroline, Matt and Elena with the weapons to take down the Originals.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Breaking on Through" Season 3, Episode 17

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Alaric's alter-ego got even more dangerous, Sage returned to town, Damon did some Damon-dancing, and Bonnie and Caroline helped Abby with her transitioning.  

Alaric is getting an MRI to see if he has anything that Meredith can treat, but they find... read more

The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "1912" Season 3, Episode 16

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, viewers were treated with another flashback, which means more history lessons, more secrets revealed and lots more funny looking hats.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "All My Children" Season 3, Episode 15

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, the plan was set in motion to kill off the Original siblings — until Elena grew a conscience and decided to thwart it.

Elena is trying to reach both Salvatore brothers, but while Stefan is ignoring her calls, Damon answers and says he's a bit busy... and Elena sees who he's busy with firsthand during an awkward run-in. A somewhat self-centered Elena suggests Damon was angry and lashed out by sleeping with Rebekah, but he suggests that maybe not everything is about her.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Dangerous Liaisons" Season 3, Episode 14

This week's Vampire Diaries was the highly anticipated Original family ball where there were some interesting pairings, a big plot to take down Klaus, gorgeous dresses, hot guys in tuxes and an "I love you."

The episode opens with Elena and Matt leaving the hospital where they were visiting Alaric. Matt stupidly sends Elena off to her car (in the dark) where she has a run-in with a pissed off Rebekah. But luckily Elijah pops up and comes to Elena's rescue. She eventually makes it home where she receives an invitation to the Mikaelson family ball and a special note from Esther, who wants to meet. 

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: “Bringing Out the Dead” Season 3, Episode 13

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus and Elijah treated Stefan and Damon to an uncomfortable dinner, a few people were stabbed and that mysterious fourth coffin was finally opened.

Elijah is back and when he realizes that Klaus wasn't the one to take the dagger out, he's more than ticked off. The brothers immediately brawl and when Elijah asks why he keeps them all in the coffins, Klaus explains, "I need you to stand by my side, be my brother, help me destroy Stefan and I promise you our family will be whole again."

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The Ties That Bind Season 3, Episode 12

Bonnie is reunited with her estranged mother; Klaus negotiates with Stefan to control the coffins of his family members; Tyler tries to regain his free will; and Damon becomes intrigued by Alaric's new friend, Dr. Fell. read more

Our Town Season 3, Episode 11

Elena, Bonnie and Matt plan a surprise 18th birthday party for Caroline. Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan disagree over the best way to handle Klaus; and Alaric runs into Dr. Fell, who is in the middle of an argument with her ex-boyfriend. read more

The New Deal Season 3, Episode 10

Klaus threatens violence unless Stefan returns the coffins containing his family members, but Elena tries to strike a deal with him. Meanwhile, Alaric meets a woman (Torrey DeVitto) who is intrigued by his ability to heal; and Tyler makes the most of his new abilities as a hybrid. read more

Homecoming Season 3, Episode 9

Rebekah opens up to Elena on the night of the homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Klaus puts his latest plan into action, but Damon enters into a dangerous partnership to stop him. My Morning Jacket perform. read more

Ordinary People Season 3, Episode 8

Elena and Rebekah engage in a power struggle, until Rebekah reveals her family's ancient secrets and violent past with Klaus. Meanwhile, Damon tries a reckless new approach to make a breakthrough with Stefan. read more

Ghost World Season 3, Episode 7

Mystic Falls is invaded by spirits of the dead during the town's Illumination Night, and Damon encounters an angry ghost with surprising power. Meanwhile, Elena persuades Jeremy to use his connection to the spirit world to help find Stefan. read more

Smells Like Teen Spirit Season 3, Episode 6

Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt begin their senior year of high school. Meanwhile, Damon becomes annoyed with a new houseguest, and everyone is surprised by a new arrival in Alaric's history class. read more

The Reckoning Season 3, Episode 5

A high-school prank night turns deadly when uninvited guests arrive. Meanwhile, Damon tries to get Jeremy to use his ghostly connection to help defeat Klaus, who is tightening his grip on Stefan and using him for increasingly dangerous purposes. read more

Disturbing Behavior Season 3, Episode 4

Klaus contacts a witch from his past to see why his plan isn't working. Meanwhile, Damon faces a new enemy and lashes out in a way that brings about lasting consequences; Jeremy makes a breakthrough with one of his ghostly visitors. read more

The End of the Affair Season 3, Episode 3

Klaus and Stefan travel to Chicago, where Stefan is reunited with a vampire who was in love with him decades earlier. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena follow Stefan's trail; and Tyler worries about Caroline and turns to her mom for help. read more

The Hybrid Season 3, Episode 2

Klaus tries to create werewolf-vampire hybrids, but his plan goes awry. Meanwhile, Damon battles a werewolf; Tyler reveals his secret to this mother; Caroline encounters a stranger from her past; and Vicki's ghost tries to get Jeremy to bring her back to life. read more

The Birthday Season 3, Episode 1

The third season begins with Elena and Damon searching for Stefan, who is with Klaus tracking a werewolf. Meanwhile, Caroline plans a party for Elena's 18th birthday, and Jeremy sees the ghosts of his former girlfriends Vicki and Anna. read more

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