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The Vampire Diaries Episode: "The Departed"

Season 3, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: The third season concludes with Elena wishing she could go back to simpler times when her parents were alive. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon leave Mystic Falls on a mission; and Caroline and Tyler are forced to make a life-altering decision.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2012
Guest Cast Erin Beute: Miranda
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Season 3, Episode 22
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Length: 42:32
Aired: 5/10/2012
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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "The Departed" Season 3, Episode 22

Well the time has finally (well, sadly) come for The Vampire Diaries season finale, and I can safely say we cried, screamed, and squealed — all in a matter of minutes. And that wasn't even considering that Elena made a choice, the choice! So as I try to calm down (RIP you know who!) let's get to recapping "The Departed."

The episode begins with a flashback of Elena (listening to Pink, I might add), who heads downstairs in her way-too-short cheerleading uniform. But after a few overly cheery moments with her parents and the lovely Jenna, Elena wakes up in the hospital. Outside of the room, Meredith tells Jeremy that Elena is fine, she just hit her head. Jeremy calls the brothers to alert them and they turn around, Klaus' body in the backseat and all. Meanwhile, Meredith gets a lovely surprise as Alaric is waiting for her in her office. He pulls out the vampire blood she uses to "cheat" with and explains he's about to out her along with the rest of the town's vamp supporters.

Elena is taken home and after her friends give her a little TLC, she takes a nap and awakes to Matt watching her. She apologizes for stringing him along and says she's aware she's doing the same thing now to Stefan and Damon. "I have to let one of them go," she says. Shortly after, Stefan returns and stays with her while she's on house arrest. But he's not the only one to show up at the Gilbert household. Elijah is back to make a deal that if he can have Klaus' body back, he won't revive him in Elena's lifetime. Deal accepted.

Caroline and Tyler are called home and learn from their moms that they have to leave town now that the council knows about them. They debate before deciding they're going away together. "I will run with you," Caroline says (as if they're eloping).

At the storage facility where Damon has brought Klaus' body, Bonnie asks for a minute alone with the "beef-jerkified Original." She wants to appreciate the sight of Klaus, who caused Jenna's death and Tyler to be a hybrid, among other things, as an immobile dessicated Original. It's actually bizarre watching Klaus stare back into her eyes, possibly comprehending her words, but unable to say anything back.

At home, Elena asks Stefan to make sure Alaric doesn't hurt Jeremy and adds, "Lately, I feel like every time someone walks out of this house, there's a chance they may not make it back home." Stefan takes that moment of vulnerability and promises to do everything he can to make sure they all come back. And then he grabs her and kisses her. "That's just in case there is no later," he says. #smoothmove. Stefan leaves her in Matt's unable-to-make-tea hands, who not-so-subtly asks, "So...Stefan?" She explains that Stefan saved her both literally and metaphorically. But then, Elena says, Damon consumes her. Yet again Elena feels that she doesn't want to lose anyone. But we all know "the choice" is coming. Poor Elena wishes she had her mom here to help. Because she'd be all, "Yeah pick that vampire over this vampire."

Damon is waiting at the storage unit ready to hand over Klaus' body, but instead Alaric shows up. He knocks Damon out, but when he comes to, he momentarily escapes Evil-aric. Damon tries to save Rebekah when she finally arrives,  but Alaric gets to them first. He takes his white oak stake and stabs Klaus, who bursts into flames. (And I scream. I heart you Joseph Morgan.)

Elena, again, wakes up from a dream and she's in a car with Matt who decides to go against plan and get her the hell out of Dodge. But they soon get word that Klaus is dead, meaning that she can either go say goodbye to Stefan who is with Caroline and Tyler or to the storage facility to Damon. WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE? Elena calls Damon and explains she's going back Stefan. Damon asks if it were just between the two brothers who would get her goodbye and Elena says it would still be Stefan. "I love him, Damon," she says. "He came into my life at a time when I needed someone. No matter what I feel for you I never unfell for him." Elena lets Damon go, telling him he's going to be fine, but he hangs up knowing Alaric is staring him down.

Back at the Lockwood cellar, Caroline runs to Tyler in tears knowing if Klaus is dead, he'll die too. As Tyler yelps in pain, I yell at my TV. No, Tyler, you can't die too! But after Caroline leaves, Bonnie comes in. "I must say you did that spell brilliantly," Tyler says. Bonnie, who's become very mean all of a sudden, says she did it to save her friends. And then she calls him Klaus. Looks like Bonnie's alone time with Klaus was really spent doing a spell to have him and Tyler switch bodies, saving Klaus and thus saving the rest of the clan (except for poor Tyler).

As Damon is getting beat up, he too flashes back to a scene he had teased to us weeks ago here. Turns out he and Elena met the night of the crash, because Damon thought he saw Katherine. The two have an oddly profound conversation about love where Damon tells her, "You want a love that consumes you, passion and adventure and even a little danger." He then compels her to forget.

Back to the present, Rebekah has called the deal off now that Klaus is dead. She wants Elena dead so that Alaric can die. As she stands in the middle of the road, Matt and Elena swerve out of the way and into the water. Please, someone explain why they still drive over Wickery Bridge after everything!

In the final act, we flash back-and-forth between Elena's past crash that killed her parents and her present one with Matt. In the heartbreaking past scene, Elena and her dad grab hands after realizing they can't break open the window and are going to die. As they start to slip away Stefan swims up, just as he's doing in the current crash. But unlike the past when he saved Elena, she pleads with him to save Matt instead. Elena takes her final breaths of air and as she starts to die, we cut to Elena and Damon's fight where Alaric instantly falls to the ground. Damon cries out as he realizes if he's dead, Elena must be. And soon Alaric, now a ghost, appears in front of Jeremy at home. "I just want you to know that I'll always be here to after you, Jeremy. You'll never be alone, OK, I promise," Alaric says. Jeremy suddenly understands what his death means.  (For all of our favorite Alaric Saltzman moments click here.)

In the final moments of the episode, as Stefan watches over Elena's body, Damon rushes into the hospital. Meredith explains when she was in the hospital earlier she really had bleeding on the brain. Because of the extent of her trauma, Meredith had to use vampire blood to "help" her. The show then leaves off as Elena wakes up gasping for air — possibly about to begin her transition to becoming a vampire.

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Well the time has finally (well, sadly) come for The Vampire Diaries season finale, and I can safely say we cried, screamed, and squealed — all in a matter of minutes. And that wasn't even considering that Elena made a choice, the choice! So as I try to calm down (RIP you know who!) let's get to recapping "The Departed."

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