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The Vampire Diaries Episode: "Break on Through"

Season 3, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Damon and Sage reunite a century after their first encounter. They meet again at a ceremony to begin restoration of Wickery Bridge. Meanwhile, Abby has trouble adjusting to her new reality; and Elena tries to help Stefan with his latest struggles.
Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2012
Guest Cast Cassidy Freeman: Sage Claire Holt: Rebekah Persia White: Abby
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Season 3, Episode 17
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Length: 42:31
Aired: 3/22/2012
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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Breaking on Through" Season 3, Episode 17

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Alaric's alter ego got even more dangerous, Sage returned to town, Damon did some Damon-dancing, and Bonnie and Caroline helped Abby with her transitioning.  

Alaric is getting an MRI to see if he has anything that Meredith can treat, but they find nothing wrong. He comes out of the tube, after having a minor split personality freak-out that Meredith doesn't see, and hands his ring over to Elena. Later, he, Meredith, Damon and Rebekah attend the Wickery Bridge restoration ceremony when Sage shows up. She's back now that Finn is free from the casket, but Rebekah tries to convince her that Finn, who turned her back in the day, is long gone. Sage is also not very happy that Damon is friends with her nemesis Rebekah, but Damon explains the two just like to have hate sex. Damon also believes Rebekah is hiding something, so Sage advises him that she's a girl and he should exploit that to find out what it is. Cue the funny/awkward dance moves and a hot "sex sandwich," as Damon called it, with the two girls.

Caroline and Bonnie are trying to help Abby with her transition to being a vampire, but Abby is having a tough time accepting it. Bonnie doesn't know how to help. Jamie, meanwhile, is chopping wood outside as Caroline tries to explain to him that he shouldn't be scared or mad and that Abby didn't choose this new life. But later when Jamie finally hugs Abby and apologizes, she turns around and bites him on the neck. Abby is horrified and wants to leave, but Bonnie convinces her she'll hurt more if her mom leaves her.

As Rebekah is sleeping, Sage sneaks up on her and is able to read her mind about the oak tree discovery. Sage then "shows" Damon the thoughts, aka sticking her tongue down his throat in the shower, but he gets the message.  The two make a deal that they find the oak tree and kill the Originals except for Finn. But Sage soon disappears. He finds her, and Rebekah, at Wickery Bridge. Sage tells him she's protecting herself and was able to read Damon's mind and learn that if one Original dies, they all do. So they burn the remaining oak.

Stefan and Elena have a run-in, and Stefan says he's not trying to hurt her, but can't be the person she wants him to be right now. He then tells her about the information he found on Samantha Gilbert. Turns out when she was on suicide watch she wasn't wearing the ring, yet still had episodes. Cut to a ring-less Alaric, alone with Meredith, who suddenly turns to the dark side. He goes after her although she escapes, but not without receiving a few stabs.

Stefan and Elena go home and Alaric claims that Meredith was called into a last-minute surgery. But Elena isn't buying it, especially when she sees a bloody knife on the floor. Stefan grabs Alaric and puts him into a choke hold. Stefan then senses blood, a lot of blood, and asks Elena to help him upstairs where a bloody Meredith lays on the floor. Stefan's eyes get all "I want to eat you-" like but he instead bites his own wrist and gives Meredith a taste to bring her back to life.

Alaric wakes up in bed with Damon by his side. He tells him that Bonnie did a spell to rid him of his cuckoo alter-ego. Bonnie leaves Elena with herbs he must take twice a day. Elena tries again to apologize for leading Abby to being turned, and Bonnie finally gives her what she needs — a hug and forgiveness. But while Bonnie is excited to spend more time with her mom, Abby is planning on leaving. Caroline explains to Abby she has an eternity to now make up for lost time and pleads with her to stay. "Tell her I'm sorry," Abby says as she walks out the door.

At the end of the episode, Elena calls Jeremy who's clueless as to what's been happening. They hang up as Elena tears up. Stefan, meanwhile, toasts to control as Damon tells him that he stole the historical Wickery Bridge sign, made of good old white oak. "Let's go kill some Originals," he says.

And speaking of Damon lines, my two favorite of the night are:

"Own it, live it, love it, stop being ashamed of who you are."

"Unless you're interested in a Sage- Rebekah-sex sandwich I suggest you make yourself scarce."

What did you think of the episode? Weigh in below.

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On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Alaric's alter-ego got even more dangerous, Sage returned to town, Damon did some Damon-dancing, and Bonnie and Caroline helped Abby with her transitioning.  

Alaric is getting an MRI to see if he has anything that Meredith can treat, but they find... read more

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