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The Vampire Diaries Episode: "1912"

Season 3, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: Damon recalls murders from 1912 that are eerily similar to a present-day crime spree. Meanwhile, Elena and Matt try to prove that Dr. Fell is a killer.
Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2012
Guest Cast Marguerite MacIntyre: Sheriff Forbes Torrey DeVitto: Dr. Fell Claire Holt: Rebekah Cassidy Freeman: Sage
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Season 3, Episode 16
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Length: 41:13
Aired: 3/15/2012
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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "1912" Season 3, Episode 16

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, viewers were treated with another flashback, which means more history lessons, more secrets revealed and lots more funny looking hats.

Mystic Falls, 1912
There's a slain councilman both a Salvatore descendant and Forbes descendant are talking about. They part ways and as Zacharia Salvatore walks home, he's suddenly stabbed.

Present Day
Alaric wakes up in a jail cell, detained after Meredith turned him in. Alaric, of course, pleads with Sheriff Forbes that he's being framed. The Sheriff then fills Elena in on her teacher/guardian/couch buddy and when she shows up to the precinct Damon is there to be snarkier than usual. "If you keep pushing people away you're going to end up alone," she tells him. Back at Casa Salvatore, Stefan is fidgety from lack of blood as he's writing in his diary. Damon soon interrupts and pulls out Stefan's old diary from 1912. The memories flash us back to...

It's Zacharia's funeral. Samantha Gilbert is also there, as well as a black crow! (Homage to Season 1?) Damon shows up. Apparently it's been 50 years since he's seen his brother and he's still bitter for being turned. "I've missed you brother," Stefan says and the two agree to go for a drink.

Present Day
Damon and Stefan are at the bar and reminisce about the last time there was a string of murders. They think about Sage, who was one of the only other vampires in town back then.  Sage taught Damon that a woman wasn't just for food, but also for pleasure, even if he was already "spoken for" by a locked-up Katherine. Rebekah also adds that she too knew Sage, who was obsessed with her brother Finn at the time. Stefan continues to be curmudgeonly as Rebekah and Damon read his diary and egg him on. Soon, they all leave and Damon purposely munches on a girl close enough for Stefan to see, smell and get tempted. Damon and Rebekah taunt him until he finally gives in. But right after Stefan devours the girl, he looks up and Matt and Elena are standing there to see blood drip from his mouth.

Matt and Elena have a heart-to-heart as he questions her "thing" for the Salvatore brothers. Elena admits she felt safe with Stefan after her parents' death and also realized that he can never die and leave her like her family did. And Damon? "He snuck up on me and got under my skin and no matter what I do I can't shake him," Elena says. Matt answers, "Once you fall in love with someone I don't know if you can ever shake them." Is he referring to his love for Elena or Elena's love for Damon here? Matt then gives Elena the old Gilbert journal they found just as Alaric returns home.

Stefan is upset, but Damon tries to explain he can help him recover. Stefan claims he doesn't need his brother's help, but Damon reminds Stefan of the last time he said that. Flash to...

Damon tries to tell Stefan that they can feed on humans and then gives him a taste. And thus the ripper binge begins. Stefan can't control himself, kills the girl and runs.

Present Day
Damon promises he'll watch over his brother and make sure he doesn't go over the edge again. Stefan pulls out another old journal and they find that in 1922, Samantha Gilbert admitted to the murders. Damon, though, is pretty sure he had already killed her by then. It seems Samantha also had the ring that Alaric now wears.

Meredith shows up to Alaric's to try to explain that she turned him in to protect him. "You wear a ring that lets you cheat death. How many times can you cheat death before it changes you?" Meredith tries to explain that it's Alaric's ring that made Samantha crazy and kill in the past, and is now doing the same to Alaric and he doesn't know it. Elena soon shows up after reading up on Samantha's journal and says, "Rick, I think she's right."

In the final scene, we see Samantha killing Zacharia and she's wearing the ring.

What did you think of the episode? Make sure to read out postmortem interview here about the serial killer reveal and what it means for Alaric, Elena and Jeremy.



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On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, viewers were treated with another flashback, which means more history lessons, more secrets revealed and lots more funny looking hats.

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