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The Vampire Diaries Episode: "Katerina"

Season 2, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Katherine reveals to Elena her bloody past back in 1490 Bulgaria when she was pursued by the world's oldest known vampire. Meanwhile, Bonnie befriends a warlock who recently moved to Mystic Falls with his father.
Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2010
Guest Cast Bryton James: Luka
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Season 2, Episode 9
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Length: 42:17
Aired: 11/11/2010
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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Katerina" Season 2, Episode 9

It's 1490 in Bulgaria, and Katerina is giving birth. But as soon as the baby is born, she's taken away by Kat's father who yells that she's disgraced the family.

In present day, Elena goes to Stefan's after he calls her to have Rose explain what's going on. Rose tries to warn her that Klaus, from the original family of vampires, is after her. But Stefan says he doesn't know anyone who's laid on eyes on him and perhaps he's just a vampire myth. Elena leaves to go to school, but instead she gets Caroline to come with her to Katherine's tomb. Caroline uses her strength to open it, and when she does, a weak and withered-away Katherine is inside. Elena brings a book of history and a bottle of blood to get Katherine talking. With each taste, Kat tells another part of the tale. Katherine explains the that her ancestors disowned her after she had a baby out of wedlock (The opening scene). The baby was given away, and Katherine was banished to England. There she met Klaus but ran when she found out what he was.

"You don't find Klaus, he finds you," Rose explains to Damon. The two of them take a mini road-trip to a cafe where a fellow vampire named Slater knows way too much about Damon's history. The three chat as Damon promises that Elijah is dead. Famous last words. Before they know it, he's arrived and breaks the windows to the restaurant that releases the sun inside. Everyone but Damon starts to burn and scream in pain. Damon scoops up Rose and the two make it out safely.

As for our budding new couple, Jeremy sees Bonnie at school and asks her to play pool afterwards. As they stand and awkwardly giggle, a new guy in town, Luca, introduces himself. He immediately eyes Bonnie. Later at The Grill, Luca is there with his dad and introduces him to Bonnie, who is there to meet Jeremy. She sits down and Luca's father says that he's a doctor and that they just moved from Louisiana. He then asks her if she's related to the Bennets in Salem, which immediately alerts Bonnie. Jeremy arrives and as Bonnie gets up, she touches Luca to confirm that she senses something about him.

"What does the Petrova blood line have to do with Klaus?" Elena asks Katherine. She explains how the curse is bound by the blood and once a doppelganger reappeared, the curse could be broken. Katerina tries to run from Klaus and escaped to a cottage where she was met by Rose. Rose doesn't want to get involved, but before she can bring Kat back to Klaus, Katerina kills herself. But because Trevor loves her, he turns her before she dies. However, Katerina was only using Trevor and Rose to help escape. It's because of their aid that they run from Klaus for the next 500 years.

At The Grill, Luca tells Bonnie that his dad had picked up on something and that he doesn't want for anyone to know that they're witches. "He just wants us to fit in here, for once," he says. But the two are obviously happy that they've found another witch to befriend. Jeremy, though, is not happy as he watches them interact while he's left alone.

Stefan arrives to the tomb as Katherine is explaining that when she returned to Bulgaria two years later, her family was all dead. "Even you must realize that she's doomed," Kat says. She then pulls out the moonstone and Stefan thinks that she just wants to trade it for her freedom.  But it's the opposite, she says. When Klaus shows up to kill everyone, she'll be in the tomb. "I'll be the safest psychotic b--ch in town," she says. For once, someone has an even better line than Damon.

Damon and Rose return to the house, where she tells him that he reminds her of Trevor. "If you're going to survive, you need to not care about anyone. It might just be time to turn the switch off on your emotions," she says before they start kissing. Afterwards, Rose's phone rings. It's Slater. He tells her that he wants no part in helping them, but that they should know they'll need the moonstone and a witch to break the curse. He then hangs up, and it's revealed (obviously) that Klaus was there telling him what to say. He then compels Slater to kill himself. But the kicker is that Luca's dad is there as well. How is he involved? We'll have to wait a long three weeks to find out!  

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It's 1490 in Bulgaria, and Katerina is giving birth. But as soon as the baby is born, she's taken away by Kat's father who yells that she's disgraced the family.

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