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V Episode: "John May"

Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Erica, Ryan and Jack seek out the legendary John May (Michael Trucco) to rescue Georgie; Tyler probes his mysterious past during a confrontation with his mother; Chad visits the mother ship to report on Anna's Live Aboard program.
Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2010
Guest Cast Michael Trucco: John May Nicholas Lea: Joe Evans Mark Hildreth: Joshua Christopher Shyer: Marcus Charles Mesure: Kyle Hobbes David Richmond-Peck: Georgie
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Season 1, Episode 7
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 4/13/2010
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V Episode Recap: "John May" Season 1, Episode 7

Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie, Anna brings Chad aboard the Mother ship for a story on her Live Aboard Program, and Tyler confronts his mom about his mysterious past.

11 minutes in

Ryan is beamed down to the earth from his stealth V ship. He confronts John May who explains that he is a traitor and that he enjoys getting a high more from human emotions than he does from the "bliss." Ryan, not a good V yet, tells him he's been wearing the human skin too long and that's why he's confused. John May, after tactically trapping Ryan in a bear trap (don't ask), spares Ryan's life and says that one day he'll understand.

Flash Forward:
Present day, Ryan explains to Father Jack, Erica and Kyle that they need to make a plan to get Georgie off the Mother Ship. The only way to do it, however, is to get to the COM device that Joshua told him about so they can send a message to the Fifth Column (aboard the ship) in order to coordinate the rescue mission.

Anna, meanwhile, wakes from her sleeping slumber looking like crap. Somehow she's able to make herself (skin included) look hot again by looking into some magic mirror and concentrating really hard (Note: this will come back into play at some point). Marcus walks in (doesn't anyone knock anymore?) and tells Anna that Georgie isn't talking and he's already sent for the human pain expert from the ship above Tokyo (interesting). Anna gets up and she's feeling a little under the weather. The pregnancy has really done a number on her. She insists, however, that she's fine and she has to have this "Live Aboard" program go off without a hitch. Marcus warns that people are a little worried about that since the whole "John May Lives" message thing. Anna says she'll talk to Chad Decker and speak to the world directly through him then. She has to have those bodies on board this ship (presumably to be food for the hundreds of babies she's about to give birth to).

Back at Mr. Evan's place, Lisa is already spinning her little web around Joe (Mr. Evans). Joe is getting a little suspicious about why she's there and why shouldn't he? His son hasn't had a pretty girlfriend around since ever. By the end of the scene Tyler has asked his dad if it's cool that Lisa hangs with them for a while, but it's clear Joe isn't too happy about it.

Chad Decker heads up to the Mother Ship and has a one-on-one interview with Anna where she explains the "John May Lives" message was just a translation issue. She's also happy to announce that the "Live Aboard" program is a hit (lie) and she wants Chad Decker to be there with her to answer any and all questions her guests may have. Not only that, she goes on to explain that everyone will be treated with kindness and respect. Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, Georgie is getting "scours" put into his body. These little silver pellet-size spider-looking beauties like to travel the nervous system and reproductive organs to find whatever it is they're looking for.

19 minutes in

Marcus gives a keynote speech to his undercover V spies explaining that the resistance is starting to become a problem. If they spot something or see any suspicious "things" they should call for help in the magic V Beeper. They keep showing this olive skin girl, so my guess is she'll have some part to play in this or future episodes.

Georgie continues to be eaten by the little Matrix spider and tells the Tokyo pain expert that he'll give the names they want.

Meanwhile, Father Jack, Ryan and Erica pull up to John May's stepson's place (say that 3 times fast). As they step out of the car Erica gets a call. It's Joe. Joe tells Erica about Lisa showing up and that Tyler still feels like it's his fault they broke up, etc., etc. Before he hangs up with Erica, though, he tells her that Tyler needs to know that he's not his real father (is it John May then?). Little does he know that Lisa heard the whole conversation from the hallway.

Father Jack is obviously concerned about Erica's feelings so Erica tells him everything. She tells him that Tyler was in a motorcycle accident and Joe's blood didn't match. Erica, however, doesn't seem to know who the real father is if, in fact, Joe isn't. Maybe she should go on the Maury Povich Show.

Valerie feels a kick and she's pretty sure she shouldn't be feeling that just yet. She calls Ryan and leaves a message to call her back. While she's in the closet, though, she sees a sweater and some black marks on the wall. Ipso facto, she finds a button and the wall opens. It's a safe. Hmmmmm.

Ryan, Kyle, Father Jack and Erica knock on the door of James May's house (John May's stepson). James answers the door. No big deal except for the fact that the olive skin girl is there. It looks like she's his girlfriend too (does nobody date humans anymore?).

26 minutes in

Ryan, Father Jack, Kyle and Erica come inside. They ask to speak to him in private, so the olive skin girl (we'll call her V-Girl from here on out) says she'll go make some coffee. Ryan looks suspicious of her though.


Ryan enters John May's house and meets the family. A conversational cat-and-mouse game ensues between John and Ryan. It's clear Ryan is back to finish the job (kill John May) he didn't finish last time.

Fast Forward:

Present day, James May is telling Ryan and Father Jack that he doesn't know about what his stepdad thought while V-Girl asks Erica and Kyle down the kitchen why they are all there. Kyle isn't interested in talking to her. Ryan and Father Jack continue to push James for info and explain that they are part of the resistance now. James thinks they are insane. He says the Vs are good! Ryan gets the info he needs, though. James says John May keeps his stuff in some storage facility downtown. James also tells them that John May committed suicide. Ryan counters by saying the suicide note was fake. All the while, Erica and Kyle downstairs are grilling V-Girl. Erica asks her where she went to school. She says UCLA. Erica says she loves the Trojans. V-Girl says she's a Trojan through and through. LIAR ALERT!!! A catfight breaks out. Only the V-Girl has real claws. She tries to scratch Erica's face off, but Kyle snaps her neck. I hope James didn't like her too much. Apparently he didn't because he runs off with Ryan, Erica, Father Jack and Kyle. Add one more to the resistance. The beeper she was handed is flashing though.

Georgie gives the name of his unborn daughter. Whew. He didn't out anybody yet. Tokyo pain guy and Marcus are impressed at his resistance. They tell Anna he's stronger than they thought he would be. Anna tells them they have to dig deeper. They need to go further.

39 minutes in

Ryan, Kyle, Father Jack, Erica and James go through John May's storage area. Ryan finds the COM device (it looks like a little rubber super ball). Kyle and Ryan finally get on each other's nerves and start to go at it a little, but Erica calms everyone down and says they need to stick to the task at hand. Just as everything seems fine, however, a "seeker" spots them. The flying ball shoots a sliver at Kyle, but misses. Erica, however, doesn't miss. She pegs the seeker with one shot. Kyle asks James if his now-dead girlfriend gave him anything. He tells him she gave him his watch. Kyle smashes it and the gang leaves in a hurry.

Back on the Mother ship Georgie is shown images from the V that killed his family. Anna tells Marcus to put it on a loop until Georgie breaks. Oh that Anna is just plain nasty.

Back at the Evan's cabin, Joe and Tyler are cutting some wood in the back while Lisa watches from behind. After Joe leaves to get a couple of sodas, Lisa tells Tyler that Joe isn't his real dad. Tyler doesn't believe her. As Joe gets back with refreshments Tyler asks him point blank. Joe says it is true. We also find out it's also the reason he left Erica. He couldn't trust her. The Emperor would be proud of Tyler. His turn to the dark side is nearly complete.

Chad Decker sits at his editing bay rewinding a certain part of tape he shot during the "Live Aboard" interviews with Anna and guests. One guest says she was unable to have kids because of an appendectomy she had at the age of 15. Her siblings, however, each have at least eight kids. Not sure why that raises flags with Chad, but it doesn't sit right with him for some reason.

Ryan uses the COM device and gets a hold of Joshua up on the Mother Ship. Ryan asks Joshua to find Georgie. Joshua says he will. James then asks if the suicide note really was a fake. Ryan says it was. James asks how he would know. Ryan says because he was the one who forced him to leave.


John is sitting at his desk writing his suicide note. John, however, sees that Ryan has felt what he has. He can see that Ryan has been falling for the feeling of human emotion. Ryan says it's too late because "they're waiting for him."

Flash Forward:

Ryan tells James that 10 years ago when he showed up for dinner that was the day that HE killed John May.

50 minutes in

Ryan tells James and the rest of the gang that every time Anna sees a message that John May lives it's like a dagger in her eye. He goes on to say the Fifth Column exists because of him. He then turns to James and tells him that John May exists because of him and his mother. Erica warns Ryan that there will be no more lies from this point forward.

Valerie, meanwhile, has a locksmith come in and open the safe she found. She opens the safe and, well, we don't know because they don't show it.

Chad Decker, on the other hand, shows what he found from all the footage he went through to Anna. He wants to know why she is so interested in all these people who are "broken toys." Anna tells him that humans discard these kinds of people. She, like she does with her Vs, shows everyone the same compassion. Chad doesn't buy it. Anna asks him what he wants. Chad says he doesn't want to be ordinary. Either he keeps digging on this story or Anna gives him something bigger. He knows he can keep protecting her, but he's not so sure they can keep helping each other. Anna assures him they will be helping each other for quite some time.

Over at the church, Ryan, Erica, Kyle and Father Jack get a message from Joshua saying he found Georgie and he hasn't broken yet. He only gives him a few days though. Ryan says he wants to talk to Georgie. Joshua holds the glowing ball under Georgie's mouth and Ryan tells him to hold on for a few more days and they'll get him to safety. Georgie tells him that's what the Vs want. He goes on to say he's ready to see his (dead) family now. When it's all said and done, Joshua gives Georgie a lethal injection (we assume it's lethal) and Georgie (presumably) dies.

57 minutes in

Erica drops a pile of newspapers on the table that say "John May Lives." They all have a drink in Georgie's honor. Then...


Ryan is at John May's funeral and walks up to James (as a little boy). He comforts him and feels a tear. It affects him. Then, across the room, he sees Valerie. Seriously? They met at a funeral? Who knew?

Flash Forward:

Ryan calls Valerie on his cell phone and leaves her a message. He says he wants to tell her everything. Of course, Valerie is sitting in a pile of his face passports, guns and REAL ultra-sound photographs of her lizard baby.

Erica walks into her home and sees Tyler sitting on the kitchen floor. She asks what's wrong. He tells her that he found out that Joe isn't his real dad. Erica tries to tell Tyler that Joe really is his father and that the tests are wrong, but Tyler doesn't believe her. He believes everything about his life is a lie. Tyler runs up to his room as Erica cries for him to listen.

Ryan gets home and finds Valerie gone, the safe open and the ultra-sound pictures gone.

Anna, meanwhile, looks like she saw a ghost. She is listening to all the news feeds about the "John May Lives" message and sweating bullets. Being a lizard mom sure looks painful. Marcus walks in and tells her that Georgie died and they didn't get any names. Anna smiles and says the humans can have this small victory because she is about to deal them a thousand defeats. We then see Anna in the middle of a giant pool laying thousands of lizard eggs. I hope they've got plenty of cigars.

Parting Shots

This is the best episode since the show came back from hiatus, hands down. Finally, we seem to be getting some answers. Tyler is becoming less and less annoying as an actor while becoming the annoying CHARACTER we all know he's supposed to be. I wasn't sure about the Kyle character at first, but I'm starting to like this guy more and more too.

My Rating: 7.5 of 10.


Was Father Jack the reason the "seeker" found them at John May's storage compartment?

Does anyone think Lisa might be turning a little soft?

Why on earth can't those "seeker" things have better cameras?

Where was James after the gang got back to the church? We never saw him again.

Who's your favorite character so far? I have to rank mine: Ryan, Father Jack, Kyle, Anna, Erica, Lisa, Georgie, and Tyler. I like Father Jack because he reminds me of Marc Singer from the original (although he'll always be the Beastmaster to me.)

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Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie, Anna brings Chad aboard the Mother ship for a story on her Live Aboard Program, and Tyler confronts his mom about his mysterious past.

11 minutes in

Ryan is beamed down to the earth from his stealth V ship. He confronts John May who explains that he is a traitor and that he enjoys getting a high more from human emotions than he does from the "bliss." Ryan, not a good V yet, tells him he's been wearing the human skin too long and that's why he's confused. John May, after tactically trapping Ryan in a bear trap (don't ask), spares Ryan's life and says that one day he'll understand.

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