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V Episode: "It's Only the Beginning"

Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: With the help of her allies, Erica uncovers a biological threat that may be linked to the Visitors; Anna supervises the murder probe of a V while meeting with a special guest on the mother ship; Chad reports on the Visitors' healing centers.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2009
Guest Cast Elizabeth Mitchell: Erica Evans Craig Fraser: Peter Combs Christopher Shyer: Marcus Ryan Kennedy: David David Richmond-Peck: Georgie Mark Hildreth: Joshua
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Season 1, Episode 4
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Length: 42:58
Aired: 11/24/2009
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V Episode Recap: "It's Only the Beginning" Season 1, Episode 4

Erica works with newly-formed allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting. Aboard the Mothership, Anna meets with a special guest while managing the investigation into the murder of a V. And Chad does a segment on the V Healing Centers, demonstrating their amazing medical abilities, but then finds himself conflicted by some of his findings.

Let us begin...

11 minutes into the show...

The show starts off with Georgie lying on the ground in some parking garage and Erica coming to his aid. From the shadows emerges Ryan holding a gun, the barrel of which is pointed straight at Erica. A moment later, Ryan pulls the trigger. Now, we are to presume he's shooting at Erica, but my guess is he was probably shooting a V or someone else in the vicinity. Guess we'll see since we're informed that this happens 14 hours in the future. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these kind of set ups since most of the time the pay-off is cheesy and gimmicky. I hope that's not the case in this episode.

So...14 hours earlier we see Ryan, Georgie, Father Jack and Erica talking about fighting the Vs back at Father Jack's church — the last place we saw them. Erica, who doesn't even trust her own son (although would you?), is already suspicious of Ryan. She continues to ask him how he knows so much about the Vs, but Ryan avoids giving her a straight answer time after time. A plot point wiggles its way to the surface though when Georgie suggests capturing a V and cutting it open for the whole world to see. Why is this a plot point you ask? Because when Georgie and Ryan leave the church, Ryan scolds Georgie and says he never wants to hear him say anything about skinning a V ever again. Ever. It must not be a jolly time getting that done. Or maybe Ryan isn't fully with the humans.  

Meanwhile, on the Mothership, Anna is being briefed on the death of Dale. Not much goes on here other than Anna wants some answers. Not to mention she wants some heads to roll. According to Anna, there can be no dissention. Period. What's interesting to point out is that Anna doesn't seem to know that the guy she is being briefed by IS the guy that killed Dale. Or does she know? If twists are your game, then I would say that she already knows he's the guy that killed Dale. She's setting him up.  This is just my opinion though. I guess we'll see.

Back at Erica's place, we find she's hard at work trying to dig something up on Ryan. Her FBI database, however, comes up clean. And then....Tyler shows up. Oh boy. Things were going so well. However, I wasn't really that irritated with him this time around. Strange, I must be lightening up. Tyler seems somewhat sincere in asking Erica if he can talk to her about something. She tells him to hold on for a couple of minutes while she continues digging for dirt on Ryan, so he sits down on the couch and turns the television on. Low and behold the greatest reality show on the planet is airing — Chad doing an interview with Anna. Is that all that's on these days?

Next we check in on Ryan and his fiancé. She's on the phone with her doctor's office trying to make a time to come in, but the doctor is out. Basically in this scene we find out that she's feeling awful from all the heart medications she's taking. Yes, heart medications. She's got a bad heart. Interesting. Maybe the meds are for something else? Is her doctor a V? Why is he not available? Is she pregnant? Moving along...as the Television continues to blare the interview Chad is doing with Anna, we find out that the Vs are giving FREE "vitamin supplement" injections at their healing centers to all humans. It's supposedly the ultimate immune system builder that enables the body to fight off aging and all kinds of diseases including cancer. The look on Ryan's face when he hears this tells me it's for something else though. The bliss maybe? Is his fiancé currently taking it? What is it?

Back at Erica's place, Tyler is getting a little anxious to talk to her so she quickly quits her "researching" of Ryan and sits down to listen to him. We're led to believe that he's about to tell her that the girl she caught him with in his room is a V, but just before he does Erica's phone rings. It's Ryan. He tells her that he has to meet with her NOW. Unfortunately, Tyler decides that she's too busy for him to talk to her, so he leaves with Erica none the wiser to his little girlfriend. Maybe we're supposed to feel bad for him here since his mother doesn't have time for him...but I don't.

Back at the church, Ryan is explaining to Georgie, Erica and Father Jack about what the "vitamin supplement" REALLY is. Ryan goes on to explain that years ago he took out a V cell of scientists who were working on an injection that they could mass produce and distribute to every human being on the planet. Father Jack asks the obvious, "They're going to take us out one injection at a time?" Ryan tells him no and that its part of something bigger. He doesn't say what that "something bigger" is, but he knows who the surviving V scientists were that escaped that day. He asks Erica run them through the FBI database. Initially she finds nothing, but Ryan asks her to try another name: Peter Combs — a low-level lab assistant at the time. They find him in the database and he's now a professor of chemistry as an undercover op. So Erica, Father Jack, Ryan and Georgie decide that following Peter is the next line of action. Maybe he'll lead them to some other Vs or even something bigger.  

Tyler meanwhile is spilling his guts out to a therapist about how he can't talk to his mom anymore or tell her how he feels about the Vs. Coincidentally, that therapist is Ryan's fiancé. What a small world. Tyler tells her what the Vs are doing is amazing. He's completely in awe of their capabilities and what their doing for earth. He also mentions something about the healing centers the Vs have put up which perks Valerie's interest (we can call her Valerie now since she seems to be having a bigger role in what's happening). She does, after all, have a heart problem. Why wouldn't she be interested? She tells Tyler she was thinking about going and checking them out herself, but she heard the waiting period to get into one was really long. Tyler tells her if she really wants to go check them out, he can probably get her in. Adding that he knows someone (i.e. Lisa). She says she might take him up on that.  Oh she's going all right. We also learn that the Vs are curing blindness, handicaps, etc. All kinds of wonderful things! He's a walking V billboard for how good they are. But little does Tyler know that Anna and Lisa are watching and listening in on him through his cool little jacket cam. Lisa tells Anna that she thinks he's ready. Anna smiles and tells her to bring Tyler up to the ship...and tell him that she wants to meet him.

19 minutes into show...

Chad and Marcus are watching one of the humans getting healed at one of the V Healing Centers. Chad is obviously blown away. He mentions that Anna made him come down to the healing center to see what they are doing in order for him to get another interview. I smell a trap here.

Meanwhile, Erica and Father Jack are waiting outside some building — presumably looking for Peter Combs. Erica is trying to get a hold of Tyler, but he's not answering. Strange, but expected since he's "mad" at her. Ryan, meanwhile, is hanging out in the building's parking garage (yes, the same one that we saw at the very beginning of the episode). He calls Erica on the phone and tells her that classes are out in 15 minutes and he's got Peter's car covered (so he can follow). Ryan hangs up the phone and pulls out a gun.

Back on the Mothership, Anna is grilling two of her henchmen (for lack of a better word) about the whole Dale getting killed by an insider thing. She tells them to round up everybody that was on staff that night and bring them to her. I have a feeling the pain is going to be coming down on someone. And it's not going to be pretty. As they're leaving Anna's office, the two "henchmen" talk to each other with one telling the other (the "other" being the guy that actually did kill Dale) that he has to get off the ship and that he's too important to the Fifth Column if they find out it was him.

Back at the parking garage, Georgie spots Professor Combs. Georgie pulls out his gun and confronts the professor. He tells him that he's going to cut him open and show him to the world. Combs apparently didn't like that idea as he dives into his car. Georgie shoots, but misses. Ryan, Father Jack and Erica all hear the gun shot and race to the scene (well, Father Jack gets the car actually). Meanwhile, Georgie — who's apparently never shot a gun in his life — shoots two more times at close range and misses both times. Combs, on the other hand, does know how to handle a weapon and shoots Georgie in the side. Seconds later, Erica arrives on the scene and sees Georgie lying on the ground. A couple of seconds later Ryan arrives with his gun drawn. He's pointing it in Erica's direction. And just as I feared/imagined, Ryan shoots passed Erica and hits Combs who pops up on the other side of the car. Surprise, surprise. So much for the bigger payoff. Anywho, Ryan goes over to check on Combs as Erica and Father Jack (who pulls up in the car) get the injured Georgie into the back seat. As Ryan tries to get answers from the wounded professor, Combs swallows a pill to kill himself. It basically makes him internally combust into a pile of dust. No mess and no evidence. How convenient. Dismayed, Ryan gets to his feet only to be greeted with a gun pointed straight at his face. "You're a visitor," says Erica.

 28 minutes into show...

"What's going on?" Erica asks Ryan. Ryan tries to tell her to put the gun down and that they're all on the same side. Erica is finding it just a little hard to believe him. The sirens from the approaching cop cars begin to get louder and louder as the two have their little verbal standoff. Erica needs to make a choice: Trust him or not trust him.

Over at one of the V Health Centers, Valerie approaches the receptionist saying a friend of hers (Tyler) called and made an appointment. Do they sell front-of-the-line passes at these V Health Centers? In one of the chambers in the back of the Health Center, Chad is shooting some footage for a segment on the V Health Centers. They get footage of him receiving a diagnostic scan that maps out the entire bodily system on a cellular scale. It's basically the equivalent of a super-duper-mega-cool CAT SCAN down to the cellular level. Marcus walks in and asks if Chad is getting everything he needs. Chad, of course, expresses his desire for more freedom to talk to patients and check out the facility on his own, but Marcus plays his wishes off. "Maybe next time."

Luckily Georgie is going to get a next time with Father Jack around. As Father Jack tends to Georgie's wound in the back of the car, we find out that Father Jack went on two tours in Iraq with the army. Who knew he had a military background? Georgie also poses a decision to Father Jack.  He tells him he's going to have to decide if he's a soldier or a priest. I'm pretty sure we'll find out by the end of this episode. Don't quote me on that though.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Erica are trying to clear the air about who is who and who is really on what side, etc., etc. Ryan explains that all Vs carry a suicide pill and that there are others like him called the Fifth Column. That seemed to suffice for Erica who goes straight back into FBI mode. She quickly finds a pad of paper in Comb's briefcase that says Lyndhurst Shipping Company. Looks like they're going to pay them a little visit. Wonder what they'll find?

Back on the Mothership, Anna is grilling the entire medical staff that was working the night Dale died. She tells them if someone doesn't step forward she is going to pick one and make an example out of them. And just before Joshua (the guy who killed Dale) steps forward, his partner in crime steps forth and says, "Long live the Fifth Column." Anna tells Joshua that he — as lead medical officer — must carry out the sentence. What's the sentence you ask? Using Anna's exact words: "Skin him."  I personally think she knows Joshua had something to do with it which is why she's making him do it. Maybe not, but I'm sure it's not standard protocol to have a doctor carry out a death sentence. I thought these beings were civilized?  

37 minutes into show...

Aboard the Mothership, Lisa introduces Tyler to Anna. She just happens to mention to him that Anna is her mom. You know, in case she may have forgotten to tell him earlier. It's kind of like meeting the in-laws for the first time, but way more pressure. Anyway, Anna wants to get to know Tyler a little better so she asks Lisa if she can be alone with him. Lisa tells Tyler not to worry, "She doesn't bite." HA! If only he knew.

Back at the Shipping Company, Anna, Ryan and Father Jack infiltrate the front security office. Ryan, knowing his way around, sounds a special alarm that gets the Vs away from the complex. It buys them a little time to do whatever it is they need to do.  

On the Mothership, Anna is swooning Tyler with the cool stuff they have on board. Especially the engine room. She tells him that he's the first and only human to see it. I'm sure Tyler felt pretty darn special. That is, needless to say, the point. Not that she needed to though. She had him at hello. She had him at hello.

Meanwhile, it's V skinning time. The moment we've all been waiting for. Let's see what these Vs REALLY look like. There's only one problem: Joshua doesn't want to do it. But his pal tells him that his death will be meaningless if he doesn't. They also know that Joshua has to do it because Anna suspects he's a part of it too. Joshua doesn't really have a choice. Fortunately, Joshua gave his buddy a little something-something to ease the pain as he carves him from head to toe. I guess the interesting thing here is that it seems like it hurts the Vs to take their skin off. Was that the case in the original? Can anyone remember? I don't recall that ever being an issue before.  

Back at the shipping company, Erica, Father Jack and Ryan find what looks like a mini medical center. Or more precise...a testing lab. Lying on the tables are dried, crumpled up bodies. Apparently the results of some horrible testing. Are they humans? Hard to tell, but most likely they are. Ryan then finds an injection vaccine called R6. They must be putting it in the new vitamin injections the Vs promised to the humans. But hold on...Erica also finds something. She finds boxes upon boxes of flu vaccine. Two plus two...the Vs are putting the R6 in the human flu vaccines. NOT the vitamin injections. Those sneaky lizards!

45 minutes into show...

We find out that the dead bodies were, in fact, humans. Big shocker (not). But we also find out what the Vs are doing and why. They concocted a bogus "super vitamin shot" story so that the U.S. government and agencies would spend all of their time trying to analyze that. In the meantime, the Vs would mix the R6 vaccine (still don't know what it does other than dry up your skin at amazing levels) in with the Flu vaccinations. Those cunning Vs were playing to the predictability of human kind. They knew what we would do. They played us like a flute. So the only way to beat the Vs is to be unpredictable.

Meanwhile, back at the V Health Center, Valerie is done being analyzed or diagnosed or whatever you want to call it. She is told by a V medical professional that her heart condition is definitely curable. Valerie is understandably happy. But...she is also told that the scan discovered something else. What is it? Is she pregnant? That was my guess at the beginning and that's my guess now.

Over at the Shipping Company, a big-forehead-V-guy storms the facility with a troop of Vs. They seem pretty certain that something is wrong. Ryan splits from Father Jack and Erica to go find the fail-safe in the security system to blow up the entire building. I mean, what shipping company DOESN'T have that?  Ryan runs back to the testing lab and starts hacking the computer system. He finds the fail-safe and starts a count-down that will blow up the place. I don't read or speak V, but that's my assumption. Suddenly Ryan is attacked by some V dude from behind. The guy puts Ryan in a choke hold and is about to strangle him to death when Erica comes shoots the V dead (not Ryan). Guess that means she trusts him now. Seconds later, Father Jack runs in and tells them they've got to leave in a hurry. As they leave, however, big-forehead-V-guy grabs Father Jack from behind and pulls out a weapon. Nobody, but nobody pulls a weapon on Father Jack. V better recognize. Father Jack quickly shows off some of those old military skills in the tune of two hits — hitting the V, and the V hitting the floor. Just as Erica, Ryan and Father Jack exit the building it explodes in a fantastic fireball. Humans: 1, Vs: 0.

1 hour into show...

Marcus stops Chad before he leaves the Health Center and tells him he needs talk to him about something important. In another room Chad is informed by a V physician that he is going to die in 6 months. He goes on to tell him that he's actually lucky he came in and got scanned when he did because they can prevent it if he wants their help. Chad respectfully informs them that he would like to get a second opinion. Marcus assures him that human technology won't be able to pick it up until it's too late. The technology the Vs have is so advanced that they can predict what's going to happen in the future. Chad wavers on what to do, but Marcus poses choices before him: If he wants their help, they can work something out to get him to the front of the long waiting lines. Chad has to play ball.

Meanwhile, Ryan, Father Jack and Erica walk down the street talking about their minor victory. Even more so about the devastating right hook that Father Jack has. Ryan tells them that they made a difference tonight before heading off. Oh the joy of feeling good about one's self.

Then we see Anna up in the Mothership looking down upon the city below. She tells Marcus that their plan is starting to unfold and that Lisa was right...Tyler IS the one. Marcus, however, is less enthused. He tells her about the R6 formula being blown to smithereens at the shipping company and that they received a message just moments before it was destroyed. The message: John May Lives. This is not good news. Marcus goes on to explain that the news of the event has already spread throughout the entire fleet and the Vs are beginning to feel fear. Anna tells him that they must manage their fear then. She says to tell them that the humans may have John May, but the Vs have her. But...there is no need for Marcus to tell any of them because Anna has the ultimate calling plan — free minutes if you call V to V. That's right, the next thing we know Anna is naked and entering some tranquil technological chamber where she's able to communicate directly with every single V on the planet (and on the ships). She speaks with a calmness and spirituality that seems to enlighten and calm the Vs. It's called...Bliss. Finally we find out what the Bliss is. Seems peaceful enough.

Back on earth, Ryan gets home to find Valerie waiting for him. She has something to tell him. Can you guess what it is? Of course you can...SHE'S PREGNANT!!!! We've finally found our alien baby couple. It's Ryan and Valerie. Oh happy day! But not for Ryan as his look of worry suggests.

On the other side of town, Father Jack enters the church and moves to a back room where he promptly locates a gun in an encased box. It rests on an American Flag. His is obviously the weapon he used when he was a soldier. He is reminded of the decision he has to make...is he a priest or a soldier. It may be too soon for our favorite priest to decide just yet. As he puts the gun away, he hears someone on the main church floor. It's some guy who wants to talk to a priest. Father Jack tells the visitor that the church is closed and he should come back tomorrow. The man won't leave though. Compelled to see the man's face, Father Jack moves closer to the man. NOOOOOO!!!! It's the big-forehead-V-guy. Run Father Jack! Run! Father Jack, however, doesn't run. In fact, the man stabs Father Jack in his side and runs off into the night. Doesn't look good.

Meanwhile, Erica gets home and yells for Tyler. He's not there. But his computer is. And unfortunately he didn't turn it off. She sees an instant message that says "Can't believe you were invited up to the V ship. I wanna hear EVERYTHING!" I'm assuming this is from his bestest buddy in the world. Erica, of course, calls Tyler right away, but Tyler isn't interested in talking to her at the moment. Anna and Lisa walk up behind Tyler and share his view of the city below. Tyler mentions it's so beautiful and wonders what space looks like from the ship. Anna tells him that maybe one day they'll show him. She also states that what he saw today...was only the beginning. Then there's a nice graphic that takes us from the floor of Anna's Mothership, out of earth's atmosphere, across the galaxy and into the far reaches of the universe where hundreds and hundreds of giant V ships wait. Nice touch.


I can't really say that I was entirely thrilled with this episode, but then again I can't say I was disappointed either. To me, it was just so-so. I should be left wondering what is going to happen next. WANTING to know what is going to happen next — especially considering we won't be seeing the next episode for another four months. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Although I must admit I liked the shot of the hundreds and hundreds of V ships sitting in waiting. It wasn't enough though.

My Rating: 6.5 of 10.

Overall I thought the series [so far] had some really strong high points, there were some good twists and turns, but there was unfortunately some lazy storytelling going on. I really didn't like the 14 hours earlier gimmick used in this episode in particular. It just didn't add anything to the story.


What did you think of the episode?  

Is Morris Chestnut John May?

Were you upset that they didn't show what the Vs looked like without their skin?

Will you continue to watch next March?

Has the series met, exceeded or fallen short of your expectations?

I look forward to your comments. Have a great holiday season and we'll start recapping again next year.

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Erica works with newly-formed allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting. Aboard the Mothership, Anna meets with a special guest while managing the investigation into the murder of a V. And Chad does a segment on the V Healing Centers, demonstrating their amazing medical abilities, but then finds himself conflicted by some of his findings.

Let us begin...

11 minutes into the show...

The show starts off with Georgie lying on the ground in some parking garage and Erica coming to his aid. From the shadows emerges Ryan holding a gun, the barrel of which is pointed straight at Erica. A moment later, Ryan pulls the trigger. Now, we are to presume he's shooting at Erica, but my guess is he was probably shooting a V or someone else in the vicinity. Guess we'll see since we're informed that this happens 14 hours in the future. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these kind of set ups since most of the time the pay-off is cheesy and gimmicky. I hope that's not the case in this episode.

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