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V Episode: "A Bright New Day"

Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Anna receives the first of 100 diplomatic visas issued to the American Visitors; Erica is paired with an alien officer to track down the source of a death threat; Ryan recruits allies to oppose the Visitors.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2009
Guest Cast David Richmond-Peck: Georgie Michael Filipowich: Cyrus Alan Tudyk: Dale Maddox Britt Irvin: Haley Mark Hildreth: Joshua Christopher Shyer: Marcus Jesse Wheeler: Brandon Roark Critchlow: Paul Kendrick Michelle Harrison: Mrs. Falkner
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Season 1, Episode 3
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Length: 43:18
Aired: 11/17/2009
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V Episode Recap: "A Bright New Day" Season 1, Episode 3

Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first. But not everyone agrees with the decision. Meanwhile Erica has started tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer, and Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition to the Vs.

Let us begin...

8 minutes in...

Anna has receives her passport as Chad Decker does his reporting duties outside the Peace Ambassador Center.  He still seems to be torn about what he's done as far as helping the V's out, but hey, he's got a great gig right? Anna then walks out and shows off her new papers to the crowd and cameras before shooting Chad a look that basically says, "nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo."

Father Jack, meanwhile, starts to feel more and more like doo-doo as confession after questioning confession seems to further challenge his faith. Oh how he'd love to tell them the truth about the Vs.  These are indeed tough days.

Looking for comfort in the only other person who knows what he knows, Father Jack stops over at Erica's place wondering how he can help. He also wonders why the Vs didn't just come down and obliterate humanity instead of pretending to be friends. They certainly have the technology to destroy us (despite the crappiness of their flying cameras). Erica tells him that the aliens obviously want the humans for something. (Those who saw the original know what that something is. I won't spoil it for those who don't.) 

Suddenly, Erica gets a call from her office saying she needs to go investigate and, get this, even PROTECT a V whose life was threatened. Now we're getting somewhere. The scene ends with Father Jack saying he would like to stay and sift through the information Erica has been examining to try to figure out who was at the resistance meeting she and Father Jack attended at the warehouse. She says fine, but there's something I don't like about the look Father Jack gives her. Am I thinking too much into this?

Anyway, we catch up with Ryan who, like a good fiancé, is walking his ladylove to work. He's still fighting over the decision about what to tell her or not tell her, and decides not to tell her anything. At least for now. Georgie pulls up in his car and Ryan gets in. They discuss starting up the resistance and whatnot.  Then Ryan says a man by the name of John May can help them. And that he's not a myth. He also mentions that they have to get the Fifth Column back together — whatever that means.

Back on the mother ship, Dale talks to some technician about his little incident at the warehouse. Through their dialogue we find out that Dale has been a sleeper V for more than 20 years. Wow!  That's what...5 weeks of vacation a year now? Well, good old Dale doesn't seem to remember what happened or who he is, but thank goodness the humans don't know V anatomy because he'd be a goner if they'd realized where his heart is located (apparently not in his chest). Long story short, it seems the whole getting-stabbed-in-the-chest-and-left-with-a-giant-hole-in-the-side-of-his-head-and-left-for-dead thing doesn't sit well with Dale.  I know I'd be ticked.

18 minutes in...

Anna watches a protesting widow by the name of Mary Faulkner on the television talking bad about the Vs. Anna fears that this woman is becoming the face of the resistance and she wants to know everything about her. Wonder what the Vs will dig up — probably something good. They can always check with TMZ.

Everything is ruined when Tyler has a little scene. His buddy tells him that it sucks that he still gets to go in the ambassador building and Tyler doesn't because of the whole punching-the-protestor incident. Tyler tells him it's his fault and he'll figure some way to get back in. Then he drives off on his motorcycle with his bad hair as Lisa looks on.

Erica shows up as Tyler rides off. She gets the lowdown on the death threat situation and is promptly paired with a V security dude. The good news is, she gets access to the security surveillance area. It looks pretty much like a security room you'd find in a mall. Not very impressive for the Vs, but they say the government gave them the equipment and they just haven't been able to change it out yet. Yeah. Right. Then what's that security room on the other side of the hall that some V goes into, hmm? 
Erica, being the FBI agent she is, sees the code the V put in and stores it away in that pretty head of hers. She'll be making a visit to the secret room later. Oh... and one more thing... the Vs insist that if any V needs medical help, the Vs will handle it. Erica plays along.

Back at Erica's place, Father Jack comes across George Suttons' info and VOILA! He's the dude who led the meeting at the warehouse! Father Jack is a genius.

Meanwhile, Ryan and George are heading over to see Cyrus (from the business card Ryan's fiancé found behind the picture last episode). Ryan tells George that Cyrus used to be his right-hand man when they were fighting against the Vs in the past. He was apparently a man the Vs didn't want to mess with (their "worst nightmare"). Georgie isn't keen on helping recruit people just yet. Obviously something happened in the past with this guy. But Ryan says he needs to get the column back together and there is strength in numbers.

Ryan visits Cyrus and Cyrus seems happy. He asks Ryan what he's doing there and Ryan tells him, "I'll give you 29 reasons."

Up on the mothership, Anna is having a meeting with the captains of the 29 starships that hover over earth. She tells them that positive popular opinions are a must, and if they start going bad, to make them good.

Dale, meanwhile, is still on the recovery table somewhere on some V ship wondering what happened to him. He suddenly has a revelation. Someone has seen his true face. Again, he doesn't seem too keen about it.

26 minutes in...

Anna gets the info on she wanted on Mary Faulkner. She tells her second-hand man, Marcus, that she needs to make an example of this woman so that her anger towards the Vs doesn't infect others.

Father Jack visits George's place only to find he's not there. He takes the liberty of walking inside and checking out the place. What he finds is a wall covered in paper clippings and a crazy weird woman who tells him that George's family was killed by aliens — or that at least George thinks aliens killed his family.  Father Jack leaves her his card and tells the lady to give George a message: that he was at the warehouse. The lady gives him a look, but Father Jack simply replies, "he'll understand." Father Jack isn't too good at covering his tracks.

Ryan and Cyrus have a little talk about getting the column back together and Cyrus seems all cool about it until he pushes some silent alarm and pulls a gun.  Say what? Ryan just isn't having the best of luck these days when it comes to old friends. He of course is a little surprised as Cyrus explains that the Vs promised him he would be "reconnected" and receive "the bliss" if he turned in as many of the Fifth Columnists as possible. Ryan tries to tell him that they're lying. He says Cyrus will be skinned alive when he turns everyone in. Cyrus, a "bliss" junky, takes his eye off of Ryan for one second and Ryan grabs the gun from Cyrus and tells him in not so many words that he's going to blow his brains out. I'm liking Ryan more and more.

37 minutes in...

Erica and her new V comrade find a dead V security guard at the Peace Ambassador Building. The V security guard's jacket is missing, so, as if I really need to say it, the assassin is wearing a V jacket. So the search is on. But who could it be? She starts following a guy who looks suspicious into the building, but loses him. Seconds later, Erica spots Anna's second-hand man, Marcus, in the room. Uh-oh! She knows who the target is. But where's the killer? He's just feet away!  He pulls a gun and Erica quickly karate chops him to the ground and saves Marcus' life. Whew! That was close.  But we all know that Erica was hoping the guy would get one shot off. Although gaining the trust of the Vs is actually better at this point.

Meanwhile, Tyler and his buddy Brandon go to a pizza joint and look who just happens to be there — Lisa. Lisa tells Tyler that he's back in the ambassador program.

Back on the mothership, Erica escorts the prisoner back to a V holding area where she sees her superior officer.  She is told that the Vs will take the prisoner from here. Erica is obviously taken by surprise. Her superior officer tells her, "it's complicated." Um, yeah, you think? Everyone disperses except Erica, who sneaks into the "top secret" security room she caught a glimpse of earlier, where she finds all kinds of high-tech monitors tracking pretty much every inch of the planet. Even her. But how? She quickly discovers a V ambassador jacket hanging on the door behind her. Eureka! Every ambassador coat has a camera imbedded inside it. GENIUS! But wouldn't you know it, Erica leaves just before she can see the video of her son staring in the mirror at their home, wearing an ambassador jacket with Lisa behind him. Crazy!

51 minutes in...

Anna practices the sorrowful speech she'll give Mary Faulkner. She even sheds a fake tear. Nice touch. Moments later, Mary shows up at the building and is escorted through a back door where Anna greets her. Anna gives her speech to perfection and it looks like she's going to be able to persuade Mary to not hate Vs. Or so we assume.

Back inside the mothership, Marcus thanks Erica for saving his life and tells her if she needs anything at all, she need only ask. She says likewise.

Down in the sick bay, Dale is still trying to figure out who he is and what happened. The technician who is helping him has hooked him up to some virtual memory device that lets them both go through Dale's memory together. After remembering where he works and whom he works with, he finally recalls that it was Erica who smashed his face in and impaled him with an iron bar. Infuriated, he insists he needs to go back in (undercover) so he can kill her. I'd love to see a round 2 myself.

Back at Father Jack's church, George makes a surprise visit. And by "surprise," I mean he pulls out a gun and puts it in Jack's face. But Father Jack is a convincing lad and is able to get George to put the gun down. He persuades George that he's on his side and that they all need to stick together.

Back in sick bay, the technician tells Dale that he can't go back down because Erica, if all the things Dale says about her are true, would make a powerful ally.  Dale of course is confused.  Hell, I'm confused!  Probably not as much as Dale, who starts swinging at the technician, who disappears (he's just a hologram).  Dale wakes up from the virtual memory machine only to find that he is being injected with something by the technician. What!? What's going on here? The technician then says, "The Fifth Column says hello."  SWEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!! I did not see that one coming. What a twist. The Vs have their moles and we have ours. Spectacular!!!! Dale quickly succumbs to whatever he was injected with and passes out. Presumably he's not dead. But who knows.

Over at the Ambassador building, Mary Faulkner approaches a podium to make a speech to the crowd and cameras. The crowd, mainly anti-V protestors, expects to hear her denounce the Vs. However, after her little talk with Anna, she's changed her mind. She says the only way they can move forward is through peace and understanding. Whatever. Anna probably threatened to expose some dirt on her. Curse you, TMZ.

Meanwhile, Marcus and a troop of Vs show up at Cyrus' place in response to the silent alarm Cyrus pushed before he pulled a gun on Ryan. But neither Cyrus nor Ryan is there. There is, however, a little message that Ryan left for them spray-painted on the door: "John May Lives." Marcus turns to one of his men and calmly says, "There will be no peace."

60 minutes in...

Tyler and Lisa enter Tyler's bedroom. Five seconds later they are making out. Now, I'm not one to judge how people kiss, but am I alone in thinking this was one of the most awkward make-out scenes ever? Maybe I'm being too harsh on the Tyler character, but I'm just not feeling these two together at all. But I digress. The painful makeout scene comes to an end when Erica comes home. Tyler quickly takes his V Ambassador coat off and throws it under the bed. He tells Lisa that his mom isn't really buying the whole V thing yet and that she would kill him if she saw him with the V coat on. Anyway, he goes outside his room just in time to stop his mom from coming in, but bless that Erica, she doesn't trust her son. So she opens his bedroom door to find Lisa, who is now down to her skivvies. Erica isn't too happy, of course, and tells Tyler to take Lisa home ASAP and they'll talk about it later.

Now...this is where it gets good!

Back on the mothership, we find out that the supposed assassin that Erica took down is actually a V! Anna set the whole thing up. Brilliant. I love it!


Back down on earth at Father Jack's church, Erica, Father Jack, Georgie and Ryan all meet each other for the first time. This is the core of the resistance.

Oh...but there's more!

Back on starship Anna, Lisa walks into Anna's quarters and tells her, "Tyler is the one. We should use him." So we now know two important things. One, that Lisa is using Tyler, and two, she really doesn't have a crush on him. This is probably the bigger reveal for me. Just kidding.


After Lisa tells Anna, "Tyler is the one. We should use him," Anna replies, "You're doing an excellent job. I'm proud of you." To which Lisa responds, "Thank you, mother."

Oh how the plot thickens.

End of episode.


Let me just say....I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVED this episode! After a little bit of a letdown last week (not much, just a little), I was absolutely thrilled. Good story. Great twists and turns. Great set ups. I just absolutely loved it.

My rating for this episode: 9 of 10.


What did you think of the episode?

Is Morris Chestnut just the coolest of cool?

I'm starting to like Father Jack a lot more.  I have to admit I was skeptical of Joel Gretsch playing this character at first, but I'm really starting to buy him in this role. Your thoughts?

I'm starting to buy Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans as well. I didn't really see her as a tough FBI agent in the first episode, but I'm starting to really fall for her. I am not an avid watcher of Lost, but I know she got a lot of fans out of her character on that show. And now I'm starting to see why. But Morris is still my favorite at this point.

Is this the best of the three episodes so far?

What would episode 4 have to do to keep you tuning in for next year?

Which character storyline are you most interested in?  Why?

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Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first. But not everyone agrees with the decision. Meanwhile Erica has started tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer, and Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition to the Vs.

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