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V Episode: "Red Sky"

Season 1, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Season 1 ends as a V soldier pursues Val, and her water breaks; Erica goes on the offensive by securing a dinner invitation for her and Tyler on the mothership; Chad discovers that Anna has been using him.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2010
Guest Cast Scott Hylands: Father Travis Christopher Shyer: Marcus Lexa Doig: Dr. Pearlman Charles Mesure: Kyle Hobbes Mark Hildreth: Joshua
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Season 1, Episode 12
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Length: 43:01
Aired: 5/18/2010
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V Episode Recap: "Red Sky" Season 1, Episode 12

Val's water breaks and her baby with Ryan will soon be born. Meanwhile, Erica, tired of being on the defensive, decides to go on the offensive and gets herself and Tyler invited up to the Mother ship for a get-to-know-everyone-better dinner. But she has more than food on her mind; she's really there to find Anna's soldiers and destroy them. And Chad, after Father Jack asks him to help get a message on the ship to Joshua, discovers the awful truth that Anna's been using him

Well my fellow V-stonians, we are finally here: The final episode of V Season 1. It's been a winding road with a lot of bumps, dips, hills, turns and nasty road kill. Fortunately for us, it's all been worth it (for the most part). So let's check out what happened in this episode, shall we?

12 minutes in

The Super V soldier who nearly killed our beloved gang of rebels in the last episode is up to his killing ways again. This time, however, he's taken his anger out on a cow. Yes, a cow. Why you ask? He's hungry. That's why. It's the first we really get to see the chompers on those nasty aliens from outer space. And believe me, it's not pretty. Then his spider sense goes off. We don't know why, but he runs off into the night. What a waste of food.

We head on over to an undisclosed location where Val and the good V doctor are preparing for the birth of baby Hybrid (I picked the name out myself). Things seem to be going fine until the Super V soldier kicks in the door and grabs Val. What? Without calling?

Over at the Evans household, Erica and Tyler are having a nice talk about the Live Aboard Program. Yes, Tyler is asking again. This kid doesn't give up. He wants to do it so badly and surprisingly Erica says OK (although I'm sure it's only because Tyler was conveniently wearing his V Ambassador jacket again). After a happy Tyler leaves, Erica calls Jack and tells him to round up the gang over at the church. She has a plan.

Erica enters the Church and is immediately greeted by Hobbes and Jack. She explains they have to strike now or never. Anna's eggs are about to hatch and they've run out of time. They call Joshua on the magic marble communicator and Erica lays out her plan: she's coming aboard for dinner with Anna, Lisa and Tyler. Joshua needs to create a diversion so Anna leaves her quarters allowing Erica the opportunity to get into the poolroom and destroy the eggs. Joshua doesn't sound completely on board with the plan, but says he'll risk everything they've worked so hard for on his end if Erica promises to be there to do this thing. Erica promises — dinner's at 7.

Joshua hangs up the marble (feels weird saying that) and is immediately approached by a Fifth Column member. He informs Joshua that Marcus has released another wave of guards on the ship to search everyone. He has to get rid of the communication marble before it's discovered. They can't risk getting exposed. What to do, what to do.

Erica and the gang visit Ryan at his place. He looks pretty pathetic as he sits on the floor waiting for a call he'll never receive from the woman he loves. (Takes you back to junior high doesn't it?) No matter, Ryan wants to go with Erica to the ship to help destroy those nasty eggs anyway. Erica tells him to stay, but Ryan really wants to go. How can she say no that face? He tells her that even if she does manage to get away from Anna's watchful eye, Marcus will still be around. Hobbes chimes in and says he can get Marcus off the ship. He is, after all, on the V's most wanted list. Ryan presumably agrees to the plan and says he can at least get Erica a layout of the ship.

Meanwhile, Marcus reports back to Anna. He tells her that the V army of ships is finally in earth's range. Anna tells him to keep the ships cloaked and at bay until they are ready for the next stage of her plan. Anna: "The humans won't know what hit them."

At the safe house, Hobbes tells the gang that the COM device isn't working. Father Jack says he can use Chad Decker to deliver a meaningless, coded message to Anna and the ship (and ultimately Joshua). Erica tells Jack he's completely crazy (I'd go more with stupid). Chad, after all, is the one who told Anna about their last plan. Jack asks for trust in his non-trust of Chad (you know what I mean). Confused, they all agree.

Ryan gets a call from Dr. V who tells him that the Super V soldier has taken Val. Let's just say Ryan doesn't take the news well. He marches up to the V Ambassador Building and starts fighting every V in sight. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for Ryan to get a beat down. Of course Anna is watching the whole thing from her ship. She tells Marcus to let the angry Ryan on board the ship. They need him. She wants to know how he can resist the Bliss and how he started feeling human emotions. She wants to study him and gain an insight into her enemy. Not only that, if she can turn him back to the dark side, she can turn anyone.

Speaking of the dark side, Chad Decker walks into the Church to see Father Jack. Father Jack hands Chad the encrypted note that needs to be delivered to the Mother ship. Chad is made aware that even Anna's own kind are turning against her and that because of him the Fifth Column has been painted as a terrorist group. Not only that, Father Jack says the Fifth Column is good and wonderful. Why Jack? Why? Keep it simple man! Someone give this guy cue cards. Now Chad knows you're a part of it you crazy man of faith! All that being said, Chad looks pretty sympathetic to Jack's plea for help.

On the Mother ship Joshua approaches Lisa and gives her the Mother of all ultimatums. He tells her that he needs her to help him create a diversion so that Anna's eggs can be destroyed. Lisa tells him she can't do it. She can't destroy her own kind. Joshua tells her that the soldiers will kill every human being on the planet and Tyler too (or some sort of evil plan that Anna has in store for him). It's a big decision, but we don't know what Lisa chooses just yet.

Ryan arrives on the Mother ship and he's still ticked off. Anna and her bodyguards greet him. Anna tells him that she had to take Valerie from earth to save her life. Ryan calls her a liar (yeah!). He knows she just wants to poke and prod her like a science experiment. Anna, however, insists that she is saving Valerie's life and Ryan can either fight her or help her.

19 minutes in

Valerie lies on a metal slab (really? This is the best medical chair they have?) waiting to deliver her baby. Ryan walks in and she surprisingly welcomes him. She tells him that she's sorry and she wants him to be there with her, but she's afraid of the Vs after what he told her. Ryan tells her they have no choice right now. The Vs are the only ones with the technology to deliver the baby. Suddenly, the baby starts to crown and Ryan is asked to wait outside.

Back on earth, Hobbes hands Erica a clutch filled with a bomb and a cell phone set up to make the bomb go boom. It's pretty simple stuff really.

Chad Decker, meanwhile, gives Anna the message Father Jack asked him to deliver. He doesn't give Jack away, but says that he's supposed to deliver it to the medical bay. Compelled by what Father Jack told him, Chad asks Anna if her own kind is turning against her. She lightly rubs his hand and says the humans have infiltrated even her ship and that as soon as the Fifth Column is destroyed no one else will be hurt. Chad falls for the oldest female trick in the book — the old subtle hand caress. It works 100 percent of the time, 70 percent of the time. So to Mr. Decker I have just three words: SHE'S A LIZARD!

Hobbes meets up with Marcus in an empty garage. Marcus hands over the personal files Hobbes requested of him. Hobbes hands Marcus HALF of the data file he stole (from the last episode) and says he needs to have an insurance policy to insure he lives through the meeting. Marcus asks Hobbes if he'd like to work for the Vs. Hobbes seems a little dumbfounded at the request, but Marcus offers evidence that whether he likes it or not, he's already been working for the Vs for years now. With that, Marcus hands Hobbes a handful of photos showing Hobbes at past meetings with a number of different people (I'm guessing V people).

Dinner's ready! Erica and Tyler walk up to a waiting shuttle on earth. Tyler asks Erica if she's ready. She smiles and says yes. Tyler asks her to promise not to embarrass him. Erica nervously smiles and says she won't. If I had to guess, I would say that Erica is most likely going to be the life of the party actually!

30 minutes in

Erica and Tyler are greeted on the Mother ship where the V guards immediately confiscate Erica's gun and clutch (small purse for all you fellow guys out there). She's allowed to keep her cell phone, though, just in case she gets a call from work. The rest of her stuff has to stay behind for Anna's safety. I guess that makes sense. Then Anna and Lisa quickly greet Tyler and Erica before Anna has to leave to take care of something else.

Cut to Joshua playing around in the medical bay. Chad Decker walks in and tells Joshua he has a message for him from a "friend" on the ground. Joshua wisely declines the note and says he doesn't have any "friends" on the ground. After Chad leaves, Joshua and his Fifth Column buddy quietly discuss getting a message out to the other Fifth Column members regarding Chad Decker. They think Anna may be using him to weed out Fifth Column members on board the ship.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Hobbes are still negotiating in the parking garage. Marcus says he wants Hobbes to help him infiltrate the Fifth Column. Hobbes tells him that he has the rest of the data, which means HE has the leverage in this negotiation. Marcus then hands him a photo (we never see it) and says they have something of his too. A woman he knows? Family? Child? Marcus: "Shall we discuss the Fifth Column now?" Looks like Marcus has Kyle by the Hobbes if you know what I'm saying.

Back on the Mother ship, Chad Decker roams the halls like a lost student looking for homeroom. It looks as though he's starting to believe what Father Jack told him: the Visitors really are bad. He watches as a handful of guards march into the Medical Lab and detain Joshua's Fifth Column buddy. After they leave, Chad goes into the Medical Lab where he sees Joshua imprisoned inside a force field. Joshua isn't too happy about it either. Joshua: "You set us up?" Chad doesn't understand. Joshua tells Chad that Anna has been lying to him and the human race about who she really is and why they're really there. She'll kill anyone who opposes her. Chad tells Joshua that Anna would never do that. She's kind and gentle. She even saved him from his fatal soon-to-be aneurism. Joshua tells him that Anna GAVE him an aneurism so she would have him in her pocket when she needed him. As proof of Anna's evil-doing, Joshua tells Chad to go check out the Live Aboard humans. They're down a secret corridor where Anna takes them when they arrive. He promises that all of Chad's questions will be answered there.

Father Travis and Father Jack have a little conversation at the church. Father Travis seems to have stumbled across Jack's speech for tonight's sermon. I'm paraphrasing, but in the speech, Jack basically denounces the Visitors. Father Travis tells Jack that if he doesn't change his speech, he will no longer be welcome in his church. Poor Father Jack just seems to be falling apart at the seams. Did he confer with the rest of the gang before he went all gung-ho? Denouncing the Visitors is basically screaming guilt. Is it just me?

Then it's the moment we've all been waiting for: Valerie gives birth to a beautiful baby Hybrid. Well, we assume it's beautiful anyway. They don't show it (are you kidding me?). Then our lovely Anna walks in and takes a peek at the baby. The doctor is happy to report that the baby and the mother are both fine. Anna tells the doctor she is pleased that the baby survived, but disappointed the mother didn't. What? She did! The V doctor just said so! Anna calmly walks over to Valerie and gives her a shot. Valerie slowly dies. Damn, Anna is brutal. I almost like it!

41 minutes in

OK, now it's dinnertime! Anna makes small talk with Erica and I have to say she sounded almost human. Then Erica gets a call on her cell phone. She excuses herself from the room and is about to step into action when Lisa walks out. Erica tells her she was just looking for her purse, but Lisa knows why Erica is there. She hands Erica a blue energy grenade and tells her to place it in the middle of the pool and run like hell. It will destroy all the eggs and anything else it comes in contact with. Erica assumes Lisa must know about the plan then and asks why there hasn't been a diversion yet? Lisa says she doesn't know. Just as Erica is about to go destroy some V eggs, Lisa stops her. OK, why? Lisa tells her that she'll be gone too long to pull it off. Erica needs to go back in and sit with Anna while she figures out a new diversion. Erica wishes Lisa luck and walks back in to the dining room with Anna and Tyler.

Lisa makes her way to the medical lab where she finds Joshua in his force-field prison. She tells him that she chose her side: the Fifth Column side. She asks how to get him out of his prison. Joshua tells her to enter "John May Lives" in the security system (he put the bug in just in case he needed a get out of jail free card). The force field goes down and Joshua is freed. He tells Lisa, "my queen," to go back to the dinner room with Anna, Erica and Tyler and he'll create a diversion. I knew I liked that Lisa for a reason!!!!

Chad Decker, meanwhile, makes his way down the Live Aboard corridor of evil. Just as Joshua promised, he sees a human being tortured in the alien version of the iron maiden. Father Jack was right. Anna is evil!

Back in the dining room, the lovely dinner gets interrupted. Guards rush in and tell Anna that she needs to get to safety pronto. The Fifth Column is attacking. Erica asks for her gun so she can help. The guards don't want to give it to her, but Anna says it's OK, Erica is an ally.

Erica gets her gun and heads for the pool of lizard eggs. You can almost smell the awful stench, can't you? Erica drops the blue energy grenade in the pool and says, "Here's to your children's future, Anna" and runs like the wind. The eggs blow up as Erica barely escapes.  She eventually meets up with Joshua who has started a gunfight in the hall of the ship. She tells him it's done and she needs to get him off the ship. Joshua, however, has other plans. He tells Erica she needs to continue helping the Fifth Column and she can't do that if she helps him escape. He's dead already anyway. Erica has to kill him. It's the only way. Joshua points his gun at Erica, forcing her to shoot him. Erica's identity is saved.

51 minutes in

Anna thanks Erica for helping kill the terrorist, but that's when the lies start. She explains to Erica that Joshua wasn't a V. He was a human. Erica plays along until Anna excuses herself to talk to Chad Decker who approaches. She thanks him as well for delivering the message and exposing the traitors. She hopes he'll continue to help them root out the Fifth Column. Chad, knowing now that Anna is pure evil, plays along with his best poker face (which is not very good). Anna returns to Erica and thanks her once again for coming on board for dinner. She even hopes they can do it again some time. Erica gladly accepts the invitation (as long as she gets to kick some lizard butt again). She hears the scrambled eggs are delight.

Ryan, meanwhile, mourns the dead body of Valerie. Anna walks in and tries to console him, but Ryan knows Anna killed her. Anna, however, is slick. She tells him they did everything they could to save Val. Ryan even said it himself, she needed Valerie for tests, so why would she kill her? She goes on to blame Ryan for not getting Valerie to her sooner. If he had, she could have saved her. Ryan is crushed that Valerie is dead and his emotions leave the door open for Anna. She tells him that the emotion he's feeling is what she was trying to protect him and the rest of the V's from the start. The good news, she tries to convey, is that now that Valerie is gone Ryan has her to lean on. Yeah right.

Back at the church, Hobbes and Erica sit among the throngs of people waiting for Father Jack's night service. Erica thanks Hobbes for coming through on his end — getting Marcus out of the way — and Hobbes congratulates Erica on a job well done. Hobbes, however, seems emotionally unstable. His eyes are red and his demeanor is more of a somber tone. Father Jack, though, is about to pep things up. He starts to give his speech with the watchful eye of Father Travis upon him. Boy Father Travis looks worried. And he should be. Father Jack gives his "denounce the Visitors" speech, which culminates in the famous "let V now stand for Victory" line. Father Jack: "Who will stand with me?" Well, apparently only a handful of people since most of the church has cleared out. That handful of people includes Hobbes, Erica and one newly awakened Chad Decker. We also see a shot of Anna doing her Bliss thing on Ryan. Looks like he may have been turned to the dark side again. Is he one of them now? Guess we'll find out next season. Just like how we'll have to wait to see what that damn hybrid baby looks like. I'm sooooooooooo disappointed by that.

58 minutes in

Anna stands with Marcus and Lisa in the poolroom. Surrounding them are thousands of charred eggs. Marcus informs her that only 12 eggs survived the blast. Anna is convinced that Joshua had help gaining access to her quarters. She wants Marcus to find out who helped him at all cost. Then the unthinkable happens — Anna breaks down. She has her first human emotion. She starts to scream and cry at the top of her lungs. If humans thought she was bad before she had emotions, wait until they get a load of her emotion-feeling wrath now. Anna rushes into the command center and orders all of her ships to commence attack on planet earth. The skies turn red with fire as the ships approach. We see a montage of open ended shots, the most interesting of which Joshua is being brought back to life with Marcus saying "welcome back." What? What does that mean? Is Marcus Fifth Column? Was Joshua playing on the bad guys' side all along? So confusing. Maybe it means nothing?


Please forgive me if my thoughts were everywhere on this one. There was so much information with so little time. That being said, I REALLY liked this episode. I liked it mainly because it felt like a nice payoff. Something was actually accomplished in this episode: the lizard eggs were destroyed, the Hybrid baby was born and the ships are about to attack. Throw in Anna having some human emotions and you've got yourself one heck of a show.   

My Rating: 8.5 of 10


-How do you feel about Hobbes now?
-What about Marcus or Joshua? They left it a little open at the end with Marcus telling him, "Welcome back." Maybe he just wanted to bring him back to kill him, but I'll -believe anything at this point.
-Are you disappointed that Tyler isn't a grade A jerk yet (like the original)?
-Are you upset about not seeing the hybrid baby? Or do you think it's better that way?
-Is Valerie really dead?
-Is Ryan really a V again?
-Is Father Travis a V? I still think he is.
-What role will Chad play next season?
-Will you be back for next season? Anxious?

Until then, I leave you in peace, always.

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Val's water breaks and her baby with Ryan will soon be born. Meanwhile, Erica, tired of being on the defensive, decides to go on the offensive and gets herself and Tyler invited up to the Mother ship for a get-to-know-everyone-better dinner. But she has more than food on her mind; she's really there to find Anna's soldiers and destroy them. And Chad, after Father Jack asks him to help get a message on the ship to Joshua, discovers the awful truth that Anna's been using him

Well my fellow V-stonians, we are finally here: The final episode of V Season 1. It's been a winding road with a lot of bumps, dips, hills, turns and nasty road kill. Fortunately for us, it's all been worth it (for the most part). So let's check out what happened in this episode, shall we?

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