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V Episode: "Welcome to the War"

Season 1, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Val's pregnancy concerns Ryan; the Resistance inducts a dangerous new member; Anna is puzzled by Chad, who hasn't scheduled a follow-up for his diagnosis; Erica gets attacked at home. Agent Sarita Malik: Rekha Sharma. Dr. Leah Pearlman: Lexa Doig.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2010
Guest Cast Christopher Shyer: Marcus Charles Mesure: Kyle Hobbes David Richmond-Peck: Georgie Rekha Sharma: Agent Sarita Malik Roark Critchlow: A.D. Paul Kendrick Lexa Doig: Dr. Leah Pearlman Mark Hildreth: Joshua
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Season 1, Episode 5
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Length: 42:38
Aired: 3/30/2010
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V Episode Recap: "Welcome to the War" Season 1, Episode 5

First of all...WELCOME BACK! It's been a long few months, but V is finally back on the air. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a little bit of Alien vs. Mankind battle royal.

Secondly...because it's been so long, let's just recap just a little bit. Ready? Here it is. THE ALIENS ARE COMING!!!!!!  Done.

With that being said, let's begin.

7 minutes into the show

The show starts with Father Jack being taken to the V Healing Center. Father Travis, once again, looks suspicious. I should take a poll on how many people think he will turn out to be a "V".

Flash over to Erica's house where she is suddenly attacked by quite possibly the worst assassin in the history of assassins. But then again he's a lizard, so what can you expect. After a short, but spirited fight, Erica ends up getting the last word by stabbing her would-be assassin in the right side of his chest where — as we now know — a Vs heart is located.

Meanwhile, Ryan and his wife are whipping up their 36th egg. She, of course, is suspicious about her appetite, but Ryan tells her it's probably something to do with her heart (maybe). Long story short, she tells him that she's moved up her OBGYN appointment to next week. Let's see how Mr. Smoothy-smooth gets out of this one. The scene ends when Erica calls Ryan on the phone and tells her about the attack on her life.

Cut to Ryan and Erica in her home. Erica is getting locked and loaded as Ryan explains that Anna still probably doesn't know that Erica knows about the Vs true intentions. Marcus wouldn't want to have that little incident at the warehouse (it exploded) on his permanent record. Erica though, still peeved that she had a hit on her life, says she's heading to the mother ship to get her son back. Ryan convinces her otherwise.

Up on the mother ship, Anna and Lisa watch as Tyler twirls around on some chair in what looks like Darth Vader's old egg shell throne. It appears to be some sort of brain washing device, but it's hard to tell. Tyler's phone rings again. Lisa has it. She tells Anna that it's Erica trying to get a hold of Tyler again. Anna tells Lisa to keep Tyler on the ship until they find what they need (whatever that is). She also says they are the only family he needs, so...I guess it's happy adoption day for Tyler. Yeah Tyler! Boo for mom.

Back on earth we see Erica storm into the V Ambassador building. She wants to see her son Tyler. Marcus just happens to be there and tells her that she can find Tyler behind door No. 1. OK, it's just a metal door that opens up, but it's a little weird and cold looking. Tyler is in there and he tells Erica that he doesn't want to come home. She tells him she's been worried sick and he needs to come home, but Tyler won't budge. In fact, the reason he literally won't budge is because he's actually just a hologram. Erica was probably thinking, "Thanks for the heads up Marcus," but of course she can't give herself away, so what are you going to do, right? Anna, back on the mother ship, is watching the whole thing go down with a sinister glee. I think she sees something on Erica's face though that makes her wonder how much she really knows about them. Hmm...

My only question for this segment was: What could Tyler POSSIBLY know that the Vs would need? How to put just the right amount of gel in to make your hair just messy enough to look cool, but not too messy where you can't get a job at the electronics store?

22 minutes into the show

Anna, Marcus and Joshua (our V gone rogue undercover good guy) watch Chad Decker give an update on the flu vaccines that have been destroyed at the warehouse (last episode). Marcus tells her they have nothing to worry about and that nothing can be traced back to them by the humans. He is worried, however, about the growing resistance and the Fifth Column. He suggests they need their army ASAP, but it's too far away at the moment. Anna tells him that she'll get him his army by making one. Cloning?

Erica and Ryan walk along as they continue to discuss their next move. Ryan tells her that she needs to not worry about Tyler at the moment. She needs to continue her job as a regular FBI agent but that she should try to stay as close to the warehouse investigation as she can. Ryan says he'll take the vaccine sample (he took in the last episode) to a friend to see if they can't find out what's in it. Before he leaves, Erica tells him to find Father Jack while he's at it.

Zoom...we see Father Jack getting worked on by the Vs at their health center. Amazingly they heal him by waving a black light over his wound. Who needs a vaccine when you can just turn on the black light thingy!!!! But just when you thought he was out of the water, Father Jack sees a tabletop full of the bad vaccine. And unfortunately for him, it's time to get his flu shot (and he does).

Ryan meets up with Dr. Browman (new character) and asks for her help. He asks her to find out what the vaccine is. Oh, and he just happens to mention that his girlfriend is pregnant too. She seems shocked which either means she's a V, or she had no idea that Ryan was having sex with his girlfriend. My money is on the former. Ryan says he was told that Vs couldn't pro-create with humans. Dr. Bowman says it's the first she's ever heard of it. She then goes on to say that Ryan should never say anything to anybody or let anyone know about this (i.e., don't let Anna find out or you're dead).

Back on the mother ship, Anna talks about the building of an army to Joshua. She also tells him that they need to get more vaccines into the humans. Joshua tells her that it's been difficult to do because the humans don't fully trust them just yet. Anna explains that she'll have someone they do trust deliver a message. Yes...Chad.

Chad sits in a human medical center when a human doctor comes out and tells him that he doesn't have a tumor. He says, "No kidding doc. I know that. But I WILL get one according to the Vs." The doctor tells him that he can trust either their medicine or the Vs. Chad has to make a symbolic choice.

Meanwhile, Georgie walks into the church and asks Father Travis where Father Jack is. Father Travis explains that Jack was stabbed last evening and he took him to the V center. Georgie is obviously distraught, but even more shocking is Father Travis' response: "I took him to the only place I knew he could be saved." Oh is it now?

Back at the FBI office, Anna is speaking with her boss. He tells her that Malik, the head of the Visitor Joint task force, is on the warehouse case. Malik comes in and explains that the Vs have a device that can catch the killer. Cut to Marcus standing next to some glow device that simulates and calculates the explosion that happened at the warehouse. It gets so high-techy that he can even see a fingerprint on the explosives. Cut to a search on the FBI database of on the fingerprints. Erica is worried they'll find out it's her, but instead it comes up with the name Kyle Hobbes. Mr. Hobbes is a former SAS and mercenary for hire. But more than anything else...he's obviously not the one who blew up the warehouse. And Erica knows it (obviously since it was her).

Erica gives the file on this Hobbes character to Ryan. She convinces him that they need him to help train a resistance to fight against the Vs. Ryan is reluctant, but says he's in with the idea.  But how?  Erica says her old partner Dale worked Counter-Terrorism for years and he should have some info on this guy in his hard drive. They have to find this Hobbes guy though.  Whatever it takes. He's their only hope in beating the Vs. Why, I have no idea.

Marcus reports back to Anna on the mother ship that the FBI took the bait. She asks him where their own investigation is on the real perpetrators of the crime. Marcus says they're still looking for them.

Then the line of the segment happens. Erica says to Ryan, "If I have to cross that line to blow that b*tch out of the sky, then I will." B*tch, of course, meaning Anna. Cat fight!!!!

Oh it's on.

30 minutes into the show

Back on the mother ship, Chad is meeting with Anna. She tells him they're eating poisonous blow fish from Japan. How appropriate and so obviously symbolic. He has a bite (showing trust) and sits down to eat. Anna convinces him to run the nice segment on her health centers in lieu of the crap he's been doing lately. He says he's a reporter and that he has to run everything — even the explosion at the warehouse. She tells him she wants the good segment run or else. He asks (in not so many words) or else what? She doesn't answer directly, but she says she can cure his soon-to-be tumor, but it would be a shame if he didn't get the help he needed that only she can provide. More blow fish?

Meanwhile, Joshua finds Father Jack and tells him they need to get out of the health center (I won't bother you with the brief dream sequence where he thinks he's being turned into a lizard. Oops, it seems I just bored you with it).

Meanwhile, Erica is trying to get into Dale's files for info on Mr. Hobbes.  She finds a lead and heads to a crappy looking apartment building. It's Hobbes' place. Erica enters his room and is confronted by Hobbes' gun pointed directly at her face. Only thing is, Hobbes doesn't know that Ryan is pointing one at his face as well. He asks who they are and Erica simply says, "Your only chance for a future."  That's two good lines from Erica in one show. Why does she get all the good lines?

38 minutes in

Erica, Ryan and Hobbes talk about their options, and since nobody wants to lower their guns or go play nice together, Erica calls the FBI and tells them where Hobbes is at. She tells Hobbes he either comes with them or the FBI. He needs to make a choice pronto because they'll be there any minute. Of course, as the FBI barges in Erica, Ryan and Hobbes are nowhere to be found. (Which means the resistance has found their new military expert/trainer.)

Tyler, meanwhile, is still going through his brainwash session. They're still looking for something, but again, I can't for the life of me figure out what Tyler of all people could possibly have. All of these memories continue to fly by his face of good times and bad times culminating in his father leaving. Anna says they finally found what they're looking for. And it's time for Lisa to fulfill her destiny.

49 minutes in

Anna, Lisa and Tyler discuss what happened in the dream chamber. Anna tells Tyler to go home and tell his mother that it's OK to let him go. That she won't lose him like she lost Tyler's father. Their plan of separating Tyler from his mother is full on.

Back on the Earth's surface, Father Jack is reunited with Erica and Ryan. She tells him that they got Hobbes to help the resistance. Hobbes, however, says that he's still not going to do it unless he sees some cash. Each try to persuade Hobbes that he's got a stake in this now whether he likes it or not, but he still won't listen. So Ryan decides to get all V on him. He explains the Vs look like humans, sound like humans, act like humans, but they are not humans.  He then proceeds to pull his eye back and show his lizard pupil. Apparently that was enough to get Mr. Hobbes to cooperate. He's in.

Tyler then calls Erica on her cell and says he'll be home for dinner. Father Jack strolls in and he and Erica have a heart to heart talk — although brief. He tells her that he feels like he's changing inside. Erica tells him that they're all changing. Heck, she even made a deal with the devil (Hobbes) to help save the world. My guess is that Father Jack was talking about physical changes though, not metaphoric. But who's counting.

Meanwhile, Ryan meets up with Dr. Browman again to see what she found out about the vaccine. She says that it's a tagging mechanism. The fluid sticks to the cells of humans so that they are easily tracked by the Vs. She tells Ryan not to say anything to anyone about what she found until they find out for certain what the truth is about it.

Back on the mother ship, Joshua is watching the V security people tracking all the humans that received their vaccine shots. On one of the monitors, Father Jack suddenly appears.

1 hour in

Chad's segment on the wonders of the healing centers airs and Anna is loving it. Marcus walks in and spoils her fun by telling her that Hobbes escaped the FBI and someone must have tipped him off. Anna is worried that Hobbes will be able to help the resistance build an army against them, so it's time to build their own. Now.

Joshua explains to eight muscular soldiers (because lizards can be buff too) that one of them is going to be chosen to help build their army. Anna walks in and sniffs them until she stops on one man. "Him" she says.

Erica is in her home fixing a photo of her and Tyler when Tyler walks in. The two embrace. She asks if he's OK. He says yeah, then goes on to explain that just because he's growing up it doesn't mean that they'll grow apart. That he'll still love her, blah blah blah. And he doesn't want to hide any secrets from her anymore. He then pulls out his V Peace Corp outfit (the ones that have cameras in them) and finally tells her that he joined. Erica knows there are cameras in the suits, so she doesn't get a chance to tell him that the Vs are bad. She'll have to bite her tongue for now. Good thing too, because Lisa is watching the video feed from the mother ship.

Meanwhile, Ryan's fiancé stops eating her eggs. Why you ask? Well, let's just say that as she's about to throw her eggs in the trash, she sees a mouse trap with a dead mouse in it. Her mouth starts to water as her appetite seemingly switches to dead mice. Well, sort of. Just as she's about to eat it, she stops. Damn! Then Ryan walks in and sees her on the floor. She tells him she's been feeling weird but she knows that having the baby happened for a reason. She's still happy. Ryan not so much. He still has that, "I've just been on the Maury Povich show" look.

Back on the mother ship, Anna gets freaky with the oh-so-lucky soldier she picked. That's really all you need to know. Oh wait...there is one more thing. She EATS HIM WHEN SHE'S DONE!!!!  How crazy, weird, funny, cool is that? Apparently she's able to have a lot of babies and all those babies need nourishment. That dead mouse is starting to look a lot more appetizing.


I'm not sure if I liked this episode or not. I loved the hint towards the whole mouse-eating thing from the original series. I also loved that Anna ate her mate as well. Interesting twist. The rest seemed a little too contrived for me. I still think that if Morris Chestnut wasn't on the show, it would not be nearly as good. And I also think, and it pains me to say it, that Tyler was not as irritating as he was in the first four episodes. Is it just me? He didn't detract from the story as much as he did before. So I have to give kudos when kudos are due. Nice job, Logan, but you still have a long way to go.

My Rating: 7 of 10.

I wasn't completely thrilled and I wasn't completely disappointed. There is some good cloak and dagger type stuff that I like, but the dialogue sometimes got to me. Clues or things we needed to know almost seemed too placed at times and not natural enough.


What did you think of the episode?  

Is Father Jack turning into a V?

Was the long wait for the new episode worth it?

What rating would you give the show?

I look forward to your comments.  And welcome back!

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First of all...WELCOME BACK! It's been a long few months, but V is finally back on the air. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a little bit of Alien vs. Mankind battle royal.

Secondly...because it's been so long, let's just recap just a little bit. Ready? Here it is. THE ALIENS ARE COMING!!!!!!  Done.

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