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2009, TV Show

V Episode: "Fruition"

Season 1, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Erica seeks out a scientist who may have created a weapon that allegedly worries the Visitors; Anna announces that the Vs may be departing, and gives Chad a list of Fifth Column members to investigate.
Original Air Date: May 11, 2010
Guest Cast Mark Hildreth: Joshua Rekha Sharma: Agent Sarita Malik Christopher Shyer: Marcus Charles Mesure: Kyle Hobbes Roark Critchlow: A.D. Paul Kendrick Lexa Doig: Dr. Pearlman
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Season 1, Episode 11
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Length: 42:51
Aired: 5/11/2010
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V Episode Recap: "Fruition" Season 1, Episode 11

After a violent attack on someone very close to Anna, she delivers a message that the Vs don't feel safe and will be leaving. Anna also gives a list of possible Fifth Column members to Chad, hoping he'll investigate to help find them. Meanwhile, Erica and the team try to track down a scientist who may have created a weapon that the Visitors are afraid of.

After the first break
The show starts out with a beaten and broken Lisa passed out in a dark alley. She's taken to the FBI holding area, where Erica tries to console her. There we see a giant V carved into Lisa's face (thankfully it wasn't too deep so no one could see the alligator baggage she wears underneath). Lisa wonders out loud "why would someone do this to me?" The thought is surely a truthful statement. After all, it was her mother who ordered her new facial tattoo. Erica, on the other hand, wants to know if Lisa got the 411 on who did this to her. Lisa says no. Turns out that's a good answer since Mamma lizard Anna is watching from the sky above.

Meanwhile...Hobbes is at the safe house cleaning his guns when he sees a report on the TV that he is once again a primary suspect. Poor Hobbes. Why do they keep picking on him? Don't they know who they're messing with?

Over at the news station, Chad is hard at work on a story. He sees the same broadcast on a nearby monitor. The reporter on TV explains that Anna is going to make a statement about the recent attack on a "Visitor" (AKA, her daughter Lisa). A co-worker asks Chad if it's the first he's seen of the story. A stunned Chad says yes. So much for being the voice for the Vs, eh Chad? It's also nice to have co-workers that like to rub things in like that too.

Over at the church we see Father Jack and Father Travis having a heart-to-heart. Jack seems a little bit surprised that the church is full of people today. Father Travis tells him that they're there to pray for the beaten Visitor. (Did he take a survey? Maybe they're praying the Cubs start winning some baseball games.) Father Travis goes on to say that Father Jack should find a place in his heart for the Vs as well. Oh if only Father Travis knew the truth about the Vs. Or does he know?

Meanwhile, Malik tells Erica she's got a lead. Of course, it's a mug shot of Hobbes and some other guy named Parker. Erica takes the photos into Lisa to see if she recognizes the faces. Lisa, visibly torn at what she should  say, says Hobbes is the man (and some other dude). Then, creepy Anna shows up and puts on a performance for the ages. (I hope Tyler was watching, because this  is how it's done.) She pretends to be emotionally distraught as she consoles her daughter. An important note here: Erica finds out for the first time that Lisa is Anna's daughter.

After the second break

The first scene back from the break is Erica and Anna in a holding area. Anna is still giving a convincing emotional performance about being a mother and how she and Erica can relate to each other because they both have children. Then — and the writers probably had a little fun with this when they were writing it — a game of cat and mouse begins between the two of them. Erica may have pushed a little too hard though, because Anna had a slight twinge when Erica said she would do whatever it took to stop whoever was responsible.

Father Jack and Ryan, meanwhile, are wondering why the Visitors keep trying to frame Hobbes. Hobbes hasn't the slightest idea, but he guesses that it may have something to do with the other guy who supposedly helped him beat up Lisa. He says he was hired to kill the man (Parker) just four weeks ago.

Back at FBI Headquarters, Erica gives a rundown to the rest of the team on the two suspects (Parker and Hobbes). Parker is described as a scientist while Hobbes, of course, is the stereotypical terrorist. Kendrick wants to go after Hobbes, but Erica convinces him that they should be focusing on Parker instead. If they find Parker, they find Hobbes. Kendrick gives the team the go-ahead to go after Parker, and Erica better be right. Then, a worried Tyler walks into the office. He begs Erica to find whoever did this to Lisa. Erica, being the good mother she is, promises she will and tells Tyler he can see Lisa if he wants. Unfortunately, I see another bad Tyler scene coming up. And I'm right. While Tyler gets all "emotional" with Lisa, Joshua speaks quietly and candidly with Erica in the back room. He tells her she needs to find Parker. Anna set both Parker and Hobbes up because she's afraid of them. I wonder what this scientist knows. This could get good!

Back in the makeshift hospital room (why this is in the FBI station is beyond me), Lisa confesses that she didn't mean all the things she told Tyler before. Tyler asks the million-dollar question: Why did you say them? Lisa says she was confused and scared because she had never felt the feelings she was feeling for him before. Cut to Joshua explaining to Erica that he doesn't believe Tyler is in any danger. He thinks Lisa really does have feelings for Tyler. Cut to Anna marching into the makeshift hospital room and taking a frightened Lisa away.

Over at the Visitor Healing Center (I guess they were never at the FBI station — I'll have to watch again) we see Anna walking out with her V entourage and Lisa. Anna tells Lisa to not make any eye contact or say anything. The less Lisa gives them, the more the humans will want, Anna goes on to explain. Chad Decker arrives at the scene and looks a little ticked. He's still wondering why he's been taken off the story. According to a side conversation between Marcus and Anna, it's because Anna planned it that way. She doesn't explain why. I personally have no idea why she would do it, but I'm not a lizard who breaks legs for a living. Then it's time for the speech. What a doozie it was too. Anna shares with the world that Lisa is, in fact, her daughter and because the world isn't playing nice, she's going to take her ball and fleet and go home. The pro-V crowd doesn't like it, of course, but that's exactly what Anna wants: human sympathy.

After the third break

Ryan, Father Jack, Erica and Hobbes discuss the recent speech Anna gave to the world. They all know she's not going to leave earth. The question is: Why does she want Parker and Hobbes captured or killed so much? The only conclusion is that Parker knows something or has something that the Vs are afraid of. Hobbes suggests to the group that they should use Tyler to ask Lisa what it is the Vs want with Parker. Erica emphatically says no to the idea and tells them to follow up on the leads they already have. She's not going to bring Tyler into this. Even Father Jack looks disappointed with Erica's reaction.

Hobbes meets up with his contact again (the mysterious female woman he met a few episodes back). She hands him a file and says she couldn't track down the person who hired him to kill Parker a few weeks back, but she did find where Parker is hiding out. The next thing we see is Parker leaving his apartment and Hobbes hiding in the alleyway. Hobbes waits until Parker is out of sight and then breaks into Parker's apartment. What does he find? I haven't the slightest idea. It looks like a laptop strapped underneath a desk. Whatever it is, Hobbes looks happy. He grabs a little memory card from the laptop and gives Erica a call from his cell. He tells her to come down right away.

Up on the Mother ship, Chad Decker is having a heart to heart with Marcus. He's still a little PO'd about not being the first to know about Lisa's beat-down. Marcus tells Chad that they are leaving and there's nothing he can do to stop them. Chad, desperate and somewhat pathetic, tries to convince Marcus that his audience is true to him and he can help them put pressure on the government to find the Fifth Column. Marcus reminds Chad that he's a reporter. Reporters report the news. They don't editorialize it. Proving once again that aliens know more about reporting than Chad Decker. Well played Marcus, well played. Marcus walks off leaving Chad speechless. That's a first.

Marcus immediately reports his discussion with Chad to Anna. She's pleased that Chad is desperate. Why? According to Anna, the more desperate Chad is, the more desperate his viewers will be. The more desperate the viewers are to keep the Visitors on earth, the more success they'll have in fulfilling their agenda. After her pep talk with Marcus, Anna orders the Shanghai ship to leave.

After the fourth break

Chad immediately reports the news about the Shanghai ship leaving. His emotions, however, quickly get the best of him. He urges everyone to band together and ask their elected officials to help find the perpetrators that are pushing the Visitors away. He owes his life to the Visitors and he won't stand back and watch as they leave the planet with all of their wonderful technology. So much for objective reporting. Chad, you're a sucker.

Father Jack and Ryan wait in the car outside Parker's apartment. Father Jack tells Ryan he's been different since Val left. Ryan tells him that John May told him that feeling loss is a good thing, but he's recently finding it hard to believe since Val left. He doesn't know if he can continue fighting for something and someone that no longer wants to speak to him anymore. Father Jack lays down the faith card on Ryan and, for all intent and purpose, it works. Erica gets in the car and just as she does Parker goes up to his apartment. Erica quickly follows and has a long talk with Parker. Long story short, Parker and his fellow scientists accidentally produced a virus that could kill fish and lizards. It was an unfortunate (or fortunate) side effect from their research on trying to stop global warming. Erica, knowing why the Visitors want to kill Parker now, asks if the virus is contained somewhere and how much is left.

Cut to the Kendrick and the FBI screeching up to the apartment complex. Erica takes a sample of the virus and gets the names of the other scientists Parker worked with. All just seconds before she violently takes him down to the ground and cuffs his hands behind his back, Kendrick, Malik and the rest of the FBI storm into the apartment and see Erica on top of Parker. Malik looks a little suspicious at Erica. How did Erica know where Parker was before they did? Hmmm. I think there's going to be a catfight soon.

After the fifth break

Kendrick informs Erica and Malik that because of their arrest of Parker, the Visitors have decided to stay. Additionally, he has been ordered to come up with a task force to work side by side with the Visitors to eradicate the Fifth Column. Just how many task forces can the FBI make? I think that makes Erica a member of three task forces now? Does she get extra pay for that? Anyway, the deal is that all Fifth Column suspects will be given to the Visitors first before they stand trial in the human courts. This doesn't bode well for Erica and her team of renegades.

Erica starts looking for the other scientists that worked with Parker in her database. She calls Ryan, Hobbes and Father Jack and they conclude that Parker is the one they have to have if they are to get the virus research in their hands. Unfortunately, Anna and Lisa are on their way to identify Parker as the suspect who beat up Lisa. The only way they can stop Parker from being deported to the Mother ship and probably killed is for Erica to get through to Lisa. It's their only hope. If Anna is going to use Tyler, Erica is going to use Lisa. Seems fair to me.

Anna, Lisa and Marcus arrive at the station. Erica tells them she needs to prep Lisa for the lineup because confronting an attacker can be "emotional" for the victim. Sounds reasonable to Anna and Marcus. Erica and Lisa go into her office where Erica tries, without flat out saying she knows the man is innocent, to convince Lisa to do the right thing. It looks like it's about to work when Anna walks in and tells Lisa it's time. Indeed it is. The lineup is pulled in with Parker being the last to enter. It's clear that Lisa struggles with her emotions as Erica stands on one side of her and Anna on the other. The fear of her mother, however, is too much to ignore and Lisa points Parker out as her attacker. Anna smiles while Erica looks dumbfounded at how cold Anna can be. She shouldn't be surprised though. She already knows that Anna will break her own daughter's legs.  

After the sixth break

We come back from the break with Anna thanking Erica for her work. It's another great opportunity for Erica and Anna to play their little cat and mouse word game. The conversation is highlighted with Erica saying she's not going anywhere in which Anna replies, "Neither am I". Oh just fight already!

We move over to the safe house where Hobbes is on the phone with an unknown person. He's explaining that he's got Parker's research (the memory card he took) and wants to know what it's worth to him/her. I guess we're supposed to take away the idea that you can take the man away from his terrorist ways, but you can't take the terrorist ways out of the man. Or better yet...once a terrorist, always a terrorist.

Chad meets up with Anna and tells her that he knows she set him up to get public sympathy. She, of course, denies it, but is nonetheless appreciative of his efforts. She does want one more favor from him though: the name of his source (Father Jack). Chad tells her once again that he can't do it and that It would be a breach of his journalistic ethics. Anna explains that he's already crossed that line once today (not being objective about the news) and doing it again shouldn't be too hard for him. Chad smirks and, well...we don't know what he's going to do.

We cut over to Hobbes who tells Ryan that something is off with him. Not only that, but it worries him. Ryan tells Hobbes to worry about himself. Oh don't make Hobbes get all human on you Ryan! Too late. Hobbes gives Ryan the soldier talk. It's a good one too. He tells Ryan he needs bury his human feelings down inside him because those human emotions can be used against him. Anna has already hit him where it hurt — his love for Valerie — and she'll use everything she can to win this war. Ryan needs to be a soldier. That means no emotions. This, of course, goes against everything Ryan is currently fighting for. The conflict inside him is now out in the open. What if he buries his emotions? Will he be vulnerable to the V bliss again? Hmmm.

Back on the Mother ship, Anna and Lisa are admiring the thousands of lizard eggs. They're about to hatch which means only one thing: time to get a nanny. No, actually it means the war is about to get really ugly. It's all good for the Visitors, though. Anna praises Lisa for her performance at the FBI building. She now thinks that Erica is as big a key to their success as Tyler is. Lisa promises to keep Erica close and convince her of her well-to-do feelings, the same way she has with Tyler. Lisa leaves Anna to her offspring eggs and goes immediately to Joshua. She asks him if the eggs are allowed to hatch, will they be able to destroy the Fifth Column? Joshua tells her yes. The wheels seem to be turning in Lisa's head.

Tyler, meanwhile, is at home watching the news. The broadcast talks of Erica capturing Parker and how it helped in convincing the Vs to stay on earth. Erica walks in and Tyler tells her that he's proud of her. Things seem to be going well between Tyler and Erica again, so Erica takes it one step further. She tells Tyler that he was right about the Visitors and she was wrong. In fact, she'd like to get to know Lisa a little better. Tyler is beside himself with happiness. He's totally down with it. You know, I remember the first time I told my mom I was dating an interplanetary alien. She didn't take it as well as Erica. She broke both my legs and called it a day.

Then we see the man with all the bad news: Marcus. This time, however, he actually reports to Anna with some good news for a change. He tells her that the fleet she sent for is about to arrive, but he warns that if they get too close the human radars may pick them up. Anna tells him to hack the human system so they can't. She wants the humans to see only what they want them to see. Just when you think the conversation is over, Marcus springs the bad news: He explains to Anna that the fear of the Fifth Column is spreading like wildfire amongst the 29 ships. He's never seen it this bad before. Anna tells him not to worry. She'll just get naked and talk softly over the intercom system (The Bliss). That will solve everything. Of course, that's exactly what Anna does. There are a couple of revelations we see during the Bliss, though: 1) Lisa is no longer under its spell; and 2) Ryan is starting to be pulled back into it again. We also see a montage of shots including Ryan's cell phone with a message that Val's water just broke and visions of Anna's lizard eggs beginning to hatch.

We're not done yet though. The show ends with Hobbes meeting his mysterious phone pal. The guy/gal he was trying to make a deal with on the phone earlier. Lo and behold, it's Marcus! In a dark alley, we see Marcus pull up to a waiting Hobbes. Hobbes tells him that he'll hand over the virus research if Marcus hands over all the files they have on him. He wants a big pile of cash too. Marcus reluctantly takes the deal and drives off. Hobbes walks confidently into the smoky darkness of the alley. That sneaky Hobbes. Is he setting Marcus up? Or is he really turning on his team? We'll have to find out next time.


So, it's the second to last episode of the season. I'm glad they're tying things together and not leaving everything up in the air. Although I'm sure a lot still will be. I also have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised at what they've done with the story. If you had told me at the start that Lisa would be good and Ryan would start becoming bad by the end of the first season...I would have said you're crazy. I also have to say that I'm extremely surprised that the birth of a hybrid baby is going to happen in the first season. I can't remember when it happened in the original series, but I felt like it didn't happen for a long time. I could be wrong. Overall, I'm pleased. Let's hope it gets picked up for another season.

My Rating: 7.5 of 10


Is Hobbes setting Marcus up? If he were, why wouldn't he tell the rest of the gang? He definitely has reason not to trust Father Jack and Ryan, so I can see him withholding that info.

What side is Chad Decker on? This question still hasn't changed for three weeks straight.

It's nice to have Lisa on the human side.

It sucks Ryan may be turning back.

Who wins in a fight between Erica and Anna?

Why is Erica the unofficial leader of this clan of renegades? Who put her in charge?

Finally we here the "V for Victory" speech per the promo for next week's episode.

What do you think the soldier hatchlings will look like when they hatch?

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After a violent attack on someone very close to Anna, she delivers a message that the Vs don't feel safe and will be leaving. Anna also gives a list of possible Fifth Column members to Chad, hoping he'll investigate to help find them. Meanwhile, Erica and the team try to track down a scientist who may have created a weapon that the Visitors are afraid of... read more

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