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Guest Cast & Credits

Celebrity Role Episode Airdate
Abel Fernandez Wolfe The Mass Escape
Adam Williams Reeves The Man Who Never Was
Addison Richards Laird The Check Artist
Adrienne Marden Belle Shoot to Kill
Al Ruscio Mario The High Fence
Alan Hewitt Joe Nine O'clock Pickup
Alex Gerry Jackson The Man from the East
Alex Nicol Hallimore The Cop Hater
Andy Clyde Grubstake All's Not Gold That Glitters
Angela Greene Mrs. Hammond Assignment: Crime
Ann Doran Mrs. Burke The Promise
Ann Rutherford Mildred A Matter of Friendship
Anne Gwynne Phyllis Boomerang
Argentina Brunetti Maria Special Delivery
Argentina Brunetti Mrs. Donato Home Sweet Homicide
Barbara Baxley Alice Kill or Be Killed
Bella Bruck Mrs. Klein The Check Artist
Ben Welden Curly The High Fence
Bert Freed Gallardo The Dude
Bruce Gordon Byers The Stool Pigeon
Buck Young Connors The Stool Pigeon
Buck Young Keith The Deer Hunt
Buck Young Lucas The Mass Escape
Buck Young Johnson The Pursuit
Buck Young Roberts The Manhunt
Buck Young Matt The Challenge
Buck Young Keith The Easterner
Charles Aidman Paul My Sons
Charles Aidman Nolan The Third Miracle
Charles Aidman Harris Backfire
Charles Gray Blake Gold Is Where You Find It
Charles Tannen Klein The Check Artist
Charles Watts Harwood The Man Who Lived Twice
Chris Alcaide Gorbin Fugitives
Chris Alcaide Val The Ambush
Christopher Dark Lowell The Honeymoon
Connie Hines Jeannie Dial O for Danger
Dan Tobin Silby Taped for Murder
Darlene Fields Jean The Mechanic
Dean Harens Donahue Anything for a Friend
Dean Stanton Robby The Diner
Dean Stanton Hatton The Challenge
Dennis Moore Anderson The Check Artist
Dennis Patrick Jurdow The Ghost Town
Dick Rich MacFarlane The Challenge
Don Gordon Rile The Ghost Town
Donald Randolph Jeffers The Break-in
Douglas Fowley Stoneman The Seventh Strangers
Eddie Firestone Phil The Diner
Elinor Donahue Martha Shoot to Kill
Frank de Kova Caranto The Reservation
Frank Ferguson Latimer The Threat
Frank Ferguson O'Flynn Destination: Nowhere
Frank Gerstle Max The Honeymoon
Frank Gerstle Brady The Challenge
Frank Maxwell Robbie Maryjo Is Missing
Gavin McLeod Norris The Informer
Gavin McLeod Actor The Arraignment
George Keymas Newton The Wishing Well
George Mitchell Grayman The Lady Killer
George Neise Sims Death and Taxes
Gordon Polk O'Neill Murder, My Darling
Grandon Rhodes Loveridge An Inside Job
Grant Richards Turbo Death and Taxes
Hal Baylor Grant The Champ
Hank Patterson Castro Gold Is Where You Find It
Harold J. Stone Carl The Diner
Harry Bellaver Case Special Delivery
Harry Carey Jr. Paul A Dead End
Harry Landers Hogan A Shortcut to Hell
Harry Landers Coswell The Wishing Well
Harry Landers Joe Sutton Assassins
Harry Shannon Lou Kill or Be Killed
Helen Wallace Mrs. Whitty The Pursuit
Herb Ellis Granger The Man from the East
Herman Rudin Laramie A Sentence of Death
Jack Elam Sutton Assassins
Jack Lambert Burke KO in the Seventh
James Hong Loo Sweepstake Charlie
James Parnell Ed All's Not Gold That Glitters
James Seay Geist The Seventh Strangers
Jan Harrison Kathy The Farmers
Janice Carroll Cashier The Informer
Jean Howell Ruth The Diner
Jean Innes Mrs. Rampy The Escape Artist
Jeanne Cooper Caroline The Man from the East
Jeanne Vaughn Gail Taped for Murder
Jeremy Slate Bellin Nine O'clock Pickup
Jeremy Slate Sawyer The High Fence
Jerome Cowan Brock Paper Bullets
Jim Davis Granger The Federal Agent
Jimmy Baird Bobby A Matter of Friendship
Joan Taylor Maryjo Maryjo Is Missing
John Anderson Andrews Gold Is Where You Find It
John Craven Manager The Informer
John Dennis Hartley The Champ
John Doucette Timanus An Inside Job
John Duke Saunders The Mass Escape
John Harmon Stoney A Sentence of Death
John Locke Slater The Victim
John Lupton Sykes The Triple-cross
John Macchia Hawks The Easterner
John Maxwell Tibbett The Reservation
Joseph Turkel Robinette Shoot to Kill
Joseph Turkel Sam A Shortcut to Hell
Joyce Meadows Carol The Kidnapper
Kathryn Card Mrs. Parker Maryjo Is Missing
Ken Lynch Callahan The Champ
Ken Lynch Emerson Highway Robbery
Kurt Kreuger Kortner Dial O for Danger
Larry Thor Mitchell Paper Bullets
Len Lesser Stan The Federal Agent
Lenny Geer Edwards The Man from the East
Leon Belasco Baron Destination: Nowhere
Lisa Gaye Marie Backfire
Lisa Lu Anna Sweepstake Charlie
Lisa Montell Andela Home Sweet Homicide
Mack Williams Wade The Kidnapper
Mack Williams Doctor A Matter of Friendship
Maggie Mahoney Gloria The Honeymoon
Mario Alcalde Donato Home Sweet Homicide
Marshall Reed Braddock Boomerang
Mary Astor Mrs. Simmons My Sons
Mel Torme Fleck The Man Who Lived Twice
Mel Welles Big Jules The Federal Agent
Mel Welles Chef The High Fence
Michael Forest Christy The Break-in
Michael Granger Grey Fugitives
Michael St. Angel Keifer The Tarnished Star
Mike Mazurki Trimble The Kidnapper
Mike Mazurki Sorenson The Monster
Morris Ankrum Henry The Good Indian
Murvyn Vye Ryan The Grandfather
Myrna Dell Nona One of the 10 Most Wanted Men
Nan Peterson Ginger Checkmate
Nancy Hsueh Sue Sweepstake Charlie
Nancy Kulp Eve The Toy Bull
Ned Glass Norman The Champ
Neil Hamilton Stewart Checkmate
Nico Minardos Herrick Dial O for Danger
Onslow Stevens Chris The Deer Hunt
Pamela Duncan Francie The Informer
Patricia Donahue Barbara Death and Taxes
Paul Dubov Perry The Lady Killer
Paul Richards Wilton Kill or Be Killed
Paul Richards Stuart The Wishing Well
Peter Breck Ranker The Farmers
Phillip Pine Sharkey The Toy Bull
Phillip Pine Actor The Arraignment
R.G. Armstrong Thompson The Grandfather
Richard Bakalyan Savage Trigger Happy
Richard Devon Benton The Mechanic
Richard Eyer Johnny The Third Miracle
Robert Arthur Buddy A Dead End
Robert Burton Guthrie Special Delivery
Robert E. Griffin Ronk The Escape Artist
Robert Fortier Regan RIP
Robert Fortier Devlin KO in the Seventh
Robert Fortier Archie The Manhunt
Robert Foulk Striker The Deer Hunt
Robert Fuller Eddie The Pursuit
Robert Griffin Hatton The Challenge
Robert J. Wilke Burke The Grandfather
Robert Middleton Sheriff The Ambush
Robert Morris Frankie The Toy Bull
Robert Osterloh Baker The Man Who Lived Twice
Robert Wilke Brandon A Matter of Friendship
Rodd Redwing Joe The Monster
Rodolfo Acosta Silvia Gold Is Where You Find It
Roger Perry Jarvis Paper Bullets
Ron Hagerthy Wally The Promise
Ron Soble Buck The High Fence
Ross Martin Doniger The Check Artist
Roy Barcroft Doc The Promise
Roy Gordon Billard The Present
Russ Conway Schooner The Fence
Ruta Lee Ellen The Ghost Town
Ruta Lee Mona Gold Is Where You Find It
Ruta Lee Clara RIP
Sam Buffington Rick The Ambush
Shirley O'Hara Marian The Present
Sid Melton Kane KO in the Seventh
Stacy Harris Parker The Dude
Stacy Harris Miller Murder, My Darling
Stacy Harris Cardan Assignment: Crime
Stacy Keach Masters The Seventh Strangers
Stanley Clements Muller The Fence
Stephen Joyce Mike A Shortcut to Hell
Steve Conte Lucas The Victim
Steve Pendleton Taylor Fugitives
Steve Rowland Kip RIP
Tammy Windsor Ruth The Good Indian
Than Wyenn Sharkey The Stool Pigeon
Theodore Marcuse Collins Assassins
Tige Andrews Thorne The Mechanic
Tom Drake Craig Murder, My Darling
Tom Reese Sam Assignment: Crime
Tom Steele Mac The Toy Bull
Toni Gerry Ruth Anything for a Friend
Vic Perrin Buckman The Mass Escape
Victor Millan Joe The Good Indian
Vinton Hayworth North The Fence
Virginia Grey Flo The Grandfather
Virginia Vincent Lois The Mechanic
Wally Cassell French One of the 10 Most Wanted Men
Wally Cassell Al A Dead End
Walter Coy Watson Shoot to Kill
Walter Sande Case The Mass Escape
Ward Wood Johnson The Break-in
Wesley Lau Brogan Highway Robbery
Whit Bissell Ames Taped for Murder
William Kendis Joe My Sons

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