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Latest Episode: Whither Shall I Wander?

Dec 21, 1975 Season 5 Episode 16 watch on (Paid)

Summer 1930. Eaton Place is sold, and James's debt means Georgina inherits nothing. Will Robert return for her after all? As the saga ends, upstairs and downstairs go their separate ways.

All the King's Horses

Dec 14, 1975 Season 5 Episode 15

October 1929. Home after making a killing on Wall Street, James urges the Bellamy household to get on the gravy train, and Rose trusts James to invest for her.
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Noblesse Oblige

Dec 07, 1975 Season 5 Episode 14

Summer 1929. Georgina and Robert want to marry. His parents agree, with a catch: the pair must not see each other for a time. Downstairs, Mrs. Bridges and Ruby are at odds.
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Joke Over

Nov 30, 1975 Season 5 Episode 13

Summer 1928. Georgina's out-of-control behavior causes more trouble for the Bellamys. When a joyride proves fatal, Lord Robert Stockbridge comes to Georgina's aid.
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Will Ye No' Come Back Again?

Nov 23, 1975 Season 5 Episode 12

On a household holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Hudson confronts a poacher. James reveals his feelings for Georgina, but when she doesn't return his ardor, he leaves abruptly for America.
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Nov 16, 1975 Season 5 Episode 11

June 1927. James takes Lady Prudence to Ascot. Georgina's friendship with Lady Dolly Hale, a wild society girl, leads to an ugly scene and the departure of a key servant.
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The Understudy

Nov 09, 1975 Season 5 Episode 10

September 1926. Eaton Place hosts an important dinner party for the French ambassador. When Hudson falls ill, someone must take his place, causing a crisis downstairs.
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The Nine Days Wonder

Nov 02, 1975 Season 5 Episode 9

May 1926. Britain's General Strike of 1926 rattles the Bellamy household. Lord Richard is dismayed, James takes a job as a bus conductor, and Hudson struggles to keep order downstairs.
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Such a Lovely Man

Oct 26, 1975 Season 5 Episode 8

Summer 1925. Seeking an important government post, Lord Richard courts influential millionaire Sir Guy Paynter. But Guy is more interested in Virginia. Meanwhile, Ruby has a suitor.
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Oct 19, 1975 Season 5 Episode 7

Spring 1924. Georgina returns from America with news of Elizabeth. Hudson stuns the household when he falls in love with Lily, a young house maid, and gives notice.
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An Old Flame

Oct 12, 1975 Season 5 Episode 6

Spring 1923. Bored with life, James takes up with his best friend's wife. When they spend a weekend together in a cottage, the Bellamys barely avert a scandal.
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Wanted--A Good Home

Oct 05, 1975 Season 5 Episode 5

Spring 1922. Virginia's son goes to boarding school, and her daughter gets a puppy. The imperious new governess is not pleased, and soon Eaton Place is in an uproar.
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The Joy Ride

Sep 28, 1975 Season 5 Episode 4

Autumn 1921. James buys a small airplane and takes his young stepmother for a spin. When the plane disappears, the household prepares for the worst and the press has a field day.
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Laugh a Little Louder Please

Sep 21, 1975 Season 5 Episode 3

Summer 1921. The Viscount and her Ladyship travel for their honeymoon. While they're away, Georgina throws a wild party at Eaton Place that ends in tragedy.
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A Place in the World

Sep 14, 1975 Season 5 Episode 2

February 1920. Medically discharged from the army, James enters politics but refuses any guidance from his father. Also striking out on their own, Edward and Daisy have left service but are struggling to survive.
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