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Dec 21, 1975 Season 5 Episode 16 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

Summer 1930. Eaton Place is sold, and James's debt means Georgina inherits nothing. Will Robert return for her after all? As the saga ends, upstairs and downstairs go their separate ways.

The Sudden Storm

Jan 19, 1974 Season 3 Episode 13

As war looms, Hazel treats the servants to a holiday. James is recalled by the army, Mrs. Bridges receives a proposal, and Hazel tells Sir Richard that her marriage was a mistake.
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Distant Thunder

Jan 12, 1974 Season 3 Episode 12

When Hazel suffers a miscarriage, a callous James consoles himself by escorting Georgina to a ball. Tensions mount upstairs and downstairs in the Bellamy household.
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A Perfect Stranger

Jan 05, 1974 Season 3 Episode 11

A chance encounter with an Australian sheep farmer leads to first love for Rose. Will she marry Gregory Wilmot? Her friends are skeptical of their whirlwind romance.
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What the Footman Saw

Dec 29, 1973 Season 3 Episode 10

Loose lips cause problems when the Bellamys' footman, Edward, gossips at a pub. His drunken talk of hanky-panky at a house party makes him a key witness in a messy divorce.
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Goodwill to All Men

Dec 22, 1973 Season 3 Episode 9

Sir Richard's new ward, Georgina, and new parlor maid, Daisy, try to bring Yuletide cheer to Daisy's impoverished family. Georgina is shocked by the squalor of their lives.
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The Bolter

Dec 15, 1973 Season 3 Episode 8

James takes Hazel to the country for a fox-hunting weekend. In her first real encounter with the upper crust, a practical joke puts her life in danger and her marriage at risk.
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Word of Honour

Dec 08, 1973 Season 3 Episode 7

When Sir Richard unwittingly acts on an insider's stock tip, he jeopardizes his political career. His daughter-in-law, Hazel, helps to clear his name but undermines his word as a gentleman.
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Desirous of Change

Dec 01, 1973 Season 3 Episode 6

A widowed foreign countess wrangles an invitation to dinner, and Sir Richard smiles for the first time since Lady Marjorie's death. A new housemaid has romantic fantasies of her own.
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Rose's Pigeon

Nov 24, 1973 Season 3 Episode 5

When a former servant of the Bellamys appears at the back door, shabby and starving, Rose gives him food and shelter. Her kindness puts the entire household in grave danger.
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A Family Secret

Nov 17, 1973 Season 3 Episode 4

It's been six months since Lady Marjorie's death, and Lady Prudence thinks Sir Richard should remarry. James also feels in the marrying mood and proposes to Hazel.
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A Change of Scene

Nov 10, 1973 Season 3 Episode 3

Hudson accompanies James to a weekend party at a lavish country estate. While there, James renews his acquaintance with an old girlfriend, Lady Diana, and Hudson considers a job offer.
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A House Divided

Nov 07, 1973 Season 3 Episode 2

A survivor of the Titanic disaster, Lady Marjorie's maid returns to Eaton Place. Hazel assumes some of Lady Marjorie's former duties, incurring the wrath of upstairs and downstairs.
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Miss Forrest

Oct 27, 1973 Season 3 Episode 1

Sir Richard has hired a secretary, Hazel Forrest, who catches James's eye. Lady Marjorie plans to visit Elizabeth in America and books passage on the Titanic.
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