The intertwining lives of the wealthy Bellamy family and its servants in Edwardian England unfold in several editions of this 1970s series, perhaps the most popular and praised to ever air on PBS's `Masterpiece Theatre.' Created by Jean Marsh (who won an Outstanding Actress Emmy as the downstairs maid Rose) and Eileen Atkins, the series spans the tumultuous first decades of the 20th century and the shifting fortunes of complex and colorful characters, some more privileged than others.


Alistair Cooke
Gordon Jackson Hudson
David Langton Richard Bellamy
Jean Marsh Rose
Angela Baddeley Mrs. Bridges
Pauline Collins Sarah
Evin Crowley Emily
George Innes Alfred
Rachel Gurney Lady Marjorie
Simon Williams James
Nicola Pagett Elizabeth
Patsy Smart Roberts
Brian Osborne Pearce
Christopher Beeny Edward
Ian Ogilvy Laurence
Jenny Tomasin Rudy
John Alderton Watkins
Meg Wynn Owen Hazel
Jacqueline Tong Daisy
Lesley Anne Down Georgina Worsley
Hannah Gordon Virginia
Anne Yarker Alice
Jonathan Seely William
Gareth Hunt Frederick
Karen Dotrice Lily