The intertwining lives of the wealthy Bellamy family and its servants in Edwardian England unfold in several editions of this 1970s series, perhaps the most popular and praised to ever air on PBS's `Masterpiece Theatre.' Created by Jean Marsh (who won an Outstanding Actress Emmy as the downstairs maid Rose) and Eileen Atkins, the series spans the tumultuous first decades of the 20th century and the shifting fortunes of complex and colorful characters, some more privileged than others.


Guest Stars

Sir Geoffrey Dillon
Lord Robert Marquis of Stockbridge
Julius Karekin
Lady Prudence
Lady Dolly Hale
Gregory Wilmot
Lord Charles Gilmour
Lady Diana Newbury
Dowager Lady Newbury
Gerald Maitland
Madame Fleuriau
Michael Dooley
Mrs. Fellowes
Lord Newbury
Mme. Chargon
Mrs. Hollins
Miss Treadwell
Duchess of Buckminster