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A feisty septuagenarian reluctantly teams up with a young explorer in this Oscar-winning Best Animated Feature Film by Pixar. Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman who dreams of seeing the wilds of South America, and it looks like he may get there after tying enough helium balloons to his house to take flight. The only kink in his plan is t (more…)

United CEO Resigns Amid Bridgegate Investigation
06:44 — The Bridgegate investigation leads to a resignation that no one could have predicted when this all began. Jonathan Dienst and Doug Burns explain to Ar (more…)
Poll Shows Clinton Holds Majority Dem Support
07:08 — A new poll shows that despite recent controversy 75% of Democrats surveilled feel positively about Hillary Clinton and only 18% of Latinos said they f (more…)
Does Press Have a Double-standard for Clinton?
08:48 — Are other candidates coming under the same level of scrutiny as Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton? Jessica Taylor, Joe Watkins and David Goodfrie (more…)
Armchair Quarterbacking the GOP Race in Iowa
11:04 — Donald Trump upstages the candidates in the GOP field at the game known as the Super Bowl of Iowa and new polls show how little Trump is connecting wi (more…)
How Women Are Driving the 2016 Conversation
10:07 — Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina are embracing their gender out on the campaign trail, amid attacks. Vice President of EMILY's List Jess McIntosh and (more…)
The US' Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis
10:17 — Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls on U.S. government to do more for Syrian refugees.
Obama Redefines How to Get Things Done
06:19 — As president, do you catch more flies with vinegar than honey? NBC's Perry Bacon Jr. and former White House Clinton aide David Goodfriend join to disc (more…)
The Immigration Debate Closer to Home
08:11 — One issue that’s uniting most of the Republican presidential candidates could also cost them the election next year. Daniel Garza and Ari Melber discu (more…)
The Unusual Event On Bernie Sanders' Calendar
06:10 — Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is planning to give a speech at the conservative Liberty University founded by Jerry Falwell. Perry Bacon Jr., Jes (more…)
Trump: I 'Asked' Fiorina Be On the Debate
00:45 — Donald Trump seemed to preview a slightly nicer mode in talks with reporters ahead of Wednesday's GOP debate.
Rare Senate Session Follows Cruz Accusation
04:24 — The Senate is holding a rare Sunday session just days after Senator Ted Cruz shocked the chamber by leveling a stunning accusation against his own par (more…)
Chris Christie Re-evaluates NJ Tunnel Project
08:28 — What does Governor Chris Christie have to say about his controversial decision to kill a tunnel project now that he's running for president? WNYC's An (more…)
Will Donald Trump Run As an Independent?
10:30 — NBC's Katy Tur speaks about Trump's decision to ban an Iowa newspaper from attending campaign events. Then, msnbc contributor E.J. Dionne joins the pa (more…)
Trump Bans Iowa Paper from Campaign Event
07:04 — After the Des Moines Register called for Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race, Trump banned the paper from a campaign event. Victoria DeF (more…)
Did McCain Comments Hurt Trump in Polls?
12:11 — New NBC polling gives insight into whether Donald Trump's comments about Senator John McCain have hurt him among Republican primary voters. Genevieve (more…)
Supporters Are 'ridin' With Biden' in 2016
07:26 — Vice President Joe Biden's supporters are still holding out hope for a 2016 presidential run. Will Pierce, Executive Director of "Draft Biden 2016" jo (more…)
Making Sense of the Clinton Email Scandal
07:42 — Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Amy Holmes, and Evan McMorris-Santoro speak with Steve Kornacki about the latest developments in the Hillary Clinton email (more…)
Is Social Change Too Fast for Many Americans?
04:35 — Many Americans still appear to be questioning whether America is headed in the right direction on social issues. Steve Kornacki and his panel analyze (more…)
Sanders Tries to Make Amends With Protesters
09:50 — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tried to make amends with Black Lives Matters protesters just one week after a rocky reception at Net (more…)
Obama Addresses Women's Rights in Kenya
10:05 — President Obama's speech to 5,000 people in Kenya was the centerpiece of his visit to Africa. Genevieve Wood, Ron Insana and April Ryan join to discus (more…)
Obama Admin. Pitches Iran Deal to Congress
06:27 — Politico's Manu Raju speaks with Steve Kornacki about the Obama administration's attempt to convince Congress to pass the Iran deal.
Obama's Role As 'Consoler-in-Chief'
10:20 — On the morning after President Obama visited with victims' family members and first responders in San Bernardo, California, former White House staff m (more…)
America's Changing Relationship With Death Penalty
06:10 — Executions have fallen to their lowest point in more than two decades. Anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean and Co-Director of The Innocen (more…)
Why Is the Dem Debate On a Saturday Night?
10:34 — A new poll shows Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, where Saturday night's debate is taking place.
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