Untold Stories of the E.R.

2004, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Hit by a Train

Jan 10, 2014 Season 8 Episode 15 watch on (Paid)

A mountain biker has multiple injuries and her boyfriend has multiple fainting spells; a man's legs are severed when he's run over by a train; a drunken bachelor helps reveal the secret of a mystery nurse that has been working in the ER.

Never Say Die

Feb 25, 2012 Season 6 Episode 8

A doctor struggles with the decision to revive an older patient after prolonged CPR. Two nurses encounter a stabbing victim on the street and try to save him. A doctor on a cruise ship finds that her dream job has become a nightmare.
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Girlfriend, Wife, Stroke!

Feb 18, 2012 Season 6 Episode 7

A stroke patient watches speechless and horrified as his wife and two girlfriends fight over him. Army doctors in Iraq try to save the lives of soldiers who lost limbs in an IED explosion. A child's play bite turns deadly for a recent transplant patient.
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Rottweiler in the ER

Feb 11, 2012 Season 6 Episode 6

While a shooting victim is brought to the hospital, a Rottweiler gets loose in the ER. A young mother's asthma attack turns quickly into a deadly heart failure. A young man comes into the ER comatose, covered with a mysterious rash.
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Halloween in the ER

Feb 04, 2012 Season 6 Episode 5

A mysterious white dog wanders the hospital halls on Halloween. A neurologist encounters an unconscious motorcyclist on the side of the road. A treatment of a young boy's broken leg turns into an investigation that might reveal child abuse.
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Stabbed in the Heart

Jan 28, 2012 Season 6 Episode 4

A stabbing victim's heart has a hole in it and must be pumped by hand to keep him alive. A woman believes that she is possessed by demons. A man with an unusual predicament offers to pay cash to keep his condition off of his medical record.
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Radioactive Rocks

Jan 21, 2012 Season 6 Episode 3

A dialysis patient is bleeding and doctors can't get it to stop. A naked man falls into a cactus and is covered head to toe in needles. A patient brings radioactive rocks to the hospital causing chaos in the ER.
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Campstove Stuffing

Jan 14, 2012 Season 6 Episode 2

A new doctor must stand up to a superior who wants to send his wife into surgery with undiagnosed rectal bleeding. A man comes into the ER with a surprising body part stuck inside a camping stove. And a six-year-old boy has a rare massive stroke.
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Pipe in Head

Jan 07, 2012 Season 6 Episode 1

A conscious man is wheeled into the ER with a two-inch pipe through his head. A young bride is experiencing unstoppable bleeding and her groom is clueless. Two prisoners from rival gangs are suspiciously in the ER at the same time.
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