Untold Stories of the E.R.

2004, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Hit by a Train

Jan 10, 2014 Season 8 Episode 15 watch on (Paid)

A mountain biker has multiple injuries and her boyfriend has multiple fainting spells; a man's legs are severed when he's run over by a train; a drunken bachelor helps reveal the secret of a mystery nurse that has been working in the ER.

Death Breath

Dec 22, 2010 Season 5 Episode 8

An ER nurse brings her delirious husband to the ER, then discovers a strange clue, his breath smells like mothballs. A young mother delivers her baby, then goes into life-threatening convulsions. Identical twin doctors create confusion in the ER.
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Man With Two Faces

Dec 15, 2010 Season 5 Episode 7

A woman is dragged out of a house fire and has a heart attack in the ER. A schizophrenic patient believes he has someone else's face, and an untrained medical student is mistaken for a doctor and must deliver a baby.
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Minutes to Live

Dec 08, 2010 Season 5 Episode 6

An unconscious woman is bleeding internally. Doctors must quickly assess the problem, and convince a reluctant surgeon to take the case. A man with a 4-day erection needs extraordinary help. A woman arrives in the ER with a knife in her chest.
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Short Circuited Heart

Dec 01, 2010 Season 5 Episode 5

A young nurse collapses in the ER, and her co-workers must restart her heart. A young father brings his baby into the hospital convinced there are maggots in her hands. A patient is writhing in pain, because she says her liver is cursed.
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Grandma's Back

Nov 24, 2010 Season 5 Episode 4

A college student collapses in the ER, and doctors do hours of CPR, hoping she'll revive. A man with a 5-hour erection gets caught between his wife and his mistress, and a 70-year-old grandmother wakes up after being pronounced dead.
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Ice Cold Mom

Nov 17, 2010 Season 5 Episode 3

A grown man screams incessantly for no reason, a young mother is alert but ice cold and a young boy seems to have overdosed on drugs but denies it. All these cases are medical mysteries, requiring "out of the box", life-saving solutions.
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Life and Limb Too

Nov 10, 2010 Season 5 Episode 2

A pregnant woman's leg pain turns out to be flesh-eating virus, threatening life and limb. A Desert Storm war veteran swallows razor blades on a dare, and a bride-to-be spends her wedding day in the ER after collapsing at the altar.
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Heart in Hand

Nov 06, 2010 Season 5 Episode 1

A doctor opens a nurse's chest, and takes her heart in his hand, in a desperate effort to save her life. Swords, severed limbs and suspicious stories lead to confusion in the ER and things go totally nuts at the hospital during a Greek Festival.
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