Untold Stories of the E.R.

  • 2004
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Examining practitioners of medicine under pressure in the ER.

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Mon Aug 21 5:00pm
Hit by a Train(Season 8, Episode 14) DLIF

A man's legs are severed when he's run over by a train.

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Mon Aug 21 6:00pm
Cows & Stilettos(Season 8, Episode 1) DLIF

A man crashes his car into a cow; a woman's cheek is pierced by a stiletto heel.

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Tue Aug 22 5:00pm
Shredded!(Season 9, Episode 5) DLIF

A patient claims he was shot in the head; a doctor tries to save a brain-dead woman.

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Tue Aug 22 6:00pm
Turtle Trouble(Season 9, Episode 1) DLIF

A snapping turtle bites a man's neck; a tree trimmer is impaled by a chainsaw.

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Wed Aug 23 5:00pm
Cowboy Chaos(Season 8, Episode 2) DLIF

A deranged cowboy visits the ER; a woman's head is impaled by a metal rod.

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Wed Aug 23 6:00pm
Headaches & Zombies(Season 8, Episode 8) DLIF

A pregnant doctor is threatened by a violent patient; a mom experiences a worrisome headache during a family vacation; and a man is impaled by a fencepost.

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Thu Aug 24 5:00pm
Drunk & Drunker(Season 9, Episode 17) DLIF

Bizarre fishing injuries are treated; a martial-arts instructor experiences abdominal pains.

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Thu Aug 24 6:00pm
Frozen!(Season 8, Episode 13) DLIF

A man without a pulse is brought to the ER; an embarrassing secret prevents a patient from receiving care.

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Fri Aug 25 5:00pm
Why Am I Blue?(Season 9, Episode 6) DLIF

A man with blue skin is treated by doctors; a teenage girl experiences mysterious abdominal pains.

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Fri Aug 25 6:00pm
Twists & Turns(Season 8, Episode 9) DLIF

A father is stabbed; a college cheerleader goes into cardiac arrest; and a prisoner is suspected of faking paralysis.

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Mon Aug 28 5:00pm
Belly Dancer Mystery(Season 8, Episode 3) DLIF

A belly dancer collapses; a 6-year-old girl experiences seizures.

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Tue Aug 29 5:00pm
Dr. Epi(Season 9, Episode 3) DLIF

A boy is crushed by an ATV; a partygoer become paralyzed.

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Tue Aug 29 6:00pm
Deep Trouble(Season 8, Episode 11) DLIF

An ER doctor is threatened while working at a remote hospital; a patient visits the ER after a scuba-diving trip.

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Wed Aug 30 5:00pm
Drama Mama(Season 9, Episode 7) DLIF

A college student stops breathing; a teen experiences stomach pains.

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Thu Aug 31 5:00pm
Clueless!(Season 9, Episode 8) DLIF

A man thinks he's constipated, but realizes he has a life-threatening condition.

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Thu Aug 31 6:00pm
Skewered Skydivers(Season 9, Episode 2) DLIF

Two skydivers are impaled by the same fence post; a bride-to-be gets her finger stuck in a makeup jar.

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Fri Sep 1 5:00pm
I Hate Doctors(Season 9, Episode 4) DLIF

A physician's son becomes her patient; a woman visits the ER after picking wild mushrooms.

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Fri Sep 1 6:00pm
Dumpster Smash(Season 8, Episode 10) DLIF

A man is crushed by a dumpster; a doctor's suspicions are called into question.

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Sat Sep 2 11:00am
Perfect Storm(Season 10, Episode 10) DLIF

A pregnant woman is shot but will not consent to some testing and treatment; a doctor's car is burglarized, and she suspects one of her patients is responsible; a surgery is interrupted by a storm.

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Sat Sep 2 12:00pm
Cows & Stilettos(Season 8, Episode 1) DLIF

A man crashes his car into a cow; a woman's cheek is pierced by a stiletto heel.

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Sat Sep 2 1:00pm
Crowbar in Head(Season 7, Episode 6) DLIF

A man's head is impaled by a crowbar; doctors discover a strange cause behind a woman's cough; and a bride who needs treatment refuses to remove her wedding dress.

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Sat Sep 2 2:00pm
Over-Juiced(Season 9, Episode 14) DLIF

A minor injury turns deadly; a juice diet puts a man in a comatose state.

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Sat Sep 2 3:00pm
Death Breath(Season 5, Episode 8) DLIF

A young mother gives birth, then goes into life-threatening convulsions; a nurse brings her delirious husband to the E.R., and his breath smells like mothballs; identical twin doctors create confusion in the E.R.

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Sat Sep 2 4:00pm
Size Matters(Season 10, Episode 3) DLIF

A woman could lose a finger after trying on an engagement ring that doesn't fit; a bodybuilder has difficulty breathing; a doctor taking a break is almost hit by a car driven by her next patient.

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  • Premiered: April 26, 2004
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Examining practitioners of medicine under pressure in the ER. (more)

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