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Fri May 27 1:00pm
Escaping Diagnosis DLIF

A disoriented young woman in a bunny costume checks into the ER; a physician tends to a severed thumb.

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Fri May 27 6:00pm
Escaping Diagnosis DLIF

A disoriented young woman in a bunny costume checks into the ER; a physician tends to a severed thumb.

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Sat May 28 1:00pm
Headaches & Zombies(Season 8, Episode 8) TLC

A pregnant doctor is threatened by a violent patient; a mom experiences a worrisome headache during a family vacation; and a man is impaled by a fencepost.

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Sat May 28 2:00pm
My Head's Exploding(Season 7, Episode 8) TLC

Mysterious bruises appear on a patient with a severe headache; a wrestler can't stop vomiting.

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Sat May 28 3:00pm
Rattled(Season 8, Episode 6) TLC

A mother is near death after having a C-section; proper treatment is unavailable to a snake-bite victim.

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Sat May 28 4:00pm
Crowbar in Head(Season 7, Episode 6) TLC

A man's head is impaled by a crowbar; doctors discover a strange cause behind a woman's cough; and a bride who needs treatment refuses to remove her wedding dress.

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Sat May 28 5:00pm
Untold Stories of the E.R.: Creepy Crawlies TLC

A woman is bitten in the face by a dog; an intoxicated woman unexpectedly goes into cardiac arrest.

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Sun May 29 6:00am
No Time to Think(Season 2, Episode 1) DLIF

A snakebite victim is brought in, and the doctor must identify the snake involved to administer the correct anti-venom.

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Sun May 29 7:00am
Red Blanket(Season 2, Episode 2) DLIF

A patient complains of losing consciousness. While being examined by an ER physician he drinks a glass of cold water and passes out, then goes into cardiac arrest.

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Sun May 29 8:00am
A Scary Feeling(Season 2, Episode 3) DLIF

A 20-year-old amputates his hand in a saw accident at work, and surgeons attempt to reattach it.

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Sun May 29 9:00am
A Day from Hell(Season 2, Episode 4) DLIF

A chronically ill 6-year-old boy is brought to the ER. The doctor thinks the boy's being poisoned by his mother.

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Sun May 29 10:00am
Beyond Recognition(Season 10, Episode 7) DLIF

A woman's temperature rises mysteriously after a day at the beach; a man's face and body grow in size; a grouchy old man shares a secret that could save his life.

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Sun May 29 11:00am
Shocking!(Season 10, Episode 4) DLIF

A pianist's finger is missing until his wife comes to the hospital with their dog; a man's pacemaker may be doing more harm than good; a nurse's fiancé is behaving strangely and requires immediate care.

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Sun May 29 12:00pm
Perfect Storm(Season 10, Episode 10) DLIF

A pregnant woman is shot but will not consent to some testing and treatment; a doctor's car is burglarized, and she suspects one of her patients is responsible; a surgery is interrupted by a storm.

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Sun May 29 1:00pm
Size Matters(Season 10, Episode 3) DLIF

A woman could lose a finger after trying on an engagement ring that doesn't fit; a bodybuilder has difficulty breathing; a doctor taking a break is almost hit by a car driven by her next patient.

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Sun May 29 2:00pm
Zombie Uprising(Season 10, Episode 2) DLIF

A doctor helps police determine which one of two men who were in an accident is the carjacker; a person dressed as a zombie for Halloween has a problem that baffles doctors; a doctor makes a mistake that actually explains a patient's condition.

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Sun May 29 3:00pm
Face Off(Season 10, Episode 6) DLIF

A woman's face-lift goes awry; a hospital chaplain's personality change flummoxes the staff; a pregnant woman needs immediate treatment, but a doctor must convince his colleagues of her diagnosis.

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Sun May 29 4:00pm
Oh, Deer!(Season 10, Episode 1) DLIF

In the Season 10 premiere, a college student's head is impaled by a trophy deer's antlers; a woman who was in a car crash suggests her baby may still be at the scene of the accident; and a nurse must treat her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

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Sun May 29 5:00pm
Medieval Mayhem(Season 10, Episode 5) DLIF

A man has a sword in his head after role-playing in a medieval battle; two people with the same dangerous symptoms arrive separately after attending a fashion show; a mysophobic patient won't allow doctors to treat him.

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Sun May 29 6:00pm
Who Shot Who?(Season 10, Episode 8) DLIF

Three gunshot victims claim that they were innocent bystanders, but the police aren't so sure; a doctor performs emergency brain surgery on his first day in the ER; a woman who's getting married soon slips into a diabetic coma.

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Sun May 29 7:00pm
I'm So Dead(Season 10, Episode 9) DLIF

A woman stops eating because she thinks she's dead; a runner injures an eye during a marathon; a technician's stroke-like symptoms baffle doctors until one of his loved ones also becomes sick.

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Tue May 31 1:00pm
When It Rains(Season 8, Episode 4) DLIF

A storm strands a patient in critical condition in the ER.

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Tue May 31 6:00pm
When It Rains(Season 8, Episode 4) DLIF

A storm strands a patient in critical condition in the ER.

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Wed Jun 1 1:00pm
I Can't Remember(Season 7, Episode 2) DLIF

A patient experiences memory loss; a living man is packed in ice.

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