Unsealed: Alien Files Episodes

2012, TV Show

Unsealed: Alien Files Season 2 episodes

Antigravity Season 2, Episode 32

A look at antigravity technology. read more

Signs of Abduction Season 2, Episode 31

Reports of alien abduction are investigated. read more

The Next Wave Season 2, Episode 30

UFO waves are examined. read more

Alien Skies Season 2, Episode 29

Alleged alien activity in Earth's stratosphere is examined. read more

Top 10 Military Encounters Season 2, Episode 28

The Top 10 confrontations between military forces and UFOs are highlighted. read more

Alien Apocalypse Season 2, Episode 27

Doomsday scenarios concerning alien life are explored. read more

Atmospheric Anomalies Season 2, Episode 26

Possible links between atmospheric light shows and extraterrestrial life are explored. read more

Astronaut Encounters Season 2, Episode 25

Alleged encounters between NASA astronauts and aliens are examined. read more

Alien Origins Season 2, Episode 24

UFOs are examined. read more

Human Harvest Season 2, Episode 23

Alien abductions are examined. read more

Astronaut Encounters Season 2, Episode 22

Alleged encounters between astronauts and UFOs are detailed. read more

Controlled Panic Season 2, Episode 21

Examining whether the government has covered up proof of extraterrestrial life. read more

UFOs Down Under Season 2, Episode 20

Potential relationships between Aborigines and aliens are explored. read more

Alien Spaceships Season 2, Episode 19

UFO sightings are investigated. read more

The Sun Season 2, Episode 18

Possible alien threats to the sun are examined. read more

Earth: The New Mars? Season 2, Episode 17

Examining data from NASA's Mars Curiosity rover, as well as exploring the possibility that sentient life started on the Red Planet and came to Earth. read more

UFO Crash Retrieval Season 2, Episode 16

Alleged UFO crashes throughout history are investigated. read more

The Watchmen Season 2, Episode 15

A look at the work of UFO intelligence analysts. read more

Earth Federation Season 2, Episode 14

Examining how international enemies may need to work together to stave off an alien attack. read more

The World Grid Season 2, Episode 13

The question of whether aliens designed the world's pyramids is addressed. read more

Blackouts! Season 2, Episode 12

Examining whether blackouts in the U.S. could be a side effect of alien technology. read more

Alien Earth Season 2, Episode 11

Possible links between natural phenomena and alien activity are examined. read more

Alien Messages Season 2, Episode 10

Reported messages from extraterrestrial beings are investigated. read more

Bedroom Invaders Season 2, Episode 9

Reports of aliens infiltrating bedrooms are examined. read more

Alien Plunder Season 2, Episode 8

A suspected alien plot to steal Earth's natural resources is investigated. read more

Aliens and Civilization Season 2, Episode 7

Ancient structures that may be linked to extraterrestrials are examined. read more

Fatal Encounters Season 2, Episode 6

People who claim to have been abducted by aliens are interviewed. read more

Soviet UFOs Season 2, Episode 5

Examining UFO sightings in the Soviet Union. read more

The Laredo Incident Season 2, Episode 4

Investigating a possible UFO crash in Laredo, Texas, that occurred in 1948. read more

Unidentified Submerged Objects Season 2, Episode 3

Examining whether aliens lurk in the ocean. read more

The Kecksburg Incident Season 2, Episode 2

Examining a mysterious fiery crash that occurred in rural Pennsylvania in 1965. read more

Majestic 12 Season 2, Episode 1

The second season opens with a look at Majestic 12, an alleged secret organization dedicated to investigating UFOs. read more

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Premise: Stories of alleged alien encounters are examined in this series.

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