A producer works to manipulate relationships on a dating show in order to film outrageous footage.

Season 2 Sneak Peek
00:30 — Catch a free sneak peek of UnReal Season 2!
UnREAL Season 2
The critically acclaimed drama UnREAL returns and continues to push the limits, offering a fictitious behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chaos surroun (more…)
CrescentSpeak Recap: Season 2, Episode 8
Crescent Muhammad talks through the latest curve balls for Rachel, Quinn, and Coleman in her recap of the eighth episode of UnREAL Season 2, "Fugitive (more…)
CrescentSpeak Recap: Season 2, Episode 7
Crescent Muhammed expresses her frustration with Rachel's life choices in her recap of the seventh episode of UnREAL Season 2, "Ambush."
The Best TV of 2016... So Far
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CrescentSpeak Recap: Season 2, Episode 5
CrescentSpeak blogger Crescent Muhammad laments the elimination of her favorite "Everlasting" contestant in her recap of the fifth episode of UnREAL S (more…)
Chet Rallies Quinn
Chet tries to rally Quinn to fight with Rachel and Coleman for control of the show in this collection of scenes from Season 2 Episode 4, "Treason."
CrescentSpeak Recap: Season 2, Episode 2
Find out what CrescentSpeak blogger Crescent Muhammad thought of the second episode of UnREAL Season 2, "Insurgent."
The Faith Diaries: Week Five
Amy has news to share, and it brings her and Faith closer than ever.
The Faith Diaries: Week Eight
Faith's efforts to woo Amy take an interesting turn.
The Faith Diaries: Week Four
Faith's fake relationship with Sterling Cole prompts a big conversation with Amy.
The Faith Diaries: Week One
After "Everlasting," a surprising new opportunity brings Faith and Amy to Los Angeles.
The Faith Diaries: Week Two
Faith and Amy find a new place to stay, and Faith finds a new extracurricular activity.
Rachel Coaches Madison
Rachel coaches Madison through a contestant interview with surprising results in this collection of scenes from Season 2 Episode 1, "War."
Grace Freaks Out
Grace's claustrophobia is triggered during her date with Adam in this scene from "Two."
Anna's Tantric Flirtation
The cameras stop rolling but Anna and Adam's steamy flirtation doesn't in this scene from "Two."
The Girls Take the Bait
Everything goes according to plan when the girls find in this scene from "Wife."
Madison Asserts Herself
Madison attempts to stand up to Quinn about the lawsuit in this scene from "Future."
Rachel Meets the Duchess
Duchess Cromwell makes quite an entrance in this scene from "Future."
Quinn Needs Rachel to Follow Through
"I need an episode." Quinn reminds Rachel what she promised to deliver by returning to work in this scene from "Mother."
Setting the Bounty for a Bad Girl
Rachel's game to make Quinn's choice for an "Everlasting" Bad Girl work - if the price is right - in this scene from "Relapse."
Bringing In the Ex-Husband
Quinn and Rachel scheme to bring Mary's abusive ex-husband to the show in this scene from "Fly."
Quinn is Done with Chet
Quinn makes it clear to Chet that she's uninterested in his empty promises and emptier threats in this scene from "Wife."
Adam and Rachel Have Something Real
Adam says his connection with Rachel is obvious in this scene from "Princess."
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