Uncle Croc's Block 1975 | TV Show Watchlist


A spoof of kids shows featuring a cranky host (Charles Nelson Reilly in a crocodile suit) who interacted with other characters and introduced cartoons, including `M-U-S-H' (a twist on `M*A*S*H' that starred dogs with names such as Major Sideburns and Coldlips), `Wacky and Packy' (about a prehistoric man and his pet pachyderm) and `Fraidy Cat' (a feline with only one of its nine lives left).


Alfie Wise Mr. Rabbit Ears
Ken Mars Gen. Upheaval/Col. Flake/Coldlips/Maj. Sideburns/Lupey
Alan Oppenheimer Fraidy Cat/Tinker/Mouse
Lennie Weinrib Tonka/Wizard/Capt. Kitt/Sir Walter Cat/Winston