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VIDEO: Unan1mous Season 1

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Unan1mous Season 1
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Aired: 5/10/2006

In this dramatic series, a group of nine, extremely different types of people are locked up in living quarters cut off from the real world, where they will remain until they can decide unanimously who among them is worthy of collecting a gigantic cash prize. But…there's a catch. The longer it takes for them to make that decision, the less money there will be to win. And, if they take too long to decide, they will be left with nothing. watch

VIDEO: 108

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Length: 02:45:06
Aired: 5/10/2006

A group of nine strangers is locked in a bunker until they all decide who deserves the 1.5-million-dollar cash prize. But there’s a catch: the longer it takes them to make a unanimous decision, the less money they will win. If they take too long, they could be left with nothing and the clock is ticking… watch

VIDEO: Episode 7

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Episode 7
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 5/3/2006

An outcast re-enters the game; a player confesses a secret, deepening the divide between the others; the cash prize continues to dwindle as players? arguments reach a new low. watch

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Unanimous Champ Spills Show's Secrets

While she didn't reap the initially available $1.5 million, Tarah Smith was happy to emerge from Unanimous' bunker nearly $400,000 richer. Not a bad payday for a struggling handbag designer trying to keep her company afloat. What exactly was it like living in a sterile underground lair with eight other people, all of whom were tasked to pick one person to give the cash prize to? TVGuide.com spoke with Tarah about this wild experience. TVGuide.com: Has the fact that you've won sunk in yet? Tarah Smith: We got done filming like two months ago, so it has had some time to sink in. But now I am reliving it again, which is awesome because now I can talk about it with my friends and family. I'm re-experiencing the excitement. TVGuide.com: I'm not good with the math and the money-ticking-dow read more

Hey Matt, why is Unanimous ...

Question: Hey Matt, why is Unanimous different from any other reality show? The people on the show had no idea why they were going to be there. If you were given the chance to win $1.5 million, what would you do? Survivor is a show about backstabbing for dollars. Big Brother, same thing. What about The Real World? At least on Unanimous they are going for money. Deal or No Deal? Great show. However, way to promote total gamblers. The best is, they do it with their children sitting right there! You just jumped on the Unanimous hate bandwagon. Instead of watching the first 10 minutes, you should have kept watching. I gave it a chance and it got really entertaining. Answer: You're really asking me to defend my contempt for this utter piece of trash? (If it doesn't end up as the No. 1 worst show on Television Week's semiannual Critics Poll, I will be flabbergasted.) Look, anyone is entitled to a guilty pleasure, but Unanimous takes what was heretofore my least favorite reality concept, the ... read more

What is supposed to be the ...

Question: What is supposed to be the point of reality TV? I mean, you have people competing in cooking, skating, decorating, dancing, dating. To me, it is all about bringing out the worst traits in people. Like Unanimous, which I only managed to watch 10 minutes of before turning it off. Where does it end? When they run out of things for people to compete in? Will reality TV ever go away? Answer: Unanimous really is the lowest of the low. There's no excuse or justification for that one. But for many others, whether exotic adventures like Survivor and Amazing Race, or competitions like America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, The Apprentice and, of course, the blockbuster American Idol, what we're really talking about here is a modern twist (with heightened soap-opera elements) on the old-fashioned game show. Some of these are to my taste, many aren't. (I have no use for the "celeb-reality" genre, for instance, and they don't pay me enough to sit through Real read more

Unanimous This show started off...

UnanimousThis show started off like a bad joke. Nine stereotypes walk into a bunker... and the religious stereotype says to the gay stereotype... well, you get the idea. Didn't The Real World cover all that religion-versus-gay stuff like 15 years ago? Been there, done that, and with much better-looking people. After watching the pilot, the only player I want to see with the $1.5 million is Steve, the trucker — everyone else came across as either vile or bland. Then again, Steve's "big!hidden!secret!" is probably that he kicks puppies as a hobby. So Kelly the minister said money was the root of all evil, but then goes on a reality show that gives away a huge cash prize and once claimed bankruptcy while hiding a six-figure nest egg in the bank. What, does she think God doesn't watch bad reality show read more

(Warning: Do not read if you haven't...

(Warning: Do not read if you haven't watched the Shield finale and intend to do so.)

Easily the most shattering episode of this TV week came from a show that has delivered the goods for the last 11 hours of what has been arguably The Shield's best season yet.

I'm talking about the cliff-hanger finale of The Shield's split season (10 more episodes are scheduled to air early next year), which really seems to me more like a season finale. The producers have yet to declare the back half of this fifth season The Shield's series finale, but given the enormity of what transpired in this latest episode, my gut tells me that the best creative decision would be for them to wrap the show in these next 10 episodes and go out on a dramatic high.

The dramatic stakes have rarely been more intense as poor Lem (the excellent Kenneth Johnson read more

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Season 1, Episode 6
With only three players left, a slip of the tongue may cost Jonathan his shot at the money;...
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Season 1, Episode 5
Money continues to slip away as players worry more about who will be cast out than who will...
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Premiered: March 22, 2006, on FOX
Rating: TV-MA
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Premise: A reality war of attrition between nine strategically dissimilar contestants who are sequestered in a bunker and aren't allowed to leave until they all agree on who from their group should win a $1.5 million prize. The amount of prize money diminishes the longer they take to choose a victor. From the producers of `The Biggest Loser' and `Beauty and the Geek.'


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