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Ugly Betty Season 2 episodes

Jump Season 2, Episode 18

In the second-season finale, Betty weighs the pros and cons of a sudden romantic dilemma. Meanwhile, Mode faces supermodel Naomi Campbell and the staff of Elle magazine in a charity softball game, Hilda hears surprising information about Coach Diaz, and a young French boy makes a claim that shocks the Meade empire. Kimberly: Lindsay Lohan. read more

The Kids Are Alright Season 2, Episode 17

Hey all! Gina here, and I'll be covering for Mickey. There was so much drama in tonight's episode that I don't even know where to begin! So with that said, let's break it down…Distractions GaloreBetty is on cloud nine when Claire assigns her an article about "the youth perspective" for Hotflash magazine. And now that her heart has been broken for two weeks since Henry left, the first person she tells the good news to is Gio. Convinced that Betty really likes him more as a friend, he plants one her, right while she's mid-sentence. Betty may have slapped him across the face, but it was obvious that she was really feeling it. Now back at work and ready to start her story, Betty gets and instant message from someone who took a picture of their smooch and the next thing she knows, the whole office is seeing it with the caption "Betty Whorez is out of control!" So much for focusing on her article assignment.The Suarez Sisters' SuitorsMeanwhile, Hilda was on a mission to land a date w... read more

"Betty's Baby Bump" Season 2, Episode 16

Hey guys, Mickey O'Connor here again. As usual, everyone in the world of Ugly Betty is scheming and scamming this week -- to varying degrees of success. Let's tally the scores:Scheming the coachHottest Gym Teacher Ever Coach Diaz (guest star Eddie Cibrian) is going to fail poor Justin, sending mama bear Hilda into action. And how! After a snappy exchange with Coach Diaz, which was equal parts sass and eye rape, Hilda decides to use her substantial feminine wiles -- and her shears –- to bend the poor coach to her whims, which may or may not only include a passing grade for Justin.She achieved a certain measure of success: Justin will get to choreograph the cheerleading squad instead of gym class! I like the chemistry between these actors, and I look forward to their inevitable courtship. Ana Ortiz did some fine acting during her "mourning Santos" phase; it's time for the girl to have a little fun.Advantage: Tie (Nobody's a loser in this pairing.)Scamming the ladiesSo Daniel is d... read more

"Burning Questions" Season 2, Episode 15

Hey guys, Mickey O'Connor here filling in for Adam tonight. I'm an avid watcher of Ugly Betty, but my love for the show is a tough love, so I apologize in advance if I seem too negative or if things aren't up to the quality you expect around here. In the meantime, worship me, bitches! We've got a lot to cover…I'm sure it's tough juggling an ensemble cast of gifted comedians such that Ugly Betty boasts, and tonight's episode demonstrated the difficult choices the producers and writers must have to make every week. I love this show, but unfortunately, for me, they seem to have made some strange choices tonight. Some tired stories got the spotlight while more intriguing ones enjoyed little screen time. Let's survey the damage:Henry vs. Gio: I am a fan of Freddy Rodriguez as an actor, and loved Rico, the very real character he portrayed on Six Feet Under, but boy, is he misused on Ugly Betty. Here's the problem: I really like Betty and Henry together, and while Gio is a perfectly i... read more

Twenty-Four Candles Season 2, Episode 14

Hey old friends (and hopefully some new ones!) It's been a long time. I've missed you! Well, not you really but I have definitely been missing my Betty. I recently even checked out the Ugly Betty celebrity playlists on Itunes and cracked up at some of the song selections the cast had made. But it wasn't until the "Previously on Ugly Betty..." came on this week that I fully realized how much I actually missed the show. Damn strike! But on a positive note, I read somewhere that America Ferrera and the writers spent their post-strike hiatus coming up with ways to bring the show back its original charm that some felt had been lost at the start of season 2. Let's see if it worked.The episode started out with Betty in wonderland. Betty's birthday has arrived and her boy Henry waited for her in a horse-drawn carriage. They kissed passionately as they watched fireworks. Time to wake up! Betty started out the day with the usual Suarez family breakfast before heading off to the Poconos with H... read more

A Thousand Words By Friday Season 2, Episode 13

Happy Thursday everyone! It looks like this is going to be the last happy Thursday for a while. We had a good run though didn’t we? In this last Betty outing, we got a great guest star (Gabrielle Union) who totally brought it (sorry, I had to do it!) and a nice cameo by Gene Simmons. On top of it all though, we got two of the best moments I’ve ever seen on this show but we’ll get to those later. As things got started we were treated to another classic Suarez family moment with Hilda testing out her beautician skills on Betty while Justin provided some brutally honest feedback. Betty was preparing for a night out on the town to see the band Henry manages at a little place called The Beer Hole…not to be confused with The Bear Hole, which is an entirely different type of establishment. The night got interesting when Daniel entered the scene and was immediately hit on by Renee (Gabrielle Union.) Daniel was about to close the deal with Renee when a text came in lettin... read more

Odor in the Court Season 2, Episode 12

It's Thursday night and with 30 Rock, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy all either not on or not new, I've got just one single hour of prime time television to take my mind off of what became a pretty cold and dreary night here in NYC. Of course, I'm referring to a brand-spankin' new episode of Ugly Betty. And what's more is that this week's episode marked the return of everyones favorite homicidal matriarch, Claire Meade. Let the good times roll!As the episode opened, Betty was passed out on the floor of Gio's Sandwich Shop after apparently tossing a bar stool through the store window. Betty awoke in handcuffs having no recollection of how she wound up there. Rewind to three days earlier as the Meade family prepared for the start of Claire's trial. As Daniel and Alexis contemplated how they could help their mother earn sympathy from the jury, Betty was sent off to gather some of Claire's belongings including some perfume she had once received from Bradford. Meanwhile, Christina met wi... read more

Zero Worship Season 2, Episode 11

Welcome back all you UB fans out there! It looks like we've got a few more glorious weeks to enjoy with our homely heroine before the writer's strike takes hold. Lets try and make the best of the short time we have with her. First off, I should explain that though I'm a first time blogger for this show, I've been a fan since day one and I've been known to comment on here every so often. I think I've got what it takes to keep this blog going though I hope nobody holds it against me that I'm rooting for Betty and Gio over Betty and Henry. Anyway, here goes.In Betty's first outing of the new year, fashion week was underway once again at Mode which means two things: Loads of stress for the Mode employees and plenty of guest stars for us viewers at home. Remember Katherine McPhee's cameo from last year? While Betty was helping Daniel prepare for the Mode fashion show, she also played the cool aunt for Justin and his classmates by guiding them on a tour of the office. As she led the kiddi... read more

'Bananas for Betty' Season 2, Episode 10

So… Betty and Henry are still in love. I thought for a moment they were doomed — or at least set for another rough patch. She and Henry were trying so desperately to make the most of the 17+ weeks they now have left to be together. But Gio's still in her world, and the more time she spends around either of them…. She likes what she sees in Henry but… there's something about Gio that is equal parts irritating and appealing. I understand. I mean, on the one hand, so what if Henry can't fix a sink? Does Gio know about New German Cinema? And man, that is one ripped accountant. He can dance when he wants to, and according to Gio, he has the moves of a jungle cat. I knew he had that passionate, spontaneous side to him (remember the medieval restaurant?). But Gio is more spontaneous; he lightens Betty up. And though Gio took Betty's sister to the club, even a drunk Hilda read his signals correctly, when he cast that longing look toward Betty as she and Henry left the da... read more

'Giving Up the Ghost' Season 2, Episode 9

Everyone imploring last week for more of Judith Light has one more thing to be thankful for today! Perhaps the best part of the episode was thanks to her presence at Bradford's funeral. When Wilhelmina appeared (with Marc close behind, stirring up PR), Claire Meade — despite her shackles — swiftly tripped her, causing her to fly six feet deep into the fresh empty grave. Then she promptly held a board members meeting (with Daniel and Alexis) calling a "motion to terminate" Wilhelmina as the creative director of Mode immediately. "Rest in peace, bitch." Nice.But you just can't keep that woman down. With some Mission Impossible III-type gadgetry, WilhelMommy derailed the latest Mode issue, due to the printer in 12 hours. Then she poached most of the staff to her "Slater" magazine, luring them via 15% raises, dental coverage and/or cosmetic surgery. The saddest result of this latest scheme was watching Amanda and Marc separate. I'm pleased that Amanda decided to remain at Mode... read more

"I See Me, I.C.U." Season 2, Episode 8

Daniel and Claire were able to see a sensitive, loving father and husband tonight in Bradford Meade. Even though Daniel couldn't say those three big words, his father — in a flash of insight into the son who cares so deeply about family — perceived that that was what he was thinking. Too bad Daniel didn't hear him say that he loved him. And I'm so glad Claire and Bradford had a quiet tender moment to reflect on their 35-year marriage and love. But these poignant moments made his passing all the more jarring, as evidenced by Claire silently being transported to Rikers and Daniel, Alex (and Betty) staring off blankly in his former hospital room.At least Bradford discovered Willie's affair before agreeing to the bedside matrimony — although I'd have been tempted to be married by the online-ordained (Rev.?) St. James, with marital melody emanating from his cell phone. And thankfully we didn't have to wait very long for Daniel to discover the reason of Betty's "betrayal." ... read more

A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding Season 2, Episode 7

As her wedding approaches, Wilhelmina worries about being overshadowed by her maid of honor, Victoria Beckham. Meanwhile, Ignacio prepares to become a U.S. citizen, but his joy is tempered by Betty's decision to move out of the house---and in with Henry. read more

Something Wicked This Way Comes Season 2, Episode 6

Betty and Henry's secret rendezvous at the musical "Wicked" runs into interference from Daniel, who's busy trying to land an advertiser (Marlo Thomas) with an eye for younger men. read more

A League of Their Own Season 2, Episode 5

Henry is upset by Betty's foray into online dating, which results in a rendezvous at a bowling alley; Daniel and Alexis prepare for dinner with Wilhelmina; Hilda is oblivious to Justin's new friends; Marc is smitten with a photographer. read more

Grin and Bear It Season 2, Episode 4

Alexis' return to work is complicated by some unladylike behavior; Daniel is troubled by demands from a major advertiser (James Van Der Beek); Betty enrolls in a writing class; Amanda begins the search for her father. read more

Betty's Wait Problem Season 2, Episode 3

A new sandwich vendor (Freddy Rodriguez) at the office triggers ambivalence in Betty. Meanwhile, the Mode staffers are all atwitter over the Meade's annual Black and White Ball, where Wilhelmina hopes to put her wedding plans back on track, and Amanda gets ready to announce her famous bloodlines. read more

Family/Affair Season 2, Episode 2

Henry comes back to his old job at Mode, but Betty is distracted by the dilemma presented by a tempting offer from Wilhelmina and her loyalty to Daniel. Meanwhile, Bradford uses Alexis' amnesia to his advantage, Marc gets the most out of Justin's internship and Hilda takes one last trip down memory lane. read more

How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Season 2, Episode 1

Betty tries to forget about Henry; Amanda distracts herself from the discovery that Fey Sommers is her real mother; and Wilhelmina continues her quest to take over Mode. read more

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