UFOs Declassified

  • 2015
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Investigating alleged UFO sightings around the world.

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Is This UFO Photo Real? An Expert Weighs In.
02:35 — A photographic negative of what's believed to be UFO activity during the Battle of Los Angeles is sent for forensic analysis. But the expert's verdict (more…)
What Do These Trees Have to Reveal About UFOs?
04:47 — Tree samples at an alleged UFO crash site outside Pittsburgh reveal a dramatic decrease in growth around 1965--the same year many locals reported a my (more…)
Declassified: The Air Force's Secret UFO Files
03:46 — After WWII, thousands of UFO sightings were reported to the U.S. Air Force, who investigated these cases very seriously. We take a look at one mysteri (more…)
What Exactly Was This Pilot Targeting?
02:10 — In 1957, a Royal Air Force base in England picks up an unusually large target on radar. Two pilots scramble into the night sky to intercept and, if ne (more…)
A Pilot Risks His Career to Report a UFO
03:36 — For a pilot, filing a UFO report can potentially hurt one's career. That didn't stop the captain of Aurigny Flight 544 from reporting what he saw en r (more…)
What Radar Jamming Has to Do with UFOs
02:27 — An unidentified target with erratic speed and maneuverability appears on an F-16 pilot's radar. When the flight data is given to a radio signal proces (more…)
Did the Cold War Fuel Our UFO Paranoia?
04:32 — Could the uptick in UFO sightings after WWII be connected to our military's anxiety about the Cold War? Several experts think it may have fueled wides (more…)
UFO or Experimental Military Aircraft?
02:15 — Mike Larson, a security officer at Edwards Air Force Base with 10,000 flight hours to his name, spots a brightly lit object in the sky. He's convinced (more…)
Alien Life Should Be Rooted in Science, Not Stories
02:21 — Seth Shostak, senior astronomer and director at the Center for SETI Research, shares why it's important to approach the search for alien life from a s (more…)
The Celestial Bodies to Blame for Many UFO Sightings
04:12 — Could the bright object spotted by America West Flight 564 in 1995 have been an unusually bright star? One astrophysicist thinks it's a pretty common (more…)
A Secret Report Reveals the Bakersfield Crash Truth
02:46 — In 1986, something crashed into the desert outside Bakersfield, CA. The government quickly imposed a lockdown on the area--arousing the suspicion of U (more…)

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  • Premiered: January 9, 2015
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  • Premise: Investigating alleged UFO sightings around the world. (more)

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