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2009, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Meet the Recession

Nov 10, 2010 Season 4 Episode 46 watch on (Paid)

Edna and Cora help Thelma deal with losing her job and home. Brown and the Colonel take part in a pyramid scheme.

Meet the Future

Feb 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 10

Cora and Russell have gone on several more dates. Cora is very smitten with him. London, Daisy and Edna spy on Cora and Russell whenever he comes over. Brown becomes afraid that Cora will fall in love with Russell, move away, leaving him all alone. Brown interrogates Russell, and Russell is scared away. Will and Sasha are caught off guard when Carmen Martinez comes and announces that a former foster family of Brianna and Joaquin’s has decided to adopt them. Sasha and Will had grown very close to the kids and are shocked. At first, the kids are excited about moving to a fancy new house and having their own rooms, etc. but they realize how close they’ve grown to Brown, Cora, Will, Sasha and all the residents, and don’t want to leave. However, it’s too late. Carmen takes them off to their new family. As the episode ends, Will tells Sasha that they’re going to try to get them back.
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Meet the Truth

Feb 04, 2009 Season 1 Episode 9

Brianna has been acting out a lot at school and is suspended for threatening some kids who were bullying Joaquin. Sasha, Will, and Carmen try to find out what is bothering her. Will and Carmen aren’t successful, but Sasha finally uncovers Brianna’s secret…Brianna reveals to Sasha that she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. Two geeky frat boys from the house next door (they couldn’t get into a real frat) steal Pop Brown’s portrait from Brown’s house as a prank. Their faculty advisor, Russell Merriweather, makes the boys work for Brown to make up for their prank. Everyone in the house puts the poor boys to work. Russell asks Cora out on a date. Edna and London convince Cora to dress too sexily, and the date backfires. Russell liked the real, down-to-earth Cora. They agree to try again.
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Meet the Faithless and the Faithful

Jan 28, 2009 Season 1 Episode 8

Brown enters a Gospel Choir contest. He’s lost the contest six years in a row to the flamboyant Deacon C. Cecil Cleveland of the Greater Mount Mariah Missionary Built on a Rock Baptist Church. This year, Brown thinks he has a secret weapon, the legendary Mother Martha Lane. But the 93 year-old Mother Lane “goes home” before the competition. Yes, that “home”. Cora’s childhood friend, Tina, comes to visit. A pastor’s wife, Tina is frustrated with her marriage and – much to Cora’s distress – decides to explore her wild side while visiting. Cora tries to rein her in and help Tina save her marriage.
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Meet the Dangerous and the Deadline

Jan 28, 2009 Season 1 Episode 7

Sasha’s past comes back to haunt her when an old abusive boyfriend, Teddy, is released from prison and comes to see her. When she rejects him, he abducts her. But Teddy underestimates Cora. Cora is Madea’s daughter, after all. London loses Brown’s winning raffle ticket for a Couple’s Cruise to the Bahamas and he only has until midnight to find it. Brown enlists everyone to help him find the ticket. Each resident woos Brown in hopes to be chosen to go on the cruise with him.
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Meet the Babies

Jan 21, 2009 Season 1 Episode 6

Brianna’s very pregnant teenage friend, Tamika, comes to the house needing a place to stay. Brown ends up having to deliver the baby himself. Miss Daisy is missing and everyone spends all day looking for her. It turns out she was making a hip-hop video.
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Meet My Maker

Jan 21, 2009 Season 1 Episode 5

After learning that her childhood friend has died broke and alone, Ms. Edna becomes very depressed and says she’s lost the will to live. Cora is shocked and gets the residents to do a “This is Your Life” night to show Edna just how appreciated and cherished she is. Brown mistakenly thinks Jesús is gay after overhearing that Will found him “in the closet” (Jesús was in the closet because it was the only quiet place he could find to study for school).
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Meet My Family

Jan 14, 2009 Season 1 Episode 4

The Colonel’s daughter, Karen, comes to see him. The Colonel isn’t too happy about this. But this gives Brown the idea to plan a Friends and Family day so all of the residents can have visitors. The Colonel is upset with Karen because she put him in a retirement home. She explains, her reason for doing so was because he seemed to become depressed and withdrawn from the world since the death of her mother. The Colonel finally comes around and they make up. Tension mounts between Will and Sasha as she expresses her desire to start a family. Will is not interested in planning a family any time soon. After not being able to locate Miss Daisy or Ms. Edna’s family, Brown decides to have the boys from the Fraternity house come over to keep the residents occupied and entertained, with a Step show.
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Meet the Dependents and the Divas

Jan 14, 2009 Season 1 Episode 3

Carmen asks Sasha and Will to be foster parents, and we meet Brianna (15) and Joaquin (8). Will and Sasha hesitate because they are so busy with their work, but Cora offers to help by letting the kids stay at Brown’s house as long as they need to. We see the first signs that Brianna is very troubled. Precocious Joaquin fits right in at the house. London and Miss Daisy have a Battle of the Divas.
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Meet London and the Competition

Jan 07, 2009 Season 1 Episode 2

Brown has been arrested at the airport for saying “bomb” and goes to jail. While he’s in jail, Sasha and Cora interview people for the handyman position. When Will comes home with Brown, he talks about his experience in jail. Another handyman, Jesus, comes by to interview, fixes things around the house and gets the job. While in jail, Brown tells everyone he met someone named London Sheraton, a celebrity heiress who was in jail for a DUI conviction. Brown tells her that she can stay at the house with them and serve her community service there. When she arrives at the house, she acts like a complete diva.
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Meet Brown Meadows

Jan 07, 2009 Season 1 Episode 1

Brown gets way more than he bargained for as he tries to follow Pop Brown’s dying wish that he “take care of the old”, by opening a retirement home for seniors. Husband & wife Will (a doctor) and Sasha (a nurse), try to help Brown, but Brown is overwhelmed when the residents of a nearby seniors home are brought to the house after a fire. Robin Robinson, the owner of the home, angrily takes back her residents, but leaves Brown with the two most troublesome: Colonel Cleophus Jackson and Miss Edna (who is still very in touch with her sexuality, like “Blanche” in Golden Girls). Miss Daisy (an aging B-movie actress who lives in the past) also arrives, having been dropped off by mistake.
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