Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

  • 2009
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  • TV-PG

A man operates a retirement home in this sitcom spun off from 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne.' Created and executive produced by Perry, the show is also based on characters from the play and film 'Meet the Browns.'

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Tue May 22 8:00am
Meet the Lovers(Season 3, Episode 11) BET

Troy (Richard F. Whiten) makes romantic overtures toward Sasha. Worse, he then threatens to fire Will if she tells anyone about it. Elsewhere, Brown lands a second job as a school security guard and investigates a fake hall-pass operation.

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Tue May 22 8:32am
Meet the Tension(Season 3, Episode 12) BET

Edna breaks off her engagement to the Colonel and returns to the house. In the meantime, a reinstated Will plans a celebration dinner and invites Troy (Richard F. Whiten), upsetting Sasha.

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Tue May 22 1:57pm
Meet the Liar(Season 3, Episode 13) BET

Tanya (Tasha Smith) seeks Cora's help; Brown has a quarantine quandary when he gets stuck in detainment at the hospital with Derek and Renee.

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Tue May 22 2:28pm
Meet the Adoption(Season 3, Episode 14) BET

Tanya (Tasha Smith) wins custody of Brianna and Joaquin---but she may be in over her head. And Brown must face the music when he breaks Edna's record player.

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Tue May 22 2:58pm
Meet the Consequences(Season 3, Episode 15) BET

A delicate secret threatens to shatter Will and Sasha's marriage. Elsewhere, Joaquin resorts to blackmailing Brianna after he discovers she's been secretly leaving the house.

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Tue May 22 3:29pm
Meet the Church Board(Season 3, Episode 18) BET

Will and Sasha's troubles run deeper in light of Will's reluctance to address the situation. In the meantime, Cora and Brown square off over a church-board post.

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Tue May 22 4:00pm
Meet the Test(Season 3, Episode 19) BET

As Will and Tanya team up to care for the children, Brown and Derek gear up for a defensive-driving class.

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Wed May 23 8:00am
Meet the Protest(Season 3, Episode 20) BET

Tanya makes romantic overtures toward Will. Elsewhere, Brown is enlisted to resolve a school protest.

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Wed May 23 8:32am
Meet the Bump and Grind(Season 3, Episode 21) BET

Will and Sasha suspect that Brianna is pregnant. In the meantime, Brown plans a bachelor party for the Colonel.

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Wed May 23 1:57pm
Meet the Fake ID(Season 3, Episode 22) BET

Brianna is caught red-handed with false identification. And it's a "Mr. Mom" romp when Brown and Will fall into roles as househusbands.

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Wed May 23 2:28pm
Meet the Other Man(Season 3, Episode 23) BET

Sasha's mother arrives---with another man in tow. Meanwhile, Brown goes the extra yard to help coach football, but there could be some fumbling along the way.

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Wed May 23 2:58pm
Meet the Double Date(Season 3, Episode 24) BET

Cora and Reggie try to arrange a love connection for Brown and Reggie's mother. Elsewhere, Sasha divulges intimate secrets to Renee.

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Wed May 23 3:29pm
Meet the Alter Ego(Season 3, Episode 25) BET

Brown takes a hit to the noggin, resulting in a bizarre personality shift. Meanwhile, Brianna gets caught in the Web when her bikini-clad photos appear on the Internet.

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Wed May 23 4:00pm
Meet the Anniversary(Season 3, Episode 26) BET

Will and Sasha celebrate their anniversary. Arriving for the event is Sasha's father---but he winds up having carnal adventures with Will's mother (Jenifer Lewis). And Reggie corners Cora about her friendship with Gordon. Richard Roundtree guest stars.

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Wed May 23 4:30pm
Meet My Fair Tanya(Season 3, Episode 27) BET

It's a "My Fair Lady" escapade when Sasha tries to transform Tanya (Tasha Smith) into a sophisticated woman. Elsewhere, the Colonel falls into a funk upon discovering that he's outlived every other member of his platoon.

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Thu May 24 8:00am
Meet the Stand-Up(Season 3, Episode 28) BET

Brown becomes a stand-up comic, but the joke's on the family: He exposes their guarded secrets for laughs. Elsewhere, the gang becomes aware of Joaquin's high intellect.

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Thu May 24 8:32am
Meet the Counseling Session(Season 3, Episode 29) BET

After Brown and Cora have a squabble, they attend a counseling session overseen by the Colonel. Meanwhile, Will and Sasha abstain from physical intimacy to prove their relationship is about much more than sex.

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Thu May 24 1:56pm
Meet the Mugger(Season 3, Episode 30) BET

Cora becomes paranoid and overly guarded after she's the victim of a mugging. Meanwhile, Will gets a gray hair, leading him to behave in a youthful manner.

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Thu May 24 2:27pm
Meet the Stakeout(Season 3, Episode 31) BET

Brown's home is used as a police stakeout when his neighbors are suspected of being thieves. Elsewhere, Brianna befriends Renee.

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Thu May 24 2:57pm
Meet the Cheating Liver(Season 3, Episode 32) BET

A suspicious Cora believes that Reggie is cheating on her, with Thelma and Brown then getting involved in the relationship quandary. Elsewhere, Renee is at fault when a liver in a transplant cooler goes missing.

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Thu May 24 3:28pm
Meet the Loot(Season 3, Episode 33) BET

There's not a whole lotto love when Brown and Cora lend the Colonel a buck, which he in turn uses to purchase a lottery ticket. It wins big---but everyone then clashes over how to split the winnings. Meanwhile, Sasha and Renee swap jobs, but Sasha can't ke (more…)

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Thu May 24 3:59pm
Meet the Bucket List(Season 3, Episode 34) BET

Taking a cue from the film "The Bucket List," Brown and the Colonel draw up a list of things they want to accomplish before they die. Meanwhile, Will and Sasha teach Joaquin about the birds and the bees.

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Fri May 25 8:00am
Meet the Racist(Season 3, Episode 35) BET

A senior African-American patient doesn't want Will to be his surgeon because he's black. Elsewhere, Brown discovers that Cora never went to the prom, so he decides to throw a special dance event at the house.

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Fri May 25 8:32am
Meet the Christmas Spirit(Season 3, Episode 9) BET

Conclusion. In a holiday episode, the hospital stages a Christmas show. Brown serves as the director, but he has a not-so-jolly response to the performances. LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis appear as their characters from "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

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  • Premiered: January 7, 2009
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A man operates a retirement home in this sitcom spun off from 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne.' Created and executive produced by Perry, the show is also based on characters from the play and film 'Meet the Browns.' (more)

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