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Two and a Half Men Episode: "Baseball Was Better With Steroids"

Season 6, Episode 24
Episode Synopsis: In the sixth-season finale, Mia comes back to town, and her return makes Charlie reconsider his feelings for Chelsea; and Alan, Charlie and Herb take Judith to the hospital when she goes into labor. Mia: Emmanuelle Vaugier.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2009
Guest Cast Joel Murray: Petey Ken Lerner: Dr. Levine Kelly Stables: Melissa
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Season 6, Episode 24
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Length: 21:49
Aired: 5/18/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Baseball Was Better with Steroids" Season 6, Episode 24

It was the sixth-season finale, and Charlie's ex-girlfriend, Mia, suddenly shows up, causing Charlie to re-think his relationship with Chelsea. Meanwhile, Alan, Charlie and Herb go to the hospital with Judith when her water breaks. 

Alan was trying to type up a screenplay at the coffee shop when Mia, Charlie's ex-girlfriend, spotted him. She had moved to New York with her husband, but she said that they had split up, which is why she moved back home. She had asked Alan where he was living now. He looked embarrassed, so Chelsea figured out that he still lived with Charlie. Since Charlie's fiancé had moved in, she just assumed that Alan would have moved out and found a place of his own to live. "Give Charlie my best," Mia told Alan as she headed out.

Alan, Charlie, and Jake were all watching TV. Charlie had just gotten off the phone with Chelsea. He asked her when she thought she would be home, because he was looking forward to having dinner with her. Once he was off the phone, Alan told Charlie, "You'll never guess who I ran into — Mia at the coffee shop." Once Alan said Mia's name, Charlie looked shocked because he wasn't expecting that. Alan told Charlie that Mia was single again and living in LA. Charlie asked how she looked, and Alan said, "Better than ever." Alan also told Charlie that Mia said to give Charlie her best. "That's it?" Charlie asked. He wanted to know if there was any sub-text. Alan just said that he had mentioned that Charlie was engaged and that Mia seemed happy for him. "Why would you tell her that?" Charlie asked. Alan just said he told her that because Charlie was engaged. "Don't tell me you're still carrying a torch for her," Alan said. Charlie said he had forgotten her, but Alan was the one that brought her up. Alan then said that he wasn't one to talk, because he still had feelings for Melissa, his former assistant. She's the one that caught Alan in bed with her mother. Alan suggested that Charlie acknowledge his feelings for Mia while moving forward with Chelsea.

Later that night, Charlie was watching sports on TV. When that was over, he wanted to have sex with Chelsea. She didn't want to because she was working on a report that was due the next day. Charlie wasn't very happy. He felt their relationship was getting to that dull stage. Charlie was in the bathroom when the phone rang. Chelsea picked it up. "Charlie, there's a woman named Mia on the phone!" Chelsea yelled to Charlie. You could hear Charlie stumble around in the bathroom because he was in a hurry to get to the phone. He told Chelsea he was on the phone with a friend. Basically, Mia called to congratulate him on his engagement. "Isn't that the woman you almost married in Vegas?" Chelsea asked Charlie. This caught Charlie off guard. He asked her how she knew that, and she said Alan told her. Chelsea didn't understand why Mia was calling in the middle of the night. Chelsea believed Mia was calling to see if Charlie was happy and available. "No, I'm not available, and I'm certainly not happy," Charlie said. He realized that came out wrong, and he corrected himself and said he was very happy.

The next morning, Alan and Jake were in the kitchen. Alan was trying to work on his screenplay. Jake suggested his idea for a screenplay to Alan. He said a guy would get into an accident by crashing into a vehicle carrying toxic waste and he would be part-car and part-animal. A "carnimal" he called it. Alan told Jake his idea for his screenplay. A man was at the crossroads in his life. Jake said it sounded boring and that it would be rated G.AY. Herb showed up to the house to pick up Jake. He said the baby was due any day. Judith then barged into the house and had to use the bathroom. She came out and said, "Uh-oh, my water broke!" Herb yelled, "Are you sure?" as he went over to her, then he slipped on her water and fell. Berta just yelled, "I ain't cleaning it up!"

Since Herb had hurt himself, Alan and Charlie had to go with Herb and Judith to the hospital. They were at the main desk about to admit Judith into the hospital, when Melissa came out. She said she worked there now because she had to find a new job after what happened between her and Alan. "I did not have sex with your mother!" Alan yelled. Herb thought he broke his ankle, but he insisted on being the one to wheel Judith to her room, as she was sitting in a wheelchair. He took maybe two steps and fell while Judith when flying across the room in her chair.

While Herb was getting medical attention, Alan was with Judith in her room. He told her if she could push out Jake's huge head, that this should be easy. While that was going on, Charlie was telling some guy in the waiting room about his relationship problems. He admitted that he guessed the passion of a new relationship doesn't go on forever. The man sitting next to Charlie held a cooler containing beer and his thumb, which he had cut off.

Back in Judith's room, Melissa suddenly entered the room and said, "Dr. Harper, I miss you! Can we talk?" Alan couldn't wait to talk to her so he was about to leave Judith alone, when Judith yelled for him. "You're fine, just keep breathing!" Alan said to Judith. Melissa and Alan then went to make out in a closet. Melissa told Alan that she had tried to hate and forget him, but she couldn't.

Herb was wearing an arm sling and sitting in a wheelchair when he was brought out to the waiting room. Herb was high on medication that the doctor's gave him for his pain. "I'm a carnimal!" Herb said to Charlie, referring to Jake's idea for a screenplay. Herb admitted they gave him good stuff. "You could pull out all of my teeth and I wouldn't notice," he said. Charlie had received beer from the man next to him from his cooler and he went to a vending machine to get chips. "Beer and chips... this is turning out ok!" Charlie admitted. Herb wanted to leave and go home, but he was reminded about the baby. He then took off to look for Judith.

At this point, Judith was alone, about to give birth. Charlie walked by her room and asked her if she had seen Herb because he couldn't find him. Judith just told Charlie to get out. When he was going to leave, she told him not to leave her. She needed someone to coach her with her contractions. "Way to go!" Charlie yelled while Judith was enduring her contractions. Herb was down the hall yelling, "Judith, I'm coming!" Judith was about to give birth and she was facing the door. Herb pushed open the door and then fell flat on his face. I'm not sure if he fainted due to what he saw when he opened the door, or if he was so messed up from his medication and ankle that he just fell on his face. Either way, Herb just laid there on the ground and said he broke his nose.

Later, Alan was back at the coffee shop. He was working on his screenplay. He started to type out something along the lines that stated that he looked down on the baby that might be his which he could never claim. Charlie then joined Alan with Chelsea. He was showing Chelsea the pictures of the baby. Charlie said the miracle of birth was amazing, and that if Judith wasn't there it would have been perfect. Chelsea asked him if he would be open to having kids and he said yes and he seemed like he really meant it. Chelsea then left. Almost right after she left, Mia appeared and said, "Hi Charlie." When Charlie realized who it was, he just stared at her. Alan typed "to be continued."

I really enjoyed this episode. My favorite part of the episode was the entire scene at the hospital, especially seeing Herb all messed up on medication. I really liked Mia and I'm happy they brought her back, although I like Chelsea as well. Who do you think Charlie should be with? Do you think he will get back with Mia? It definitely seems like the feelings are still there. As for Alan — I'm happy Melissa came back. They seem like they would be good together because they're both a little crazy. He had been developing some strange hobbies within the past few episodes so hopefully if he starts seeing Melissa again he will abandon those hobbies. I can't wait until next season when we hopefully find out if Alan is the father of Judith's baby, and I want to know who Charlie will end up with. What did you think of this episode?

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It was the sixth-season finale, and Charlie's ex-girlfriend, Mia, suddenly shows up, causing Charlie to re-think his relationship with Chelsea. Meanwhile, Alan, Charlie and Herb go to the hospital with Judith when her water breaks.
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