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Two and a Half Men Episode: "Good Morning Mrs. Butterworth"

Season 6, Episode 23
Episode Synopsis: Alan and Chelsea bond, and their time together gives Charlie a needed break to do the things he loves doing on his own.
Original Air Date: May 11, 2009

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Season 6, Episode 23
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Aired: 5/11/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Good Morning, Mrs. Butterworth" Season 6, Episode 23

Alan and Chelsea were becoming very close and were spending lots of time together. Charlie realized that this could work to his advantage, and he spent time doing his own thing while Alan kept Chelsea happy.

Alan was spending a lot of time working on his new hobby — becoming a ventriloquist. The name of his dummy was Danny O'Day. Charlie said it wasn't a hobby, but a cry for help. Charlie believed Alan was a ticking time bomb. "He's always lonely but never alone," Charlie said, when Chelsea suggested that Charlie invite him to come to the movies with them if he was lonely. Chelsea said that it looked as if Alan was going through a tough time, and he should be surrounded by friends and family. Charlie didn't want him to come along, but he gave in and Alan tagged along with them, and brought his dummy Danny with him.

They went to see some French movie. Charlie didn't look very entertained, while Alan and Chelsea appeared to love the movie, and they bonded over it. Charlie said he would be in the lobby — he looked like he had had enough of the movie. They realized he wasn't coming back. The next morning, Chelsea and Charlie were lying in bed together when they heard Alan at the door. "It's 7:30 — gotta get a move on!" Alan yelled to Chelsea. Chelsea told Charlie that she and Alan had made plans to go to the farmer's market the previous night while Charlie was drinking in the lobby of the movie theater. Charlie tried to defend himself by saying he didn't want to sit in the car with the scary dummy, which is why he was in the lobby. After hearing about this, Charlie went to talk to Alan. He told him they needed to talk. Charlie asked Alan why he was taking Chelsea to the farmer's market.  I think Alan said it was something that they both wanted to do. "You ruined my plans for a Saturday!" Charlie stated. Charlie told him in the future to be more sensitive to other people's needs.

While Alan and Chelsea were at the farmer's market, Charlie watched TV and drank alcohol while Alan's dummy stared at him. Jake made it sound like the dummy was talking, and Charlie looked freaked out. Jake wasn't supposed to be there that weekend, but he admitted that he had made a fat joke about his pregnant mother so she sent him to be with Alan.

Later, Alan and Chelsea were in the kitchen cooking together. Chelsea said to Alan, "I wish my tush was as small as yours!" Alan then showed her his butt exercises. "Mailbox opened, mailbox closed!" Alan would say as he showed her his exercise move. Chelsea joined in. Charlie walked in while this was going on. Chelsea explained to him that Alan was showing her his butt exercise. Charlie then went on the balcony and found Berta drinking. She was about to leave but wanted to stay since Chelsea and Alan were cooking. Berta told Charlie that the whole Alan and Chelsea bonding situation was a good set-up for him. She explained, "He digs the trench, you lay the pipe." Charlie then realized what she meant. "He's not the competition, he's the gay friend." Berta told Charlie he was right. After Charlie left, Berta said, "Jiminy, I'm drunk!"

Alan and Chelsea were drinking wine and playing scrabble. Charlie thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He told Alan to keep it up, and he would try to do the same. Alan looked confused, until Charlie brought Chelsea upstairs. Alan's dummy told him that Charlie was using him.

The next morning, Alan was making pancakes. He asked Chelsea how she slept. She said she slept well once Charlie had let her go to sleep. She revealed that he was the best lover she had ever had. The only bad thing was that he didn't know how to quit. Alan told her to use pepper spray. Charlie said to Alan, "Good morning Mrs. Butterworth." He had promised Chelsea that he would take her to the Van Gogh exhibit at the museum. Alan wanted to see it. Charlie told him that they should make it a family affair, and he suggested bringing Jake. After Chelsea left the room, Charlie admitted to Alan that he didn't really want to go. He told him here was the deal — go without him. He was going to fake getting an acute case of an intestinal illness so he could stay home and watch a basketball game. Alan wasn't happy with this. "Did you ever think that I have a life?"

Alan ended up going. While he was out with Chelsea, Berta and Charlie were talking about Alan. Charlie told Berta that when Alan first moved in he thought Alan was a curse. Berta agreed. But now with Alan's help, he really thought he could make it work with Chelsea since she was happy and they both were happy. "Alan completes me," Charlie admitted to Berta.

While Chelsea and Charlie were in bed, Alan was texting Chelsea funny text messages. "He's hilarious! I'll tell him we'll talk tomorrow," Chelsea said to Charlie as Charlie wasn't very happy about the text messages. Alan kept sending multiple texts. Chelsea tried to ignore them, but she wanted to make sure Alan was ok. As Chelsea checked her text messages, Charlie said he was thirsty and that he would be right back. He went straight to Alan's room, where Alan was in bed on his phone texting Chelsea. "You're penis is no match for my technology!" Alan yelled. Charlie then walked in. "You're text-blocking me!" Charlie said to Alan. Alan told Charlie that Charlie needed him to keep Chelsea off his back. Charlie was angry, and said that he didn't need Alan's dummy. He grabbed the dummy and threatened Alan with it, saying that it was his call. If he stopped the texts he would leave the dummy alone, if he kept at it, he was going to destroy the dummy. "Don't you dare hurt him!" Alan yelled to Charlie. "His tiny wooden head is in your hands!" Charlie yelled back. They then ended up fist-fighting on the floor over the dummy. Chelsea then came in and asked them what was going on. They then stopped fighting and just looked at each other.

Later that night, Alan was in bed with his dummy and listened to Chelsea and Charlie argue. "You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You're the older brother — you should set the example!" Alan could hear Chelsea yelling at Charlie. Alan then turned and said to the dummy, "I'm glad we never fight!" The dummy then looked at Alan and said, "You don't ever wanna make me angry!" Alan just stared in shock at the dummy.

I like how Alan keeps developing these new hobbies. I think this one is probably one of the stranger ones he has had, but it's very funny. I hope they use the dummy Danny O'Day in future episodes. Do you think Alan will stick with this hobby or try something new? My favorite part of this episode was when Alan was showing Chelsea his butt exercise. What was your favorite part?

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Alan and Chelsea were becoming very close and were spending lots of time together. Charlie realized that this could work to his advantage, and he spent time doing his own thing while Alan kept Chelsea happy.
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