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Two and a Half Men Episode: "Hello, I Am Alan Cousteau"

Season 6, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: Evelyn meets Chelsea for the first time, and Charlie tries to keep them from becoming friends.
Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2009
Guest Cast Meagen Fay: Martha
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Season 6, Episode 20
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Aired: 4/13/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Hello, I Am Alan Cousteau" Season 6, Episode 20

Chelsea and Evelyn meet for the first time, and they want to get to know each other and build a relationship. Charlie didn't like this at all, so he tries to keep them from spending time together.

Evelyn was showing a house down the street and she told Alan that she wanted to stop by and see Jake since she was in the neighborhood. She was in the kitchen with Jake and Alan when Charlie entered the room holding two coffee cups: one for himself and one for Chelsea. Evelyn noticed the two cups. "Did you have a friend spend the night?" Evelyn asked. Charlie was caught off-guard but didn't have much time to come up with an answer because Chelsea entered the kitchen. Chelsea welcomed Evelyn back to the States. Evelyn asked Charlie where she was coming back from. Charlie said she was in Italy, and he wanted Evelyn to play along, but Chelsea realized that he lied to her about his mother. Evelyn noticed Chelsea's engagement ring. Chelsea asked Charlie when he was going to tell her that they were engaged. Evelyn said it was alright and that she was used to it, but a phone call would have been nice. Evelyn then left Charlie's house. She didn't even know about Chelsea, or that Charlie was engaged to her. "Charlie, you just broke your mother's heart!" Chelsea said. Charlie, Alan and Jake all burst out laughing when they heard Chelsea say that.

Later that night, Chelsea told Charlie that she understood that he had a difficult relationship with his mother, but she wanted to get to know Evelyn better and have a good relationship with her, so she was going to take Evelyn out to lunch on Thursday. She added that she wasn't going to participate in this "childish feud" that Charlie had with his mother. Charlie wasn't happy at all about this. Chelsea said that she wasn't doing this to hurt Charlie, but that by hanging out with his mother she could find out more things about Charlie and grow closer to him. Charlie then mentioned that he had never met Chelsea's mother. Chelsea's expression on her face appeared to change when Charlie mentioned her mother. Chelsea said that her mother was in Illinois and that if he met her, he would count his blessings to have a mother like Evelyn.

The next day, Charlie stopped by Evelyn's office. Evelyn looked surprised to see Charlie. "I can't come visit my mother at work?" Charlie asked her. He wanted to apologize for not telling her about Chelsea and the engagement. Evelyn was happy to hear that. He then brought up the lunch that she and Chelsea were having. He didn't really understand why Evelyn was trying to get close to Chelsea. "What's your angle?" he asked her. She said she didn't have one. She then added that she didn't want to make the same mistake she did with Judith. She called Judith the wrong name at first and Charlie corrected her. She admitted that if she had a better relationship with Judith from the beginning that she would've had a better relationship with Jake. Charlie asked her, "Do you want a better relationship with him?" Evelyn quickly said, "Not the way he is now!" Evelyn wanted to get to the younger generation. She wanted to be a loving mother and grandmother. When Evelyn left her office, Charlie went over and drew a Hitler mustache on Evelyn's life-size cardboard cutout of herself.

Later that night, Chelsea told Charlie that the lunch she had with his mother went well. "Your mom is a terrific lady." She then said to Charlie that this problem he had with his mother was his problem and not Evelyn's. She then repeated that he would realize how lucky he was to have Evelyn as his mother if he ever met her mother.

Charlie needed Alan's help. When he got home he asked him for a favor. "Chelsea thinks mom is human. You need to set her straight!" Alan didn't know why he had to be the one to set her straight. Charlie said that she needed to hear about their mother from someone who is screwed up. He said he turned out fine and Alan was the one who didn't end up right. He wanted Alan to tell Chelsea about his phobias and fears and tell her how their mother might be to blame for his fears and phobias. "Isn't it time we forgive and forget? We should move on with our lives," Alan said to Charlie. Charlie knew something was up. He had a feeling Evelyn was trying to bribe Alan to be on her side. Charlie noticed Alan's new watch. "You sold me out for a watch!" Charlie yelled. Alan also said he received genuine porcelain veneers from an English-speaking dentist. Charlie then sought out the help of Jake. He told Jake he needed a favor. Jake said that he wasn't going to say anything bad about his grandmother. Charlie then realized that Jake sold out Charlie for a meat lover's pizza that Evelyn bought him.

Later, Chelsea and Evelyn returned to Charlie's after they were out shopping together. "How was shopping? Mom pick up any new souls?" Charlie asked Chelsea. Chelsea apologized to Evelyn for Charlie. "There is no excuse for him to speak to you like that!" While Evelyn was on her way out, Chelsea said that she would see her for yoga tomorrow and that she and Charlie would be at her house on Saturday night for dinner. Charlie was playing his piano but stopped playing when he heard this and tried to get Chelsea to think they already had plans on Saturday night, but she knew what he was up to.

When Saturday night arrived, Chelsea asked Alan if he knew where Charlie was because he was late and they had to get to Evelyn's for dinner. Alan had no clue where Charlie was. He was too busy shoving his wrist with his watch on in a pitcher of water. He didn't know what he was doing: he said it was a Saturday night and he was all alone. He seemed bored. Charlie then showed up with Chelsea's mother, who he had flown in from Illinois. Chelsea's mother hugged her and said, "Feels like you gave up on Jenny Craig, huh?!" She then went on to talk about her flight. She didn't seem too happy with her flight attendant because of his race and sexual orientation. Charlie announced that they were all going to his mother's place for dinner. He also admitted to Chelsea that he loved her mom.

After the dinner was done and Chelsea and Charlie returned home, Chelsea said that the dinner was the worst dinner of her life. Chelsea told Charlie that he made his point. She said that if he would leave her mother alone, she would leave his mother alone. Charlie said that Chelsea's mother was going to teach him how to chew tobacco and burn a cross.

I'm happy that Evelyn made an appearance in this episode. Chelsea and Evelyn were bound to meet at some point. I enjoyed the part when Evelyn said that she didn't want to make the same mistakes with Chelsea that she did with Judith and how she went on to say how much she disliked Judith. I also like how Alan seemed obsessed with his watch. This episode was good, although I think there have been some episodes this season that have been better. What did you think?

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Chelsea and Evelyn meet for the first time, and they want to get to know each other and build a relationship. Charlie didn't like this at all, so he tries to keep them from spending time together.
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