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Two and a Half Men Episode: "The Two Finger Rule"

Season 6, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Charlie blows off steam by sharing a drunken night with Alan, Herb and his neighbor (Michael Clarke Duncan) after Chelsea discovers nude photos of another woman on his cell phone.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2009
Guest Cast Michael Clarke Duncan: Jerome J.D. Walsh: Gordon
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Season 6, Episode 19
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Length: 20:55
Aired: 3/30/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "The Two Finger Rule" Season 6, Episode 19

Charlie released stress by having a drunken male-bonding night with the guys after Chelsea became angry with him when she discovered topless photos of an ex-girlfriend on his cell phone.

Alan was on the phone arguing with Melissa, who was still angry with Alan for getting high and sleeping with her mother. Alan claimed that he was so high that he didn't know who she was. "I was drugged and molested by your mother, but I'm the bad guy?" Alan didn't know why Melissa was so angry with him, he felt as if he was the victim in that situation. Charlie overheard Alan on the phone. "Who would have thought that I would be the one in a stable relationship?" Charlie said to Chelsea and Berta. At that moment, Chelsea asked Charlie who Rachel was and why was she sending him topless photos of herself. She asked him if he was sleeping with Rachel, and Charlie said no. She wanted to know why he was receiving these pictures and Charlie said, "I guess she wanted to show off her boob job?" Chelsea wasn't amused. Charlie admitted he used to go out with her but a long time before he met and fell in love with Chelsea. "Does Rachel know you're engaged?" Chelsea asked. Charlie said she didn't. Chelsea wasn't happy. She said she knew that Charlie would screw it up, and she left.

Alan and Charlie were drinking away their female problems as they sat out on the balcony. Alan admitted that drinking alcohol when he's depressed makes him feel worse. Charlie said he feels the same way but told Alan that the trick is to drink until you get past that hump. Alan then asked Charlie what happened with Chelsea. He told him about Rachel and the topless pictures. Alan asked Charlie, "Is that worth breaking an engagement?" Charlie responded by showing Alan the pictures on his cell phone. Alan really appeared to enjoy the pictures but snapped out of it and asked Charlie if he was sleeping with Rachel. Charlie said he wasn't, and Alan wanted to know why he was keeping the pictures. Alan told Charlie that by keeping those pictures he wasn't sending Chelsea a good message. Alan said that some women may consider keeping those pictures as a form of cheating. Charlie thought that Chelsea overreacted. His plan was to wait for Chelsea to come back to him. Alan then had to leave to pick up Jake from Judith's house. "Just what we need to brighten our weekend, a large, sullen teenager with gas and questionable hygiene," Charlie stated.

When Alan got to Judith's, he could overhear her and Herb yelling at each other. Herb answered the door. "Is this a bad time?" Alan asked Herb. "7 ½ months of bad," Herb replied, referring to Judith's mood swings due to her pregnancy. Jake came to the door. "Bye Jake; wish I was going with you!" Herb yelled to Jake. Judith obviously wasn't happy about that comment, because Herb came with Alan and Jake back to Charlie's house.

Herb was drinking with Alan and Charlie. "I could get used to this!" Herb said. Charlie told him not to. Berta told them that she had ordered pizza for them and she was going home. "Ordering pizza and going home, two things you want in a woman!" Charlie stated. Alan made a comment about Chelsea and it was no wonder why she wouldn't stay with Charlie. Charlie fired back at Alan by saying, "How could you get stoned enough to stick your tongue in a 60-year-old's mouth?" Herb started saying how he was enjoying this male bonding. Alan and Charlie asked him who he hangs out with. He mentioned something about a male quartet, but basically it sounded like he didn't have many people he would hang out with. Jake said he was going over to hang out with his girlfriend Celeste. What happened with that nine-year-old from his class that helped him with his homework? Herb asked Alan why he didn't tell Jake what time he should be home. Alan said he didn't have to because he knew her father, Jerome, their neighbor and the big guy who was a former NFL player. Jake told Jerome that he planned to walk on the pier with Celeste and play ski ball and would be back by 11.

Herb, Charlie, and Alan entered the house from the balcony. "Shouldn't we put out our cigars?" Herb asked Charlie. Charlie still had his cigar lit. He told Herb that it was his house and they could do whatever they want. "No whiny broad will tell you what to do," Charlie assured Herb. Alan then came out and gave them ash trays and coasters for their beer and told them to use them. Alan was the whiny broad in this case. Celeste's father Jerome was at the door. He heard they were having a guys' night and wanted to join them. He brought snicker doodles and told Charlie that he would like to have an appletini. Charlie laughed about the snicker doodles and appletini because they weren't things that you would associate with a man like Jerome. Jerome wanted to know what was so funny and Charlie said nothing. He then leaned over to Alan and said, "He can get away with it, you can't!"

Jerome was surprised that Herb and Alan could hang out together without it being weird since one divorced Judith and the other was currently married to her. They then started talking about Judith and how once the baby comes Herb wouldn't be getting much intimate time with her. Charlie asked Jerome what his daughter sees in Jake and Jerome said he really didn't know, and maybe she was punishing him. Herb asked Jerome for some advice about dealing with daughters since he was going to be the father of a baby girl in a few months. He told him to bulk up before she starts dating. They then started talking about their first non-traditional sexual experience. Charlie said he started dating a teacher when he was in sixth grade. Herb said his experience didn't happen until freshman year of college. He admitted that he was a geek in high school and was called "Big Bird." They asked him what changed in college and he said, "I stopped wearing yellow and I lowered my standards." The guys kept saying "zing" when their experience or come-backs trumped the other person's. Jerome was confused; he thought it was white guy slang. The doorbell rang and Herb thought it was hookers. Charlie said it was the pizza. Charlie invited the pizza delivery man, Gordon, in to join them after Gordon told him that his wife left him. Charlie filled him in on what they were talking about. They were discussing their nicknames given to them for their male organ. Herb's was "that thing," Gordon's was "snicker doodle," Jerome's was "Mr. Round Tree," and Charlie said his was "King Snake." He was on his way to see Chelsea as he revealed that nickname because he couldn't take the male-bonding anymore at his house.

Charlie stood in the doorway of Chelsea's place with Chelsea right in front of him as he called Rachel. He told Rachel that he was engaged and that he didn't want her to send him those pictures anymore. He said that it didn't matter who asked for them. Chelsea thanked him for doing that and seemed like she had forgiven him. Charlie wanted Chelsea to know how much she meant to him. She asked him if he had deleted the pictures. He was staring at them for a long time and said he was trying to print them in his memory. Chelsea wasn't happy that he didn't delete them, so she slammed the door in his face while Charlie was yelling, "Deleting, deleting!"

Jake returned back home to Charlie's house. The guys minus Charlie were all drunk and singing. "No wonder they're all alone!" Jake said. Charlie returned home soon after and observed the same thing as Jake. "I can't do this; she has to take me back!" Charlie said as he turned back around and left to return to Chelsea's.

I really liked this episode. I always enjoy the episodes that feature Herb bonding with the guys. I also like Jerome and I'm happy they brought him back. I hope they continue to show him in future episodes. I wonder if Melissa will ever forgive Alan? She obviously didn't forgive him in this episode. My favorite part of the guys' bonding moments was when they were drunk and singing together. I also loved that Herb admitted he was called "Big Bird" in high school. What did you like about this episode?

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Charlie released stress by having a drunken male-bonding night with the guys after Chelsea became angry with him when she discovered topless photos of an ex-girlfriend on his cell phone. read more

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