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Two and a Half Men Episode: "My Son's Enormous Head"

Season 6, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: When Chelsea gets sick, Charlie takes care of her---but he also tries to resist the urge to flee.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2009

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Season 6, Episode 18
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Length: 21:45
Aired: 3/16/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "My Son's Enormous Head" Season 6, Episode 18

When Chelsea became sick, Charlie decided to let her stay at his place so he could take care of her. Charlie tried very hard to not run away from Chelsea and her illness after she became demanding with her many requests.

Chelsea was spending the night with Charlie, when she appeared to be coming down with a bad cold. She told Charlie that she thought she should go home but Charlie didn't realize that she was testing him. She didn't really want to go home, but Charlie didn't know that and he was fine with her going home. Charlie then felt bad and said that she should stay and he would take care of her. He was going to sleep on the couch and give Chelsea the entire bed, but she didn't want him to leave her. He ended up sleeping next to her and said, "How can I say no? Seriously, how?"

Downstairs, Alan was wearing his robe while he drank wine and watched the movie "Bridges of Madison County." Charlie waited for Chelsea to fall asleep, and once she did, he joined Alan downstairs. Alan didn't want Charlie to know what he was really watching, so he said he was watching a Clint Eastwood movie. Charlie told Alan that he had hoped that Chelsea would get well soon, because this isn't what he signed up for. He then sat down next to Alan, and saw that the movie wasn't a Clint Eastwood movie. "You're a giant fruit basket!" Charlie said to Alan. Alan told Charlie that with Chelsea being sick, this could be an opportunity for Charlie to show Chelsea that she can depend on him, and not just in good times. "Watch Clint and Meryl...learn how to love," Alan advised Charlie.

After Charlie went back to bed, Chelsea had asked him if he was awake. He opened his eyes and saw how awful Chelsea had looked from being sick, especially with her red nose. "I hope not," Charlie responded. She said that she felt awful and that she should go home. Charlie told her once again to stay, and that he would take care of her. He asked her if she would like tea. She said yes, and she also wanted an English muffin made a special way, along with a few other demands. Charlie agreed to get her what she asked for.

Jake and Alan were in the kitchen, and Alan had noticed that Jake was wearing a necklace. Jake said some girl bought it for him. He then admitted that it was a 9 year-old who gave it to him, and she was in his math class. Alan asked, "Is she one of those advanced students?" Jake replied, "Sadly, no." Charlie then entered the kitchen. He asked Berta if she could make Chelsea tea and an English muffin. Berta said she could, but she walked away. Charlie was stuck having to make the tea and English muffin for Chelsea himself. Jake said that as soon as he gets his license that he's so out of there. This was in response to Alan and Charlie coming back at him after he made some comment to Charlie. Alan told Jake that he could drive his girlfriend to Gymboree. "At least I have a girlfriend!" He said. Jake then said that since Chelsea was sick, that maybe she had an STD. "You can prevent it by using a condom," Jake informed Charlie. Charlie told Jake that they could have prevented Jake by using a condom.

Charlie returned to his bedroom to give Chelsea her tea and muffins. She informed him that she now had diarrhea and couldn't eat. She needed him to go to the drug store for her. Some of the many items she needed included cough syrup, Pepto-Bismol, wet wipes, tampons, etc. Charlie agreed to go, and Chelsea told him that he was being wonderful. As he left the room, he mumbled, "The second you give them a ring; they fall out of warranty."

At the drug store, Charlie asked his pharmacist, Russell, what's good for canker sores? He said Tennis shoes, so you could run away. "There's lots of broads out there, find a clean one," he advised Charlie. Charlie informed him that he couldn't run away because he was kind of engaged. Russell looked shocked and then gave him canker sore medicine. Charlie then began to rattle off the list of items Chelsea requested, such as tissues, cough syrup, throat lozenges, wet wipes, codeine, etc. He also remembered that she asked for tampons, which he mentioned to Russell. He asked Charlie what size tampon she needed. Charlie looked baffled. "Is there a condom/tampon conversion chart?" Charlie asked Russell. Russell then explained that it's more about the flow, not size. He grabbed a box of tampons and gave them to Charlie. "These will handle anything from a drizzle to a monsoon," Russell explained to Charlie.

Charlie returned home and went to his room to give Chelsea her items. He told her that he got all of her stuff. "Took you long enough!" Chelsea said to Charlie. Charlie looked kind of irritated at this point. She asked him if he was mad, and he played it off. Chelsea then asked Charlie if he would go to her house and get her clean clothes, feed her cat Sir Lancelot, and change the litter box. Charlie muttered, "This keeps getting better and better," but he agreed to do it. As Charlie was leaving, Chelsea said, "I love you!" Charlie responded, "Great!"

Jake was on the phone and you could hear him say, "Of course I'm wearing it!" He was referring to his necklace. He then took a picture of him with his necklace on with his cell phone and he sent it to his 9 year-old girlfriend. He was on the phone with her because she was helping him with his homework. Charlie asked Alan to drive him to Chelsea's place. He said he drank too much codeine and couldn't drive.  Alan agreed to drive him.

At Chelsea's place, Charlie was trying to get Sir Lancelot to eat his food. Alan told him that if you put the food out, he'll find it and eat it when he's hungry. Charlie told Alan that he would give him $20 to clean out the litter box. Alan said he would have done it for $10, and Charlie said that he would have paid him $1,000 to do it. While Alan was cleaning out the litter box, Charlie was drinking bourbon, but realized that at some point, Chelsea would wanna move in, and bring "Sir Craps-a-lot" as Charlie referred to him. Charlie admitted that he's not cut out to be a caregiver. "It's getting harder and harder to love her," Charlie said to Alan. Her illness was making her unattractive to Charlie.

At the house, Berta had brought Chelsea orange juice. She told Chelsea not to let Charlie know, because she didn't want him to start expecting these kinds of things. Berta told Chelsea that Charlie is crazy about her. "He never goes near sick women," Berta explained. Charlie then returned, and Berta tried to pretend like nothing happened. After she left, Charlie said, "You really can't expect much from her." Charlie told her he did everything she asked him to do. She thanked him and said, "Thanks, you've been so wonderful. I'm definitely gonna make it up to you," Chelsea promised. Charlie admitted that was the only thing that kept him through this. Chelsea then threw up, and Charlie went to his bathroom to throw up. He was now getting sick with what Chelsea had.

Charlie was lying in his bed, sick. Chelsea said she was on her way to the pharmacy. Charlie told Chelsea that if she's getting pills from Russell to make sure she counts them. She left Sir Lancelot at Charlie's house. He heard a scratching on the door. A huge cat which looked like a mascot opened the door and entered the room. He asked Charlie if he cleaned the litter box. Charlie didn't so he told him to use his bathroom but to keep it clean. We then learned that this was a dream, because Charlie woke up and realized that he was sick and had that dream. "I'm not gonna make it," Charlie said. Chelsea responded, "Yes you are."

I like that we are seeing these different sides of Charlie. It was clear that he didn't like being a caregiver, but Berta was right. He must really like Chelsea since he took care of her, especially with all of the requests that she made. Do you agree? I also enjoyed seeing Russell again. Do you believe that Jake actually has a girlfriend? I also hope that they show Evelyn again. I feel like it's been awhile since we last saw her. What did you think of this episode?

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When Chelsea became sick, Charlie decided to let her stay at his place so he could take care of her. Charlie tried very hard to not run away from Chelsea and her illness after she became demanding with her many requests. read more

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