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Two and a Half Men Episode: "The 'Ocu' or the 'Pado'?"

Season 6, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Charlie declares his love to Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor), but he isn't prepared for the response he receives.
Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2009
Guest Cast James Edson: Bobby
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Season 6, Episode 17
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Length: 21:00
Aired: 3/9/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "The 'Ocu' or the 'Pado'?" Season 6, Episode 17

Charlie professed his love for his girlfriend Chelsea, but he wasn't ready for the response he received. This response made him do something very out of character that no one expected.

Charlie and his girlfriend Chelsea were joking around in bed.  At one point Chelsea said to Charlie, "I hate you!" Charlie then blurted out, "That's too bad because I love you!" Chelsea heard this and asked him if he really meant it. Charlie responded, "Actually, yes I do, I love you Chelsea!" After he said it, Charlie looked like he was in a state of shock. Not so much at the fact that he had just told his girlfriend that he loved her, but the fact that he actually meant it. Chelsea said, "That's so sweet, thank you!" Charlie didn't seem happy that she didn't say it back. "Oh no, thank you!" he mumbled as she walked away to the bathroom.

That next morning, Charlie went into the kitchen and had a look of distress on his face. Of course Alan noticed. Alan at first thought Charlie just had a bad night involving drinking, but Charlie admitted that his problem was that he had fallen in love with Chelsea. "Why are you upset? Falling in love is a beautiful thing!" Alan said to Charlie. "Beautiful thing, my ass!" Charlie replied. Charlie explained that he told Chelsea that he loved her, and she just said "Thank you." "She said 'thank you'? That's an ice cube to a man's sack!" Alan said to Charlie. Charlie then complained that he had given up a lot of things in his relationship, such as cigars, and he even gave Chelsea a drawer in his bedroom for her to put her things, but he still couldn't get an '"I love you" in return. Alan told him that he should be grateful for what he has. For instance, Chelsea hadn't tried to drown or burn him, like other women in Charlie's past. Charlie said not being drowned or burned by the woman he loves wasn't enough — he wanted more.

Charlie's anguish over his situation with Chelsea sent him to see his shrink. He informed his doctor that he fell in love with Chelsea, and she (his shrink) was partly to blame. She previously told him that he needed to get in touch with his feelings and express them. Charlie thought he needed medication, but his shrink said that he was making progress and didn't need medication. Charlie told the doctor that that guy that had first walked into her office was a fully-functioning man-whore and he wanted him back. He was obviously talking about himself. Charlie's shrink said that it appeared that Charlie didn't like how the power in the relationship had now shifted and Chelsea held the power. It was a power struggle. "She needs to tell me she loves me," Charlie said to his doctor. He admitted that this would fix the power shift, if she would just say she loved him back. He said it would be good if she said it but didn't mean it. He just wanted to hear her say it. Charlie's doctor said he needed to focus on giving love. Charlie wasn't happy with this; he still felt like he needed medication. He said the he could get medication without the doctor's help. "I can get drugs without you; I got a nephew in junior high."

Back at the house, Berta had found out that Charlie told his girlfriend he loved her. "You really told her you loved her? Were you loaded?" Berta asked Charlie. Berta really couldn't believe it. She asked him what his angle was. He said he loved her. Berta said letting someone in and telling them you love them could be a good thing, "If you don't mind being some broad's prison bitch." Charlie still seemed confused about love. He sat down on the couch next to Jake and asked him if he had ever been in love. Jake just looked at him.

Charlie needed to talk to Alan, so he just barged in on him in the bathroom while he was using the toilet. Charlie told Alan that he was going to get an "I love you" from Chelsea. He then pulled out an engagement ring. Alan liked the ring, but he didn't seem to understand why Charlie had bought the ring. It seemed like Alan had thought the ring was a gift for him.  He seemed shocked once Charlie explained to him what he was planning to do. "I'm gonna marry Chelsea!" Charlie said. He then left the bathroom quickly. Alan just said, "We'll see what marriage does to his bowels!"

Charlie had taken Chelsea out to dinner to propose. When she got up to go to the bathroom, Charlie called over a waiter, Bobby, who had helped Charlie in the past when he would go to the restaurant to dump girls. Charlie explained to Bobby that he wasn't breaking up with her, but that he was asking her to marry him. Bobby thought Charlie was drunk. Charlie said he wasn't, and then Charlie asked Bobby to help him distract Chelsea when she returned so he could place the engagement ring in her champagne. Chelsea returned, and she tried to explain to Charlie why she didn't say "I love you" back after Charlie had said it. She said that taking that extra step is hard for her. Charlie was listening, but he was also paying attention to Bobby. At that point, Bobby said, "I hope I'm not having a massive coronary!" while he grabbed his chest. While he did this, Chelsea looked towards Bobby and asked him if he was ok. Charlie then slipped the ring in Chelsea's champagne. Charlie told Bobby he had horrible acting skills. Charlie and Chelsea drank their champagne, but Chelsea chugged hers down, and didn't realize there was a ring in it, which she swallowed. Charlie looked shocked, but told Chelsea what happened. She looked angry and was worried about the ring in her stomach. Charlie said, "I had no idea you would chug it like a Jell-O shot!" Chelsea wanted to go to the emergency room, but he persuaded her to stay. He said that Jake once swallowed a handful of nickels. He said he was fine, but that he shoots them out occasionally.

Once Chelsea calmed down a little, Charlie asked her what her answer was in response to him asking her to marry him. He told her that she had ruined the moment. She said she didn't know what to say. Charlie told her to say it so they would be even. This made Chelsea ask Charlie if this was a power struggle. He then tried to cover up what he had just said by saying to Chelsea that he wanted her to say it so they would be even closer. Charlie asked Chelsea if she loved him. Chelsea said, "I guess so, but I won't marry you." She explained that she just got out of a marriage and that she wasn't ready for that yet. She said she wasn't saying no, just not now. Charlie just wanted Chelsea to say "I love you" again, and she said no, she wanted to see the ring first. Charlie was happy with this response.

Back at Charlie's, he asked Berta for the colander. Berta didn't want to know why Charlie wanted it, but she needed to know if she should wash it or throw it away after Charlie was done with it. He said she should probably throw it away. Berta wanted to know when they get to see the ring he bought. Charlie said that Chelsea was on her second or third cup of coffee, so in about 15 or 20 minutes it should be out of her system. Charlie attempted to explain to Alan what his status was with Chelsea. He said he was engaged but not getting married. Alan was so confused.

Charlie asked Chelsea how she was doing through the bathroom door. She was getting annoyed that he kept pestering her. He was more concerned with the ring than he was with her. Once Charlie stopped bothering her, the ring came out. She said the ring was beautiful!

I like Chelsea and I think she is having a good impact on Charlie. It also seems like Charlie is slowly changing for the better. I'm glad he's not getting married though because he's not ready for that kind of commitment yet. Are you disappointed that Charlie and Chelsea aren't getting married? I still think Chelsea will be around for awhile, so it should be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the future!

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Charlie professed his love for his girlfriend Chelsea, but he wasn't ready for the response he received. This response made him do something very out of character that no one expected. read more

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