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Two and a Half Men Episode: "She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime"

Season 6, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: A flustered Charlie tries to get a half-naked woman out of his bed when he learns Chelsea is coming to see him.
Original Air Date: Mar 2, 2009

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Season 6, Episode 16
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Length: 21:00
Aired: 3/2/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime" Season 6, Episode 16

Charlie realizes he has a big problem when he learns that his girlfriend is on her way over to his house, and he needs help from Alan and Jake to remove a half-naked woman from his bed.

Charlie's girlfriend, Chelsea, tells Charlie that she had to go to a funeral for her ex-mother-in-law. The problem is that she would be spending the weekend with her ex-husband at his family's house. She was married to him for eight years, and she just doesn't want Charlie to get the wrong idea. Charlie agrees. "We shouldn't have any secrets this point forward" said Charlie. Charlie keeps asking Chelsea questions about her ex-husband, which leads Chelsea to ask Charlie if he was jealous. Charlie admits that he was a little jealous, but he was jealous of the fact that Alex's mother was dead. The sad thing is that Evelyn would probably be used to hearing her son say comments like this about her.

Chelsea calls Charlie while she's staying with her ex-husband's family. While on the phone, Charlie asks Chelsea a number of questions, mostly showing his jealousy about her staying with her ex-husband. "Are you at the house? Where's your ex-husband? And where's his room in relation to yours?" After Charlie gets off the phone with her, he goes into the kitchen and asks Alan and Jake what they wanted to do that night. "What are we doing tonight boys? Think big, it's my treat!" Jake asks Alan if Charlie was drunk. Alan realizes that Charlie wanted to spend time with them because his girlfriend wasn't around. They decide to go to the movies and are about to leave when they open the door to find some pretty blonde woman standing there. Her name is Wanda and she's there for Charlie. She says that she's drunk and horny. "New plan!" Charlie says to Jake and Alan, which means that they were no longer going to go to the movies together.

Later, Wanda's drinking with Charlie on the balcony. Jake comments to Alan that Wanda looked familiar but he didn't know why. "Blonde, busty, and bombed... around here that's familiar," Alan says. Charlie comes in to get more alcohol for Wanda. "The broad is part camel, except her humps aren't on her back!" Charlie jokes. No one thought it was funny but Charlie. Alan and Jake aren't happy with Charlie because they didn't like how he seemed to forget that he had a girlfriend once this girl showed up. Jake calls Charlie a sleazeball. Alan says that Charlie is gallivanting when his girlfriend leaves town. It seems as if each time Alan spoke, he used a word that Jake couldn't understand and he would have to explain it to him, which I thought was funny. Alan says that it's fine as long as Charlie can live with himself. In response to that comment, Charlie says, "If I could live with myself, I would be having this conversation by phone."

Charlie's in his room when Wanda collapses from having too much to drink. This is when all of the funny stuff really begins. Charlie gets her into his bed, but then it seems like the conversation he had with Alan starts to get to him. He tells Wanda he had to check on something and he goes downstairs. "You're right, I am a sleazeball" Charlie says to Alan. "Don't tell me you had a moral epiphany," Alan says. "Epiphany" is another word Jake couldn't understand. Alan says to Charlie, "You care too much about Chelsea to cheapen yourself with a one-night stand." At this point, Chelsea calls Charlie and says that her ex-husband had put the moves on her and that she's on her way over to his house to see him. Charlie realizes that he had a huge problem. He runs upstairs and tries to get Wanda to get up so she would leave, but it's obvious that she was completely passed out. "Oh darn!" Charlie says.

Charlie tries to get Alan and Jake's help. "I need help, Wanda's passed out and Chelsea is on the way home!" Charlie says it was an emergency. "A dead girl is an emergency, a passed out girl is a dinner date," Alan responds. He didn't want to help Charlie. Jake wants to help because he knew Charlie had the half-naked woman upstairs. Alan eventually agrees to help, but he makes Jake stay downstairs. Charlie tells Alan to get Wanda's head, and he would get the feet. They try to move her, but for some reason Alan makes it known that he likes feet and he wants the feet. Anyway, they drop her and Alan falls into her boobs. "Goodness gracious, these are real!" Alan yells from the floor.

Chelsea finally makes it to Charlie's. Charlie tries to distract Chelsea while Alan drags Wanda back upstairs after they had gotten her halfway down the stairs. Charlie says that he and Chelsea needed to say goodnight to Jake, who is watching TV. He warns them about his "air biscuit" that will be coming in their direction. They say good night to each other and you could tell Charlie is still trying to distract Chelsea. Alan comes in and says that he needs Jake's help with taking out the "trash" which was Wanda. Everyone knows Jake is dumb, so you could tell Alan was really hoping that Jake would catch on. Jake gets $20 out of it because he claimed he was owed $20, and Charlie gives it to him. Alan and Jake agree that he could have gotten $1,000 from Charlie because Charlie needed his help.

Charlie gets Chelsea to sit down and watch TV and take over Jake's spot. Chelsea asks Charlie what if Jake came back. "We'll breathe through our mouths" he responded. Alan admits to Jake that Wanda did look familiar. Alan was going to let Jake move the car because he didn't want Jake alone with Wanda. At this point Wanda is in Jake's room, which is where Alan and Jake put her. Alan returned to Charlie. "Is the trash out?" Charlie asks. Alan says it was almost out. Charlie asks him if he cleaned out his room. Alan says yes, but he says he was having issues with the "recycling". "I'm not sure what to do with the big jugs" Alan says. Charlie tells Alan to take her to a hotel or something. He has no clue where she lived so they couldn't take her home. Alan wants to know if he should take her to a nice place or a cheap place. He wants to know because when she regains consciousness she wouldn't feel so cheap if they took her to a nice place. Alan says he was low on gas. Charlie tells him to use his credit card that he gave him. Before he left, Alan tells Charlie that he was so happy that he was trying to make it work with Chelsea.

Alan goes to Jake's room to get Wanda, where he finds Jake taking pictures of himself with the passed out Wanda with his cell phone. Alan and Jake once again argue about Jake being allowed to pull up the car. "I'll tell mom about Wanda!" Jake says to Alan. Alan gives Jake the keys. After they both go to the car, Wanda is still in Jake's room and she wakes up. She notices on Jake's door there was a poster of her. That's why she looked so familiar to Jake and Alan. "Hey, look it's me!" Wanda says when she realized she was on the poster. Wanda looks for her shoes. She walks right into Charlie's room, where Charlie and Chelsea were in bed together. "Oh, here they are!" Wanda says when she found her shoes. She seems oblivious to Charlie and Chelsea. Chelsea sees Wanda and Charlie says, "Funny story". I don't know how he was going to explain that to Chelsea.

Alan and Jake walk back up to the house just as Wanda is leaving. You could hear Alan telling Jake, "You get the head, I'll get the feet." Wanda walks by them, totally fine. Alan and Jake realize they didn't need to take her to a hotel now, but they still had Charlie's credit card. Alan says to Jake, "Quick, get in the car, we've got Uncle Charlie's credit card, we can go wherever we want!"

I thought this episode was really funny. I loved how they kept referring to Wanda as "trash." I thought Jake was really funny in this episode. I kind of want to know why Alan is so obsessed with feet all of a sudden. In past episodes he admitted he has an obsession with pregnant women, and now he can add feet to that list. Chelsea seems to be good for Charlie. I wonder how long he'll be able to keep her around. Hopefully they'll bring Wanda back again for future episodes. What did you like about this episode?

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Charlie realizes he has a big problem when he learns that his girlfriend is on her way over to his house, and he needs help from Alan and Jake to remove a half-naked woman from his bed.
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