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Two and a Half Men Episode: "David Copperfield Slipped Me a Roofie"

Season 6, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Melissa (Kelly Stables) doesn't think Alan's family appreciates him, so she asks him to move in with her and her mom.
Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2009
Guest Cast Kelly Stables: Melissa Carol Kane: Judith Harper
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Season 6, Episode 14
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 2/2/2009
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "David Copperfield Slipped Me a Roofie" Season 6, Episode 14

In this episode, Alan's receptionist, Melissa, didn't think that Alan's family appreciated him, so she asked him to move in with her and her mom.

If you remember from the last episode, Alan and Melissa began seeing each other. Alan asked Charlie if he remembered Melissa. Melissa and Charlie were seeing each other briefly before she and Alan got together. "Of course he remembers me; he deflowered me then dumped me!" Melissa said. Alan was about to get in the shower, and Melissa wanted to join him, but Alan said he needed to pre-wash first. Alan's 40th birthday was coming up, and Melissa wanted to throw Alan a party. While Alan was in the shower, Melissa tried to get Charlie to help her out with planning a birthday party for Alan. "If it's gonna be a fun party, I need your help!" Melissa said to Charlie. Charlie said that if you want the party to be fun, don't invite Alan. He also told her that his mother would be able to help her out with the party.

Charlie was trying to sleep when his mother stopped by. He didn't want to talk to her, so he faked that he was sleeping. She pinched his nose so he had to tell her he couldn't breathe. She stopped by because she had received an unsettling message on her answering machine. Charlie briefly filled her in on Melissa. "Is she insane? Telling people my son is 40! And she wants my help! Where did she get that idea?" Evelyn said to Charlie. At that point, Berta and Jake had also walked into the room and Alan then came in when he saw everyone. He had a feeling they were planning something for his birthday so he said, "I like red velvet cake and magic!"

Melissa and Alan were on their way to have dinner for Alan's birthday. Alan knew something was up because Jake was showering, Charlie was wearing long pants, and Berta said she had to leave work early to go to some loser's party. Alan and Melissa walked into the private room that she had set up for Alan's birthday. No one was in the room. Melissa said she told them to be there an hour ago. Alan was insulting his family when he turned around and saw that they had just showed up and they heard what he was saying. Before they showed up, I actually felt bad for Alan. Sometimes they can be so mean to him!

Later that night, Evelyn asked Melissa if she was going to be cutting the cake soon because she had a real party to go to. Melissa's stoned mother, Shelly, showed up to Alan's party. I knew they would show her mother again. Melissa wanted everyone to say something nice about Alan and to say what he means to each of them. She thought Jake was going to go first because he got up, but he said he had to make room for cake so he was on his way to the bathroom. Berta went first. She said when she first met Alan, she really didn't like him. She said he was a "persnickety, self-righteous son of a bitch" and that's all she said, so she obviously felt that he hadn't changed. Evelyn went next although she didn't want to say anything. "Isn't it enough that I carried him for seven and a half months?" Evelyn asked. She got up and said that Alan was always the good son, although "your brother didn't set the bar very high." All Charlie really said was "thanks for the memories". Evelyn said she could talk about Alan's bed-wetting. Berta said she was there because she was getting paid overtime.

After seeing how Alan's family treated him, Melissa became very upset. She told Alan to move in with her and her mother, and Alan agreed. They left together along with Shelly, and Berta just said, "I shaved for this?" Right after they left, a magician came.

The next day, Charlie found Berta sleeping on his couch. She said she celebrated too much last night, and she was trying to recover. She drank too much in the magician's van after the party. The only reason she came to Charlie's is because she knew he wouldn't pay her if she didn't show up. Evelyn then called Charlie to see if Alan was there. He told her he never came home, but he said, "He'll come back, he always does. You should've named him herpes." Jake didn't notice that his father was gone. Alan stopped by briefly to get his things. He told Charlie that he needed to be some place where he's appreciated, nurtured, and loved. Charlie didn't believe Alan. He knew he would come back. Alan thought he was done living with Charlie. "This is where I cut the cord!"

At Melissa's house, Alan realized he forgot something — Jake. Melissa said that they could set up a room for him in the garage, but they would need to move her mother's "garden".  I think it was pretty obvious what she was growing in her garden.

Charlie asked Jake why he didn't go with his father. "He was here?" Jake didn't see him and had no clue what was going on. He seemed oblivious to everything going on with his father. Charlie was going to take Jake to Judith's, but Jake informed Charlie that Judith and Herb were in Mexico, and he didn't know for how long. Charlie couldn't believe it, but he was actually starting to miss Alan. He asked Jake if he missed him. Once again, Jake had no clue what Charlie was asking him.

Back at Melissa's house, Melissa's mother made hot chocolate for Alan. Melissa was on her way to the market and wanted to know what Alan wanted because she wanted to please him. Alan was very touched by that. "No one's ever said that to me before!" He was so happy. He requested macaroni and spritzers. After Melissa left, her mother Shelly came in and gave Alan some banana bread that she had baked. She told him he might want to start with half of a piece. Alan thought there was nutmeg in it, but that's definitely not what she put in there. After awhile, Melissa returned to find Alan in bed with her mother.

Obviously, Melissa must have kicked Alan out, because Charlie was right, Alan came back home like he always does. "I'm back!" Alan said. "I'm shocked" said Charlie. Charlie did say happy birthday to his brother. You could tell he was happy to have him back, although he would never admit it. Charlie said to Jake, "I told you he would be back." Jake was still clueless. "Who?"

I knew Melissa would be back, and I was happy that they brought her crazy mother back, too. Although I have a feeling Alan and Melissa won't be seeing each other anymore, they still could show her as Alan's assistant. I thought Berta had some of the best lines in this episode, and I like it when she becomes involved with the family's issues. Evelyn was funny as usual. I hope they bring Melissa back just so they can show her mother again. What did you like about this episode? Did you feel bad for Alan at any point during this show like I did?

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In this episode, Alan's receptionist, Melissa, didn't think that Alan's family appreciated him, so she asked him to move in with her and her mom.

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