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Two and a Half Men Episode: "The Mooch at the Boo"

Season 6, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Jake disappears with the daughter of Charlie's new neighbor, a former NFL player (Michael Clarke Duncan), and Charlie scrambles---and fumbles---to cover for him. Meanwhile, Charlie's Mercedes helps Alan get a hot date.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2008
Guest Cast Michael Clarke Duncan: Jerome Bellamy Young: Diane Tinashe Kachingwe: Celeste
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Season 6, Episode 9
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 11/24/2008
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "The Mooch at the Boo" Season 6, Episode 9

When Jake disappeared with the daughter of Charlie's new neighbor, a former NFL player, Charlie had to try to cover for him when her father came to Charlie's house looking for her. Meanwhile, Alan was able to get a hot date with the help of Charlie's Mercedes, but things didn't go so well.

Charlie and Alan's mother, Evelyn, went to Dubai for vacation. Alan was supposed to check on the house. He told his mother the house was fine, but he never checked on the house. He said he would probably just need to replace her plants, otherwise she would have no clue that he didn't check on her house. Since Alan was going to be in Beverly Hills to check on Evelyn's house, Charlie asked Alan if he would take his Mercedes to get serviced, and Alan agreed to do that for him.

After Alan left, Charlie went on the balcony and saw Jake hanging off the railing trying to get a good view of the neighbors. Charlie's neighbors were new to the neighborhood, so Jake had never seen them before.  Charlie asked him if she was cute, since he figured he was looking for food or looking at a girl.  Jake said sarcastically, "No, I'm hanging off the balcony to look at a mutant!" Charlie told Jake that he would help him meet the girl, so they decided to go over to introduce themselves. While Charlie and Jake were introducing themselves to their neighbors, we found out that their neighbors' names were Celeste and Jerome.  Celeste was the daughter and Jerome was her father. He was also a former NFL player. Jerome said his nickname was Mad Dog. After Jake found out his nickname, he got frightened of the big guy and had to use the bathroom. Celeste took him inside and showed him to the bathroom. Charlie yelled to Jake, "Lady in the house Jake, put the seat down!" Jerome said to Charlie, "That boy touches my daughter, I'm gonna be touching you!" Charlie looked quite nervous at that point and I believe he also had to use the bathroom.

Alan was hanging out waiting for Charlie's car to finish getting serviced, when he met a woman there who clearly had a lot of money and was into guys with money. The woman asked Alan how he liked his Mercedes. Alan went along with it and pretended he owned the Mercedes. "What's not to like, it does everything but trim your toenails" Alan said referring to the Mercedes. Alan also pretended he lived in Malibu. "We just call it 'the boo'" Alan said referring to Malibu. The woman wanted Alan to take her out to lunch after she found out he owned a Mercedes and lived in Malibu. "This never happened with the Volvo!" Alan said to himself as he was leaving with the woman.

Charlie was sleeping and woke up to someone knocking on his door.  It was Jerome. Jerome informed Charlie that it was 5 o'clock. "Thanks, I almost slept through happy hour!" Charlie sincerely thanked Jerome for the reminder. Jerome told Charlie that he wasn't there to remind him about happy hour, but that it had been hours and he hadn't heard from his daughter Celeste. Charlie called Jake to see if he could track them down and tell them to come home. When he called Jake, we heard Jake's inappropriate ringtone which consisted of the lyrics "Yo bitch, I'm gonna slap you up!" Jake had left his cell phone in the house. Charlie knew Jake's ringtone was not making things any better, so he tried to turn off his phone, but he couldn't figure it out. I don't know why Charlie had such a difficult time with this, but I thought it was really funny because Charlie looked so uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Alan brought his new woman to his mother's house since she was away in Dubai. Alan's girl asked if he had a person to water the plants, because if he did, that person wasn't doing a good job since the plants were dead. Alan pretended Charlie was this person and he referred to him as a mooch and said he hadn't watered the plants in awhile. Alan and his girl had just started to kiss when they were interrupted by a phone call from Charlie. Alan told his new woman that the person that called was the mooch at 'the boo.' Charlie heard this and asked Alan, "What the hell are you talking about, you gibbering moron!" Charlie tried to explain to Alan that he had a crisis going on at the house and told him that "You're son is about to get me killed!" Alan was only focused on his company, so he continued to rattle off more gibberish to Charlie and just hung up on him. Jerome was not happy that Charlie couldn't track down Jake or do much about the situation, so Charlie started to get scared of his big neighbor and he had to use the bathroom again because his nerves were getting to him. Alan and his woman were about to make out on the bed, when his woman spotted a red dress on the bed. She thought he was a cross-dresser, and then she said that she kind of liked that. Alan decided to go along with it and he put his mother's red dress on.

Charlie went back downstairs after using the bathroom and apologized because he had an accident. He didn't know what else to do, so he told Jerome that Jake was harmless unless his daughter was made of doughnuts. Jerome didn't look amused by that comment.

At Evelyn's house, while Alan was changing into his mother's dress, his new hot date went through Alan's clothes to get his money, but then decided to take his clothes anyway plus his money and Charlie's Mercedes. Alan, still wearing Evelyn's dress, was about to go after her but stopped to look at himself in the mirror and said, "Not bad!" Then he hurried to call the cops. Evelyn just returned home at that moment to see her son wearing her dress and she said, "Why am I not surprised?"

Back at Charlie's house, Jerome was crying to Charlie about how his wife left him and how he has struggled being a single father. Jerome said that he wouldn't know what to do if anything would happen to his daughter. Charlie tried to comfort him. Jerome seemed to kind of like Charlie at this point, so he told Charlie that he would give him tickets to Sunday's game. They had to go to Jerome's house to get the tickets. When they got to the door, they saw Jake and Celeste kissing. Jake said "Hey Mr. Mad Dog!"

Charlie and Jake went back to Charlie's house. Jake told Charlie he was going to call Celeste. "Are you outta your freakin' mind?! Thanks to you, I gotta change my shorts for the fourth time!" Charlie yelled at Jake. They then heard someone knocking at the door. It was Jerome. Charlie told Jake, "Go to your room, no matter what you hear, don't come out!" After Charlie opened the door, Jerome hugged him. He told Charlie that he overreacted and said that Celeste wanted to kiss Jake. This completely shocked Charlie that she would want to kiss him. Jerome also said that Celeste told him that Jake was a total gentleman. Jerome then gave Charlie tickets for Charlie and Jake. Jerome wanted all four of them including Celeste to go to the game together. At that point, Alan walked in with the dress still on. Charlie looked very embarrassed by this, but didn't say anything about it. After Jerome left, Charlie started throwing questions at Alan, "Alan, where's my car, why are you in a dress, why aren't you in Mexico?" This episode ended like this, and Charlie received no answers back from Alan.

I love the fact that Alan was wearing his mother's dress, but I thought Charlie's fear of his neighbor was even funnier. Who would have thought that Jake would have been such a gentleman to Celeste? It's nice to see some signs that Jake won't grow up to be like his uncle. I liked Charlie's new neighbors; I hope we see more of them in future episodes!

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When Jake disappeared with the daughter of Charlie's new neighbor, a former NFL player, Charlie had to try to cover for him when her father came to Charlie's house looking for her. Meanwhile, Alan was able to get a hot date with the help of Charlie's Mercedes, but things didn't go so well.
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