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Two and a Half Men Episode: "It's Always Nazi Week"

Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Alan jumps at another chance with Judith after she sends Herb (Ryan Stiles) packing.
Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2008
Guest Cast Jeanne Simpson
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Season 6, Episode 6
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 11/3/2008
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "It's Always Nazi Week" Season 6, Episode 6

Alan became very excited when he found out that Judith and Herb were having marital problems. He was even happier when he learned that Judith kicked Herb out of the house. Alan couldn't resist the urge to attempt to get Judith to take him back and give him another chance.

Alan was picking Jake up from Judith's when Judith asked him if he wouldn't mind spending more time with Jake.  She then told Alan that she would like Jake to stay with him for 3 months. Alan looked kind of shocked by this, but I think overall he liked the idea. He suggested to Judith that since Jake would be staying with him, he wanted a break on his child support, and she just said that he was entitled to his opinion. Alan told Charlie about Jake staying with them for 3 months, and I don't think he was too excited. Alan thought Charlie enjoyed having Jake around.  Charlie said, "I love having him around because I know he's leaving!"

In the kitchen, Charlie asked Jake if he had any ideas why Judith dumped him off on them. Jake said that Herb and Judith were fighting 31 - meaning 24 hours/7days a week.  24 + 7 = 31. Charlie looked very confused by this. Jake said, "You may think I'm dumb, but you overestimate me." Jake also said that some of the things that Judith and Herb fought about included Judith's expenses, Herb's parents, and sex.

When Berta found out that Jake would be staying with them for 3 months, she was not happy. She went right up to Charlie and said they needed to have a talk, but Charlie just help up some money and that made her happy.

Herb then showed up at the door, dropping off more of Jake's things. Alan tried to question Herb about his problems with Judith without prodding, but Charlie came right out and just bluntly asked him about his marital troubles.  Herb said that couples go through a lot of ebbs and flows, and that he and Judith were ebbing a lot - 31. He used the same thing that Jake did with the 31 meaning they were fighting a lot - 24 hours/7 days a week.

Charlie couldn't resist giving Herb some advice.  He told him that he needed to put his foot down.  "Women like Judith respond to strength and confidence...not that!" he said as he pointed to Alan. He also said that Herb needed to tell Judith that if Judith won't give him what he needs that he can get it from other women.

The next scene focused on Jake and his stupidity. He faked being sick so he could get out of a math test, but he was sitting there trying to staple the bottom of his shoe because it was falling apart. Jake was wearing his shoe while he was doing this, and Charlie suggested that he take the shoe off first. You would think Jake would get a little smarter as he gets older, but it doesn't look like that will ever change. He also ended up stapling his fingers together. Berta said, "That kid can't afford to miss school."

Charlie had to take Jake to see the Doctor, who in this case, was Herb. After Herb was done fixing Jake's fingers, he asked Charlie if he could speak to him alone. Jake waited outside while Herb told Charlie that he took Charlie's advice and used it on Judith, but she kicked him out. Herb confessed to Charlie that he enjoys Charlie's lifestyle and thinks that he would be better off being single and living like Charlie. He wanted Charlie to take him out so they could meet lots of women. As Charlie was leaving, Herb asked Charlie, "What color do you like?" Charlie looked confused, and then he noticed the different colored lollipops that Herb held up. Charlie at first thought Herb was talking about women. Charlie said, "I was thinking Asian, but I'll take the green!"

Back at the house, Alan asked Jake if he was feeling better. He thought Jake really was sick with a cold, and had no idea that he faked being sick and stapled his fingers together. Jake faked a cough, and Alan noticed his fingers. He then got mad when he saw Jake's shoe on the table. "We do not leave our shoes on the table!" Alan yelled.  He tried to pick up the shoe, and then realized it was stapled to the table. Alan said that they needed to get rid of the staple gun, but Charlie said, "Staple guns don't staple shoes to tables; idiots do!"

Charlie was getting really annoyed with Herb because he kept calling him. Alan wanted to know what he wanted, and Charlie told him that Judith kicked Herb out of the house, and he wanted Charlie's help to meet women. Alan was super excited, and Charlie pointed out that Alan had almost an evil grin on his face.

Alan wasted no time and went straight to Judith's. Alan told her he came over to pick up Jake's social studies book, but we really knew that he was there to try to get Judith back. Alan purposely asked where Herb was, and Judith said he wasn't there, but then all of a sudden she started crying. Alan held Judith while she cried, and he said, "Judith, that's terrible, you must be devastated!" He would smile after he said this.

At the bar, Charlie was hanging out with an Asian woman, when all of a sudden Herb showed up wearing a bowling shirt, just like the shirts that Charlie wears.  It looked really funny on him. He pretty much tracked down Charlie after Charlie stopped answering his phone. Herb was being typical Herb and he scared off some of the women, which I thought was pretty funny. They started having a pretty funny but kind of gross conversation about their hair in their lower region. I just thought it was funny how into the conversation Herb was and how grossed out Charlie appeared to be.

At Judith's, Judith kissed Alan after he told her she's still desirable for someone her age. She was miserable and upset about her failed marriages, and Alan made her feel better. The next thing you know, they showed them in bed together. Judith said to Alan, "You're a good man and I'm never letting go of you again!"

The next morning, Alan looked like he tried to sneak back into Charlie's so no one would know where he was, but of course he came face-to-face with Herb.  It looked like Herb had a wild night...his hair was a complete mess. Alan asked why Herb was over. Charlie told Alan, "He shaved his pubes and passed out in your might want to change the blade in your razor!" I thought this was hilarious. I thought he was doing something else, but had no clue this was the reason why he ended up staying the night at Charlie's.

While they were discussing this, Charlie and Alan made sure Jake couldn't hear them. He had his music blasting through his ear phones and looked like he had his hand stuck to the side of his face, and he was having trouble peeling his banana. Charlie said, "I took away the staple gun but he found the super glue." Charlie also asked Alan where he was the previous night, and he said something about being in Neverland. Then it says "to be continued" at the bottom of the screen.

I thought this was a really funny episode. I love the episodes that feature Herb because he seems like a goofy dude. I'm excited to see what's going to happen with Alan and Judith, especially since I think they briefly tried to reunite back in the first or second season, but it never worked out. I also have a feeling that Jake probably won't end up staying with Alan and Charlie for the full 3 months, but it should be interesting to see next week's episode!

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Alan became very excited when he found out that Judith and Herb were having marital problems. He was even happier when he learned that Judith kicked Herb out of the house. Alan couldn't resist the urge to attempt to get Judith to take him back and give him another chance.

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