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Two and a Half Men Episode: "The Devil's Lube"

Season 6, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: When Charlie's old friend and fellow womanizer (Emilio Estevez) dies, Charlie takes a hard look at his own lifestyle. James Earl Jones has a cameo.
Original Air Date: Dec 15, 2008
Guest Cast Charlie Dell: Minister Emilio Estevez: Andy James Earl Jones: Himself
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Season 6, Episode 11
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Length: 23:00
Aired: 12/15/2008
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "The Devil's Lube" Season 6, Episode 11

When Charlie's old friend Andy, a womanizer like Charlie, suddenly died, it made Charlie take a look at his own lifestyle and he attempted to make a few changes in his life.

Charlie's longtime friend, Andy (played by Charlie Sheen's real brother, Emilio Estevez), was in town visiting Charlie.  They were smoking cigars on the balcony when Alan came outside to see what they were up to. Alan had never met Andy before, so Charlie introduced them. Charlie told Alan that Andy was like the brother he never had. Charlie implied that he favored Andy as his brother over Alan. "Andy is the only guy who can match me drink for drink and broad for broad" Charlie explained to Alan. Charlie and Alan were talking to each other, but at one point they looked over at Andy, and he was laying there with a cigar in his mouth and his eyes wide open and they knew he was dead.  Alan asked Charlie, "Who's your favorite brother now?"

Berta and Jake were in the kitchen talking about what had happened. Berta had asked Jake to remind her to flip over the cushion where Andy died, and then Jake started comparing Andy's death to pizza. He said how the body bag reminded him of the bags that they put pizza in when it gets delivered to your house. "I wonder if they got him to the morgue in 30 minutes or less" Jake said to Berta. Berta then said how she was surprised that Charlie didn't go first since Charlie and Andy lived very similar lifestyles. Charlie had overheard Berta say this, so I think this freaked him out a little bit and it got him to start thinking more about his life. He then left to get every test that the hospital could offer because he was worried about his own life.

After getting his hospital tests, Charlie returned home with a few gifts for those closest to him. Alan told Charlie that the minute Charlie started thinking about his own mortality it made him start thinking about the people in his life. Alan was expecting one of the gifts to be for him, but Charlie never got Alan a gift. Charlie went into Jake's room to give him his gift, which was a mini video camera. "Is this because you think you're dying?" Jake asked Charlie. Charlie didn't like Jake's question, so Jake told him that he needed to relax or he would give himself a heart attack.

Charlie then went to his mother's house to give her a watch. "You didn't drive over here drunk, did you?" Evelyn asked her son, because she knew he would never give her a gift just because he wanted to do something nice for her. Evelyn also had one of the funnier quotes of the night when she asked Charlie, "Did you find another lump on your pee pee?" Charlie didn't look amused by his mother's question. He was on his way to leave so he could pick out a casket for Andy when his mother said to him, "Don't cheap out — it's one thing to do it with a watch but a casket is forever!" Another classic quote from Evelyn.

At Andy's funeral, Alan and Charlie still seemed shocked that Andy was really gone. "Who would've thought that smokin', drinkin' and whorin' could kill you?" Alan wondered out loud. Charlie told Alan that he wanted an open bar at his funeral. Alan didn't seem too pleased that Charlie wanted him to be his funeral director. Charlie dozed off and then in his dream, he was visited by Andy, who was a ghost. Charlie asked Andy what heaven was like, and he said it was like Charlie's house before Alan moved in. Charlie was shown his future funeral. This part somewhat resembled Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol" since Charlie was shown a glimpse into his future and was visited by a ghost. We found out that Alan was given everything that Charlie had including his house. Charlie's old girlfriends also said their last goodbyes by spitting on his corpse.

After Charlie woke up, and he and Alan were on their way home, Charlie started to get really worried when he called his doctor for his test results and didn't hear back from him. "He's avoiding my calls Alan, I'm going to die!" Charlie freaked out to Alan. Charlie then starting saying that he hadn't done anything meaningful with his life — he pointed out that he had no wife or children and that he just wrote a few jingles and children's songs. Alan said that he was sick of hearing Charlie talk about this. He pointed out that there had always been one person who had been there and loved him unconditionally. It was obvious he was talking about himself, but Charlie thought he was talking about Rose. Charlie called Rose and asked her if she wanted to meet up with him or if he should pick her up. This part was hilarious because Rose drove up right alongside of their car. We haven't seen her in awhile, but obviously she has been keeping a close eye on Charlie.

Charlie and Rose were sitting in the living room and Charlie told her what happened with his friend and said that the whole thing made him realize who was important in his life. Charlie said that they have had their ups and downs in their relationship — which Rose said was from her medication, but Charlie then got down on his knee and said, "Life is short; we should start thinking about our future. Rose, would you do me the honor of -" but then Charlie got cut off because the phone rang.

Charlie's doctor was on the phone. Charlie was told that he was pretty healthy; no liver damage whatsoever, which seemed to shock Charlie. His lungs and heart were healthy as well. Charlie told the doctor that he would give up cigars but he wanted to continue to drink. After he got off the phone, Charlie looked very uncomfortable because he remembered what he was about to do. "Oh boy, this is awkward!" Charlie said.

The last scene showed Charlie on the balcony drinking with a few girls and grilling some food. Berta said it looked like Charlie was going to live forever. Alan said it would only seem like forever. Alan seemed jealous of Charlie at this point because if he had Mexican food and drinks it wouldn't agree with him. "At least he has a clean bill of health" Alan said to Berta. Berta then told Alan that Charlie didn't leave Alan the house in his new will. Alan looked disappointed, but also seemed to expect that Charlie would do something like that.

I was excited to see Emilio Estevez. I always hoped that they would put Charlie Sheen's real brother in an episode since they had Charlie's father, Martin Sheen, appear as Rose's father in a previous episode. I was also happy that they finally showed Rose in an episode this season. We haven't seen her in awhile. Hopefully she'll appear in more future episodes this season. I love that Charlie almost proposed to Rose! I knew he wouldn't really go through with it, but it got pretty close! Sometimes I think Charlie really does care about Rose but he just doesn't want to admit it. What do you think?

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When Charlie's old friend Andy, a womanizer like Charlie, suddenly died, it made Charlie take a look at his own lifestyle and he attempted to make a few changes in his life.

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