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Two and a Half Men Episode: "He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited"

Season 6, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Alan considers early retirement when Evelyn offers to foot the bill for Jake's college education.
Original Air Date: Dec 8, 2008
Guest Cast Kelly Stables: Melissa Jon Polito: Mr. Sharipa
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Season 6, Episode 10
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 12/8/2008
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited" Season 6, Episode 10

Evelyn offered to pay for Jake's college education and planned to get Jake a car if he did well in school. Since Evelyn intended to take such good care of Jake, Alan considered taking an early retirement.  Meanwhile, Alan and Charlie tried to figure out why their mother was being so generous.

Alan, Charlie and Jake were invited to have dinner at Evelyn's house. Charlie was very anxious and kept trying to figure out why his mother invited them over for dinner. He thought his mother wanted something or was up to something bad. "We'll be lucky to leave here with all of our fingers and gonads!" said Charlie. Evelyn finally said that she had some good news to share and said "No, I'm not dying" as she looked over at Charlie. She revealed that she wanted to set up a trust fund for Jake so he could go to college. Evelyn also told Jake that if he buckled down and got good grades that she would get him a car. Jake didn't seem too excited about the school part. At one point he said, "More school, big whoop!" but he was very excited about possibly being given a car in the future.  Charlie just couldn't grasp the concept of Jake even going to college. Charlie said, "Look at him, maybe there should be one child left behind!"

Back at the house, Charlie still was trying to think of reasons why his mother would be so generous and pay for Jake to go to college, especially when everyone knew how dumb Jake could be. Charlie said to Alan that you have to start thinking twisted to get in her head.  He then went on to give an example of what Evelyn could be thinking. If Jake could make it all the way through law school, maybe he would land on the zoning commission, and Evelyn would be able to add an extra bedroom or level to her house. Charlie knew that had to be along the lines of what his mother was thinking when she decided to do this for Jake.

The next morning, Charlie came down the stairs and saw Alan dressed and ready for work as he stood frozen in front of the front door. "Alan, you having a stroke?" asked Charlie. Alan said that he was trying to think of a reason to go to work. Since his mother was planning on taking care of Jake with his college education and a car, Alan didn't see any reason why he needed to go to work. Charlie grabbed him and shoved him out the door. "You gotta go somewhere because you're creeping me out!" said Charlie. Charlie went into the kitchen and Berta had an idea of what was going on because she heard Jake on the phone with Evelyn. Jake was asking Evelyn questions about cars and was trying to pile on the compliments so she would definitely get him a car. He was going to spend the day with his grandmother. Berta said it made sense to get him a car if he was going to go to clown college and if the car seats 20.

Alan decided to go to work after all. He was attending to one male client when he applied pressure to the man, and he farted in Alan's face. His client blamed it on the garlic clams he had for lunch, but said he felt better and maybe that was where the pressure was coming from. The look on Alan's face was priceless; he looked like he was in pain just from having the odor right in his face. Alan immediately left after this and his secretary went in to see what happened, and she came out and looked like she would faint. I think they should show Alan at work more often; it seems like he always gets some interesting clients.

Evelyn had Jake in her car and they were on their way to her house so they could spend some quality time together. Evelyn wanted to talk to Jake about their college plans. She wanted to make it clear to Jake that if he doesn't go to college, he doesn't get a car. Jake was saying some really dumb statements here, and I guess it was clear that he wasn't college material, but somehow Jake started rambling on about how accidents can lead to great discoveries, and he mentioned some French toast he made that he thought was excellent and revealed to Evelyn that he liked to cook. Evelyn said, "My grandson the Chef, I could live with that."

After Alan abruptly left work, he went and bought a kayak. He returned to Charlie's and announced that life is too short. Alan told Charlie that he doesn't like his job, and now that his mother is taking care of Jake, he can spend time doing what he enjoys, which included kayaking. Of course, Alan walked into the balcony's glass doors with the kayak and broke the glass. I think everyone could have seen that one coming. Charlie didn't look surprised by his brother's clumsiness.

At Evelyn's house, Jake had made his special grilled cheese sandwiches for himself and his grandmother. They had gouda and "monster" cheese according to Jake. Evelyn corrected him with the proper cheese name, but admitted to Jake that the grilled cheese sandwiches were very good. Jake said he was going to make some potato chips. He walked into the kitchen, and there was dark smoke everywhere. Jake started a fire with his cooking. He tried to distract his grandmother.

Back at Charlie's, Alan had just finished kayaking. He was out there for about 15 minutes according to Charlie. Alan sat down and started talking to Charlie on the balcony. He said that now he just lives his life and he enjoys it. All of a sudden he admitted that he's not going to make it; he needs challenges and tests and fears that come from working. He asked Charlie how he does it, and he said he takes a lot of naps and drinks a lot. Alan said he needed meaning in his life. Suddenly, Charlie had an epiphany. He realized what his mother's angle was — why she was being so generous with paying for Jake's college education. He said that if Evelyn takes the financial pressure off of Alan, she knows it will kill him. That would give Alan no reason to live. "Mom's trying to kill you!" Charlie said to Alan. Alan thought about it for a second and agreed. "Good God my mother is trying to kill me!" I thought this was pretty funny. This is definitely something that Alan and Charlie would assume about their mother.

At Evelyn's house, firefighters came to put out the fire that Jake had created. They were eating Jake's grilled cheese sandwiches and they enjoyed them. Evelyn just sat there with no emotion on her face. Jake asked the firefighters about their truck, thinking that maybe one day he could have one. "Just out of curiosity, what does a used fire truck go for?"

Charlie had an idea for Alan that he thought could cheer him up. He wanted Alan to give him a small amount of money every month for letting him live there. It was basically rent, which Alan said he hadn't paid in years. Charlie said to be exact; he hadn't paid it in 5 years, 2 months, and 11 days. "If you fall behind, I'll hit you with a stick" said Charlie. This was in reference to what Alan said to Charlie earlier, about how he needs to follow a carrot and he needs someone to hit him with a stick to keep him going. "If I pay rent at least I'll get a say," said Alan. Charlie said he won't get a say. If he wanted a say in what goes on in his house, he would have to pay a much higher rent. Alan decided that he didn't need a say. Charlie grabbed a broom and hit Alan from behind when Alan started to ramble on about lowering the cost of rent and postponing when rent is due until the new year or when the economy improves.

Evelyn can be a good grandmother when she wants to be, and I'm glad that she was being generous and thinking about her grandson. I'm curious to see if Jake will continue to cook in the future, and if Evelyn will continue with her plan to pay for Jake's college education now, especially since it seems obvious that Jake isn't college material. I also love how it seems that when Evelyn is trying to be a good grandmother to Jake, he has a tendency of ruining her house. In one of the earlier seasons, she was watching Jake for the night, and he messed up her house with food and he left the bathtub running so the water came down and drenched Evelyn. Poor Evelyn!

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Evelyn offered to pay for Jake's college education and planned to get Jake a car if he did well in school. Since Evelyn intended to take such good care of Jake, Alan considered taking an early retirement.  Meanwhile, Alan and Charlie tried to figure out why their mother was being so generous. read more

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