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Dec 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 4 watch on (Paid)

More good news on the Prom Kings front when Ron Fair calls Greg to set up a meeting. In the meeting, he tells Greg, Chris, and Whitman that he wants Geffen to produce their new single! Chris leaves the meeting ecstatic. The problem is that longtime friend and Prom Kings producer, Whitman, is too green to produce the tracks. In addition, Whitman's love life isn't working out. The girl he likes, Shayne, still hasn't let go of her boyfriend. Whitman and Shayne meet up to talk. It doesn't go well. Matt Baker, the actor, attends the premiere of his movie "Surf School." All the guys are there to support him. However, after seeing the movie, Matt realizes that he has a lot more to do in order to become a good actor and to ready himself for the next opportunity.Chris, still reeling from the good news about the band getting signed, goes out to do some serious partying. Greg gets a disturbing phone call in the middle of the night and it's apparent Chris has once again taken the rock star persona too far. Days later, the Prom Kings record their new single with a big name record producer. After the session, all they can do is wait to find out if it was good enough to get them a record deal. When Greg gets the call from Ron Fair, it forces Chris to re-examine his life.

Meet You At Lobby

Dec 20, 2006 Season 1 Episode 3

Things are looking up for the Prom Kings when they find out that Ron Fair is coming to see them perform at Hollywood's Virgin Megastore. However, while Chris was in Arkansas, two of his band members quit as they grew tired of Chris' wreckless behavior. Luckily, the band pulls it together in time for the performance. Frankie decides to promote the opening of a new hot club called Prey, this all on his own. Things are heating up with Whitman and his new girlfriend, Shayne, so she introduces him to her father, actor Lorenzo Lamas. Even though their first meeting is far from welcoming, Whitman seems to win dad over, but it might not matter.
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Going Home

Dec 13, 2006 Season 1 Episode 2

After Greg gets the disturbing call from Chris that he's in jail, he immediately flies back to Arkansas to bail out his brother, again.Once home, Greg and Chris face their parents. Their father the Reverend and their mother’s Southern Baptist views contrast sharply to the Hollywood morality that Chris and Greg have gotten used to. The aggravated assault charges against their son are serious and he possibly faces prison time. Back in LA, Frankie invites the guys to a Vivid party, where there will be lots of hot porn stars in bikinis! All the guys are excited about it, although Whitman is more interested in finding true love.
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Welcome to Hollywood

Dec 06, 2006 Season 1 Episode 1

Meet Greg Carney, his older brother, Chris, and their crew. They're seven friends with seven different dreams of making it in Hollywood. In the series premiere, Greg and Frankie, a club promoter, are opening a hot new club called Casablanca. Chris's band, The Prom Kings are going to play and Greg and Frankie promise investor, Chris Breed, that it's going to be a huge success. Chris, acting much like a rock star he wants to be, throws a wrench into Greg's plan when he decides to make a trip back home to Arkansas to go hunting. Greg and Chris get into a heated argument about responsibility and being trustworthy. Greg encourages his brother to do the right thing - stay in town, but it's wasted as Chris goes anyways. On opening night of Casablanca, all the guys work together to make it a big success. As the doors open and the crowd pours into the club, the guys are psyched, but none of them are prepared for what will happen later that night. Anyone seen Chris?
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