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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Betty: Part 2

Here now, the rest of mine own fall forecast:WednesdayThe Nine, ABC: A fun little cast of familiar faces (24's Audrey! Bailey Salinger! The shadowy Prison Break dude!) and a far-out premise make this serialized drama more than worthy of a long hard look. But the crux of the show ? What exactly happened to the nine people involved in a seemingly life-altering 52-hour bank hostage situation? ? could prove frustrating if the mad-cryptic flashbacks are only parceled out mere seconds at a time. Jericho, CBS: As I told the show's publicist, I was loving this pilot, about a small town isolated from the rest of civilization after some sort of nuclear assault on major cities, until the very final scene, which in my opinion rang illogical. Blocking that moment out, however, I'm excited for this series. Justice, Fox: Alias' Spy Daddy (Victor Garber) as the most cunning of cunning, high-priced defense attorneys? I'm so there. Plus, I like the gimmick of showing us, in the coda, what really happ... read more

I'm curious about your ...

Question: I'm curious about your thoughts on Twenty Good Years. Both John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor are downright funny, and the commercials look good from what I've seen, but it seems to have been relegated to the back burner when it comes to critics. Is the show not as funny as it looks? Or is it just not going to need as much of a push as other comedies? Answer: This is not a show that's likely to depend on critical support to survive. It's very broad and very conventional in its look and tone (laugh track included), but NBC feels that it might be populist enough to draw in a mainstream audience that could potentially stay tuned for 30 Rock (which, like many single-camera comedies, may grow slowly). NBC may be onto something: Put popular stars into a silly nothing of a show and you might attract a bigger crowd to stay tuned for the more offbeat, snob-appeal comedy that follows. Personally, I think it's just weird to pair Twenty Good Years and 30 Rock, going from the ridiculously ... read more

There has been no buzz about ...

Question: There has been no buzz about Twenty Good Years, despite it starring Dick Solomon and George Bluth Sr. Is it that bad?

Answer: Actually, it's worse. It's really quite sad.

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Everyone keeps saying Scrubs ...

Question: Everyone keeps saying Scrubs is a mistreated show. Doesn't NBC deserve a little credit for keeping it on the air for a sixth year? Scrubs couldn't hold much of the audience when it got a shot after Friends, but NBC has stuck with it anyway and has given the writers a good amount of freedom. I love the show and am thrilled to see it live on, but I'm a little sick of TV critics saying how mistreated it is when it's gotten well over 100 episodes, and when other networks would have given up on it by now. Poor little Scrubs. If that is being mistreated, what do you call the treatment given to shows canceled after one season, or worse, a handful of episodes? How about giving some credit where it is due? Answer: All valid points, but still, for NBC to bench Scrubs for half a season two years in a row seems like killing it with kindness. Especially at a time when the show has finally crossed the Emmy threshold with nominations for best comedy series, and this fall it would pair up so ... read more

I know it's still summer, but ...

Question: I know it's still summer, but have the networks announced tentative dates for their season premieres? Answer: As of now, the only network not to announce premiere dates is CBS, which will likely launch most of its new and returning shows the weeks of Sept. 17 and 24. Here's how the others shape up: The season kicks off early on Fox, with Prison Break and Vanished on Aug. 21; then the limited reality series Duets on Aug. 29; Justice and Bones on Aug. 30; House and Standoff on Sept. 5; the comedies 'Til Death and Happy Hour on Sept 7; Nanny 911 on Sept. 8; Cops and America's Most Wanted on Sept. 9; Fox's animated comedy lineup plus The War at Home on Sept. 10; and MADtv Sept. 16. (The O.C. won't return until after postseason baseball on Nov. 2.) On ABC, 20/20 officially kicks off Sept. 8; Dancing with the Stars returns Sept. 12 and 13; Wife Swap premieres Sept. 18; Grey's Anatomy and Six Degrees on Sept. 21; Ugly Betty and Men in Trees on Sept. 22; Extreme Makeover: Home read more

Is The Biggest Loser going to ...

Question: Is The Biggest Loser going to return? I thought I read a while ago that it was, but I haven't seen it advertised or read anything about it lately. Just curious.
Answer: NBC has been resting it for the summer, but it's on the fall schedule. It will air Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET (opposite Lost, among others), and will be the sole reality occupant of that time period, sandwiched between the comedy block of Twenty Good Years and 30 Rock and the new serialized thriller Kidnapped. ... read more

Press Tour Diary: NBC Day 1

I know NBC is in the ratings crapper, but that's no excuse for the sorry breakfast spread the Peacock had waiting for us this morning. They essentially threw a few croissants and pastries on a tray and called it a meal. No eggs. No Rice Krispies. No bagels. Pathetic! Good thing I had a stash of Balance Bars in my room.EXECUTIVE SESSION9:06 am: Kevin Reilly walks out on stage to what sounds like a porno soundtrack. 9:07 am: Reilly's self-deprecating jokes about NBC's misfortunes are diluted by the fact that he is reading his speech directly off a teleprompter in the back of the room. 9:08 am: Scoop: David Hasselhoff still has a job! A new cycle of America's Got Talent will return in January. Additionally, NBC is producing webisodes of Bill Lawrence's YouTube phenom Nobody's Watching with the intention of picking it up as a series later this season. 9:12 am: Scoop! NBC will air a Madonna concert special in November. 9:13 am: Scoop! Andre Braugher will do a six-episode arc on ER. 9:17... read more

NBC's Official Fall Sked!

NBC just announced its fall schedule. Here's the official release:NBC is loading its new 2006-07 primetime schedule with six new dramas and four new comedies that accentuate distinctive talent, quality concepts and cornerstone dramas that will allow the network to play offense — especially with its new weekend showpiece in "Sunday Night Football." The annual program announcement was made today by Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment, before the advertising community, affiliate stations and press at Radio City Music Hall. "The face of NBC is changing," said Reilly. "We took the first step this season with Thursday hits 'My Name Is Earl' and 'The Office.' Next season we'll add momentum and excitement with the addition of 'Sunday Night Football' and establish a foundation of quality across the week by standing behind shows that each say something about who we are." Highlights of the Fall 2006-07 season include two previously announced new dramas: "Studio 60 on the Sunset Str... read more

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Premise: Two mismatched friends in their 60s pledge to make the most of whatever time they have left in this buddy comedy set in New York.


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