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Wednesday Night Shuffle

I’m hoping the approximately 23 zillion people who’ve written in to ask me about the fate of The King of Queens, which has been on hiatus all season, will be satisfied by CBS’s announcement earlier today (I would have responded here sooner, but I got kind of distracted watching all the zany activity out of Washington, D.C.). Here’s the deal: The ninth season of the Kevin James comedy will begin on Wednesdays as soon as sweeps is over, with back-to-back episodes on Dec. 6 and 13, plus original episodes the next two Wednesdays. (What Queens will be paired with those weeks, and past the new year, is yet to be determined.)The arrival of Queens coincides with the departure until February of CBS’s unexpected new success, Jericho, which is going to take a breather after its Nov. 29 episode, in the tradition of Lost and Prison Break (which airs its own fall finale Nov. 27) to avoid the inevitable ratings drop from repeats. Jericho will return on Valentine’s Day... read more

Goodbye 20GY, We Barely Knew Ye.

Bye Bye to Twenty Good Years. NBC has put it on "hiatus", if you haven't heard yet. I still maintain that it was good but it was also easy to see why it didn't make it either! Thanks to the 5 loyal commenters each week! read more

November 1, 2006: She Attacked My Sausage

It's November 1, and Twenty Good Years is still on the air! Frankly, every week now I'm wondering if this is the last time I'll see the show. I know one of these times, that will come true. But for now, the more viewers it loses, the funnier it gets. This was the most consistently funny episode of the series so far. It's funny how it worked for me; there wasn't much that was really memorable, but I was smiling throughout. It's nice to see Judith Light in something other than a Lifetime movie right now. She plays the stuck-up character quite well, in everything she does. The scene at the bed-and-breakfast where she comes to get Jeffrey was scary — Halloween-night scary! "John, you son of a bitch... I will wash this car with your blood," was a high point of the entire series so far. Good for Jeffrey, to actually grow some marbles. The lady almost took him to the dark side, but John taught us all a lesson: Patience sucks, and attack relentlessly until your subject obeys. A true vi... read more

Ratings: The Nine Is Now No. 3

This Wednesday, as Fox took a knee with rained-out World Series coverage....• Dancing with the Stars' results show set a new season high with 19.85 million total viewers.• Soon-to-be-relocated 30 Rock (6 million) anted up 150,000 more viewers versus last week, while the soon-to-be-MIA Twenty Good Years (5.4 mil) surged 400K.• Per the fast overnights, Lost (16.795 mil) again edged out Criminal Minds (16.589 mil).• One Tree Hill (3.57 mil) bounced back from last week's season low by reclaiming 600,000 heads.• The Nine (8.02 mil) shed another half-mil, thanks in no small part to two million-plus peeps again tuning out at 10:30 pm. Dateline seized the opportunity to claim the hour's No. 2 spot with an audience of 8.68 million.QUESTION for those who watch (or have tried to watch) The Nine: Why do you think so many are tuning out halfway through each episode? The same nine million-plus seem to check in each week, but then... whammo. Mass exodus. Like clockwork. Pl... read more

Has NBC's Good Years Come to an End?

As I noted yesterday, not one of the 3,653 words in NBC's press release about 30 Rock's upcoming move to Thursdays, where it will follow the returning Scrubs, addressed the fate of Twenty Good Years, 30 Rock's current lead-out. Today's Hollywood Reporter recap of the schedule shake-up, however, says there are "no immediate plans" for the return of John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor's tepidly received collaboration, though the series "is in production on its 13-episode order, and might come back in mid-season." read more

October 25, 2006: I'd Like a Table Next to These!

This was the second of the three episodes to start off with some slight show of athleticism. The pilot had the guys playing racquetball and in this one basketball. For the amount of sports they seem to play, you'd think Jeffrey would be a little better skilled or maybe a little less injury-prone. What was he doing when he busted up his elbow? Simply holding his arms in the air? I hope old age isn't quite as sad sack as Jeffrey makes it out to be. I guess I also hope that I don't think I'm cool when I'm really just stuck up like John. Of course, combine those and that's my life now, so maybe I can at least hope for a sitcom down the road. Hey, speaking of sitcoms, this one was quite funny, yet again. OK, so it's predictable and lame in some parts and has virtually no chance of making it (I guess if Fox was able to air multiple episodes of War at Home while the World Series was in a rain delay, then any show has a shot), but there's still enough laughs to keep me interested. In this e... read more

NBC's New "Must-Tee-Hee" Thursday Strategy

Finally, NBC is giving us what we've been asking for: a two-hour block of cutting-edge network comedy on Thursday. Just like in the old days, except in this new lineup, which kicks in November 30, there are no howling dogs like The Single Guy, Union Square, Veronica's Closet, etc.Here's the new lineup: My Name Is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock. Could it get any better than that?Well, I suppose it would be better if the competition were a little less brutal for Scrubs than Grey's Anatomy on ABC and CSI on CBS. This is, however, classic and aggressive counterprogramming. There's little chance Scrubs will do better than a distant third—for one thing, Grey's many weeks is as sexy and funny a hospital farce as the wacky, giddy Scrubs. But this lineup sends a strong signal that NBC is serious about Thursdays, a night the network used to own on the strength of its signature comedies. Or should I say NBC is being seriously funny, to borrow CBS's catch-phrase for its own comedy bl... read more

Ratings: Lost Trips in a Minds Field

This Wednesday in the wild world of ratings:— NBC's 30 Rock (5.85 million total viewers) lost 29 percent of its premiere audience. Lead-out Twenty Good Years (5.1 mil) was also down two million.— CBS' Criminal Minds finally edged past Lost, 16.103 million viewers to 16.072 mil (a margin of victory about equal to the number of guys Lindsay Lohan has fooled around with). Desmond, Nikki, Paolo and the gang still rule the 18-49 demo, however. UPDATE: The final ratings are in, and hanging chad and behold, Lost actually bested Minds in total viewers. At final count, the CBS drama had 16.203 million, 103,000 fewer than Lost.— One Tree Hill (2.95 million) hit a season low, now down 700,000 from its Sept. 27 premiere.— ABC's The Nine (8.59 million) held its ground versus last week, but is still down 2 million-plus from its premiere and continues to suffer from serious second-half tune-out. (1.7 mil changed channels at 10:30.)The moral of the above stories: don't put a num... read more

Ratings: The Nine Minus 3.5 Million Equals...

Trailing Dancing with the Stars' results show (18.15 million) in the 8 pm hour was Jericho (staying pat with 10.9 mil), followed by the debut of 30 Rock (8.27 mil, which about tied Fox's nightly baseball coverage). Come 8:30, the premiere of Twenty Good Years, sampled by 7 mil, lost 18 percent of Rock's audience.At 9, Lost (16.65 million) ruled the 18-49s but lost 1.85 mil total viewers versus its season opener. Criminal Minds was in second with 16.5 mil.CSI: NY won the 10 o'clock hour, of course, with 17.7 million (a week-to-week surge of 2.1 mil), followed by ABC's The Nine (8.4 mil), which slipped almost 2 million in its second half hour — and 3.5 mil from its premiere. Subbing for Kidnapped, Dateline NBC (8.24) improved on the Saturday-bound drama's most recent ratings by 3 mil. read more

October 11, 2006: Johnny Likes the Ladies

So, I have to admit right off the bat that I'm not sure why I chose to write about Twenty Good Years. I'm really not familiar with Jeffrey Tambor's work and I never really liked John Lithgow. However, Golden Girls was a really funny show. So I like old people in sitcoms. Maybe I'm just hoping for a male version of Bea Arthur. Whatever the reason, I've been looking forward to this premiere for quite a while. Now that it's happened, I will reserve judgment until the second episode. You have to hope that a show comes out firing right out of the box, which isn't always that easy to do when you need the entire show to set up the premise for the rest of the series. The Class did it well and so did Studio 60 this year — aw heck — I think I've just disproved my own theory. But what I'm trying to say is that this didn't come out guns-a-blazin'. The debut seemed to be almost straight setup with hopes that mayhem will ensue down the road. Either way, the show is about two retirement-... read more

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