Turning Point 1996 | TV Show Watchlist

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Baby, Oh, Baby: The Six-Pack Is Back

July 11, 2000

After D-Day: The Liberation of Paris

Life After Death: Personal Experiences

Who Shot Martin Luther King Jr.?

Of Human Bondage: Slavery Today

1994, May 4: Mercy or Murder

1994, June 21: Inside the O.J. Simpson Story

1997, July 17

1994, April 6: The Littlest Heroes

Sean's Story: A Lesson in Life

The Charlotte Lopez Story: Can Dreams Come True?

Sinatra at 81: The Man Behind the Legend

Mercy or Money

1994, March 30: Baby Chase

1994, Dec. 15: White Christmas

The Race for a Cure

1995, Nov. 24: Princess Diana Interview

The Race for a Miracle: The Brad and Vicki Margus Story

The Tarnished Shield: When Good Cops Go Bad

Gee Whiz: Whiz Kids

Inside the Music Industry

1994, July 20: The Framingham Eight

1994, April 27: Hooked from Hollywood to Main Street

Guns and Self-Defense: When Can You Shoot?

1994, June 1

Baby, Oh, Baby, It's a Six-Pack

Infidelity: The Most Intimate Betrayal