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Sat Jul 30 1:02am
World's Dumbest Record Breakers 2(Season 5, Episode 5) truTV

Videos of amateurs attempting to make and break records are presented.

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Sat Jul 30 10:00am
World's Dumbest Outlaws 6(Season 13, Episode 5) truTV

Odd outlaws are captured on camera.

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Sat Jul 30 11:00am
World's Dumbest Outlaws 7(Season 13, Episode 10) truTV

Foolish crimes are captured on camera.

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Sat Jul 30 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Outlaws 8(Season 14, Episode 6) truTV

A countdown of videos that feature bungled robberies and other idiotic crimes caught on tape.

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Sat Jul 30 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Outlaws 9(Season 15, Episode 5) truTV

Videos of odd crimes are shared. Included: drunk squirrel; naked news; puppy theft; loaded bra.

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Tue Aug 2 9:00am
World's Dumbest Drivers 19(Season 8, Episode 10) truTV

Auto incidents include a motorbike racer taking out a cameraman and a teen trashing his birthday gift of a truck with a bat.

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Tue Aug 2 10:00am
World's Dumbest Drivers 16(Season 7, Episode 2) truTV

Included: A tractor trailer loses a wheel; a daredevil drives his car through a camper.

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Tue Aug 2 11:00am
World's Dumbest Drivers 17(Season 7, Episode 12) truTV

A compilation of motorists includes thieves of a soda truck and drivers of a covered wagon.

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Tue Aug 2 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Drivers 18(Season 8, Episode 2) truTV

Motorists' misadventures are compiled, including a woman's angry attempts to run over her boyfriend and a driver trying to double park on top of a car.

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Tue Aug 2 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Drivers 14(Season 6, Episode 7) truTV

20 reasons to take the bus.

Thu Aug 4 9:00am
World's Dumbest Performers 10(Season 12, Episode 2) truTV

Included: A TV personality turns impersonator; a pageant contestant fails to find her feet; and a reporter struggles to deliver the news.

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Thu Aug 4 10:00am
World's Dumbest Performers 12(Season 13, Episode 9) truTV

Included: figure skaters who need to get a grip; break-dancers breaking down; pageant contestants slipping up; comedians who become the joke.

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Thu Aug 4 11:00am
World's Dumbest Performers(Season 4, Episode 12) truTV

Performers caught in the act include a rapping Karl Rove and models experiencing wardrobe malfunctions.

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Thu Aug 4 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 11(Season 13, Episode 6) truTV

Included: A rapper is caught off balance; a TV chef becomes a flaming embarrassment; a dancer struggles to show her sexy side; and a weatherman has a serious case of arachnophobia.

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Thu Aug 4 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 6(Season 9, Episode 13) truTV

A compilation of performances including teens demonstrating their dancing skills and a wardrobe malfunction.

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Sat Aug 6 10:00am
World's Dumbest Motorheads 2(Season 11, Episode 2) truTV

Videos featuring of crazy car chases and extreme motorists.

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Sat Aug 6 11:00am
World's Dumbest Motorheads 3(Season 11, Episode 9) truTV

Videos featuring off-the-walls car chases and crazy motorists are presented.

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Sat Aug 6 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Motorheads 4(Season 12, Episode 3) truTV

A drug dealer on the run from the law; a high-speed chase on an airport runway; a tornado chaser; and stunt bikers.

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Fri Aug 12 11:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 16(Season 11, Episode 6) truTV

The compilation of party animals' antics includes a tent surfer at a music festival and beer-pong players doing battle.

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Fri Aug 12 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 18(Season 12, Episode 10) truTV

Party antics captured on video are presented.

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Fri Aug 12 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 19(Season 13, Episode 8) truTV

A top-twenty countdown of ridiculous party antics are presented.

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Fri Aug 12 2:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 20(Season 14, Episode 9) truTV

A top-twenty video collection of the dumbest party goers.

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Fri Aug 12 5:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 21(Season 15, Episode 8) truTV

Party antics captured on video are presented.

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Fri Aug 12 6:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 22 truTV

Gun nuts in thongs; a regretable lap dance; a hot dog trick.

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