Sat May 30 8:00pm
Sun May 31 12:02am
Mon Jun 1 9:00am
Mon Jun 1 10:00am
Wed Jun 3 9:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 3(Season 4, Episode 4) truTV

Party animals' antics are compiled, including revelers getting into fights and throwing down flaming shots.

Wed Jun 3 10:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 5(Season 5, Episode 3) truTV

Party animals include grandmothers doing keg stands and karaoke singers struggling to find the right notes.

Wed Jun 3 3:00pm
World's Smartest Inventions 8(Season 14, Episode 4) truTV

Promotional videos of interesting inventions from around the world are presented.

Wed Jun 3 6:00pm
World's Smartest Inventions 13(Season 16, Episode 7) truTV

A bird feeder that shocks; a bowl crafted from bacon; and an innovative way to grow bananas.

Thu Jun 4 9:00am
World's Dumbest Confrontations(Season 4, Episode 13) truTV

Videos include: animal showdowns; police arrests; catfights.

Thu Jun 4 10:00am
World's Dumbest Competitions 5(Season 5, Episode 6) truTV

Video of odd competitions are presented.

Fri Jun 5 9:00am
World's Dumbest Daredevils 8(Season 6, Episode 4) truTV

Footage of bungled stunts are featured.

Fri Jun 5 10:00am
World's Dumbest Daredevils 7(Season 5, Episode 10) truTV

Footage of daredevil stunts is presented.

Sat Jun 6 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 3(Season 7, Episode 4) truTV

A compilation of performers includes Russian singers fighting for the spotlight and unusual animal costars on a children's TV show.

Sat Jun 6 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 10(Season 12, Episode 2) truTV

Included: A TV personality turns impersonator; a pageant contestant fails to find her feet; and a reporter struggles to deliver the news.

Sat Jun 6 2:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 11(Season 13, Episode 6) truTV

Included: A rapper is caught off balance; a TV chef becomes a flaming embarrassment; a dancer struggles to show her sexy side; and a weatherman has a serious case of arachnophobia.

Sat Jun 6 7:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 17(Season 16, Episode 9) truTV

A woman gives sobriety tests while in her underwear; amateurs attempt to work on fireworks; folks at a funeral home deliver a Christmas greeting.

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