truTV Presents: World's Dumbest...

  • 2008
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Footage of people caught blundering, bungling and experiencing lapses of sound judgment.

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Wed Jul 5 9:00am
World's Dumbest Performers 4(Season 8, Episode 3) truTV

Included: a man on fire; a tightrope walker; a cheerleader.

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Wed Jul 5 10:00am
World's Dumbest Performers 5(Season 9, Episode 8) truTV

A showcase of performers includes a party entertainer with a wardrobe of tiny tops and a TV reporter who gets into a muddle in a puddle.

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Wed Jul 5 11:00am
World's Dumbest Performers 6(Season 9, Episode 13) truTV

A compilation of performances including teens demonstrating their dancing skills and a wardrobe malfunction.

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Wed Jul 5 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 10(Season 12, Episode 2) truTV

Included: A TV personality turns impersonator; a pageant contestant fails to find her feet; and a reporter struggles to deliver the news.

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Wed Jul 5 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 12(Season 13, Episode 9) truTV

Included: figure skaters who need to get a grip; break-dancers breaking down; pageant contestants slipping up; comedians who become the joke.

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Wed Jul 5 2:00pm
World's Dumbest Performers 13(Season 14, Episode 7) truTV

Included: A dancer performs in butter; team mascots go off-course.

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Fri Jul 7 9:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 3(Season 4, Episode 4) truTV

Party animals' antics are compiled, including revelers getting into fights and throwing down flaming shots.

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Fri Jul 7 10:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 5(Season 5, Episode 3) truTV

Party animals include grandmothers doing keg stands and karaoke singers struggling to find the right notes.

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Fri Jul 7 11:00am
World's Dumbest Partiers 6(Season 5, Episode 9) truTV

Videos included: a Canadian party goer breaks bottles on his head; a naked man chases down the person who stole his clothes.

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Fri Jul 7 12:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 7(Season 6, Episode 5) truTV

Included: Drinking-contest competitors get turned on their heads; a break dancer takes it too far; and a woman puts on a drunken show for police.

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Fri Jul 7 1:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 9(Season 7, Episode 9) truTV

The antics of 20 party animals are showcased, including snowboarding college kids and two families coming to blows at a wedding.

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Fri Jul 7 2:00pm
World's Dumbest Partiers 11(Season 8, Episode 11) truTV

Party antics captured on video are presented.

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