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Dec 08, 2013 Season 2013 Episode 27 watch on (Paid)

On this special edition of True Life we'll crisscross the country checking in with some of our favorite former subjects to see how their lives have changed since they first shared their stories on MTV.

I’m Pregnant

Dec 11, 2007 Season 2007 Episode 12

What causes nausea, weight gain, volatile mood swings, even indescribable joy, and is certain to change your life forever?
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I’m Looking For My Father

Dec 11, 2007 Season 2007 Episode 11

Everyone wants to know where they come from. But if you grow up not even knowing your biological father, your own past can feel like a mystery.
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I’m Going to Rehab

Dec 11, 2007 Season 2007 Episode 9

It offers hope, salvation, and a chance for a healthy life
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I'm Celibate

Jul 24, 2007 Season 2007 Episode 4

Not everyone is doing it. Whether obligated by religion, afraid of STDs, or just disillusioned by sex - many young people are now choosing abstinence over intercourse.
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I'm Stepping

Feb 18, 2007 Season 2007 Episode 2

It's loud and it can bring the house down, we're talking about stepping, a raucous mix of African tribal dance, tap, cheerleading, and gymnastics that was once a predominantly African-American fraternity and sorority past-time, but is now crossing cultural boundaries nationwide.
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