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True Blood Season 5 episodes

True Blood Episode Recap: "Save Yourself" Season 5, Episode 12

True Blood usually ends its seasons with a steep body count, pruning the narrative bonsai of extraneous characters for the next all-new adventure of Sookie Stackhouse & Co. But this year things went a little differently. Sure, there were some important deaths, a few hilarious births (yes, births plural), at least two rebirths and a bunch of tectonic shifts in allegiances that make me curious what the powers that be have in store for Season 6. Read on to find out how it all went down and my baseless predictions for Season 6.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Sunset" Season 5, Episode 11

Hey, fangbangers! I've been a bad True Blood recapper of late. Last week I had to take the night off to cover the Olympics closing ceremonies. I hope that my colleague Natalie Abrams' insightful exclusive Q&A with Jim Parrack on his character's surprising exit from Bon Temps — and perhaps the series — tided you over. But meanwhile, we've got a vampire war going on here, people! If only we could separate the good guys from the bad guys...

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Gone, Gone, Gone Season 5, Episode 10

Bill launches a public-relations campaign about the rise in vampire violence that's favorable to the Authority, though Nora has a hard time selling it to Eric. Meanwhile, Jason discovers a mysterious scroll that could help explain his family's history; Pam and Tara contemplate orders from the new sheriff; Sam and Luna look for Emma; and Russell plans for his future. read more

True Blood Episode Recap: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Season 5, Episode 9

First up, sorry for missing last week's episode. As I mentioned, I was out in L.A. at the fall TV previews and watching it live was impossible. Glad to be back though!

On this week's episode of True Blood, the vampire war has begun, and it only took nine episodes to get there! Unfortunately, there are a few traitors in our midst, so when it's time to choose sides, there are a few surprises. In more promising news, the writers have obviously been reading my recaps, because they decided to streamline a whole bunch of plotlines into one this week. Loose ends were tied, and just a few cogent narrative threads remains. Well done, writers! I knew you could do it!

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Somebody That I Used to Know" Season 5, Episode 8

Hey guys, I'm out in Los Angeles at the fall TV previews, so I'm not going to be able to recap True Blood live this week. But I hear that while Sookie and Jason investigate their parents' death, we are going to learn a lot more about this new vampire order, specifically the surprising role that Rev. Steve Newlin will play. Wait until you see!

In the meantime, please use this space to comment on the episode and we'll catch up again next week. Happy hunting, fang-bangers!

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True Blood Episode Recap: “In the Beginning” Season 5, Episode 7

On this week's episode of True Blood, it's all about gaining and losing supernatural power. Sookie decides that maybe she doesn't want to be special anymore. The Authority, under the new leadership of Salome and Russell, decide to assume more power. And Lafayette and Terry confront their personal demons, with radically different results.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Hopeless" Season 5, Episode 6

On this week's episode of True Blood, The Authority captures Russell Edgington and plans to execute him. Jason and Sookie team up to find out if their parents were actually killed by a vampire. Terry comes to a life-changing decision after his run-in with a fire monster.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Let's Boot and Rally" Season 5, Episode 5

"Boot and rally" is a disturbing term I learned in the halcyon days of the early 1990s when I started drinking alcohol in varying quantities as a dumb-assed college freshman. Essentially, it's the process of puking, either naturally or by force, which — in theory! — makes you feel less drunk, so you can then drink more! It's not a sound strategy, and one that I (hand to God) never employed personally. But I did witness it, and it was as wrong-looking as it sounds.

So how does this apply to this week's episode of True Blood? Read on to find out.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "We'll Meet Again" Season 5, Episode 4

On this week's True Blood, Tara, Pam and Eric explore the challenges of vampire parenthood. Someone finally wonders aloud why so many of Sookie's friends take such big risks for her. Jason and Andy discover the faeries' secret hideout... and a big secret about the backstory of the Stackhouse family legacy.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" Season 5, Episode 3

Just two weeks after I praised True Blood for keeping the focus on vampires, I'm starting to think that I spoke too soon. This week, two story lines of seasons past — Lafayette's brujo powers and those damned faeries — reared their ugly heads, making me think that Season 5 is going to be just as crowded an affair as the previous three have been. Let's survey the damage:

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Authority Always Wins" Season 5, Episode 2

On this week's episode of True Blood, Bill and Eric, who are accused of aiding the Sanguinista movement (whatever the heck that is), meet the shadowy Vampire Authority, and hey, guess what? Stabler is its leader! Plus, while Sookie and Lafayette vamp-sit Tara, we get a juicy tease about Pam's backstory... read more

Turn! Turn! Turn! Season 5, Episode 1

In the fifth-season premiere, Sookie and Lafayette are reeling from Tara's shooting, but there is also the matter of cleaning up Debbie Pelt's blood. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric face a new threat from the Authority; Marcus' disappearance sends his wolf pack after Sam; Jessica parties with her human peers; Jason has a reunion with Rev. Steve Newlin; a visit from Terry's war buddy brings back his PTSD; and Alcide warns Sookie about Russell Edgington's return. read more

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