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True Blood Episode: "Hopeless"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The Authority comes for Bill and Eric; Roman maps out his strategy for dealing with Russell.
Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2012
Guest Cast Tina Majorino: Molly Kelly Overton: Rikki Peter Mensah: Kibwe Valentina Cervi: Salome Lucy Griffiths: Nora Louis Herthum: JD Giles Matthey: Claude Carolyn Hennesy: Rosalyn Harris Scott Foley: Patrick Devins Dale Dickey: Martha Bozeman Christopher Heyerdahl: Dieter Braun Lindsey Haun: Hadley Hale Todd Giebenhain: Junior Alfre Woodard: Ruby Jean Reynolds Denis O'Hare: Russell Edgington
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Season 5, Episode 6
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Length: 52:00
Aired: 7/15/2012
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True Blood Episode Recap: "Hopeless" Season 5, Episode 6

On this week's episode of True Blood, The Authority captures Russell Edgington and plans to execute him. Jason and Sookie team up to find out if their parents were actually killed by a vampire. Terry comes to a life-changing decision after his run-in with a fire monster.


Sookie uses her faerie blaster on Russell, which is enough for Eric and Bill to subdue him and turn him over alive to the Authority. (Kudos to Anna Paquin for a great WTF look in this scene.) Important point: The Authority team leader instructs Bill and Eric to glamour Sookie and Alcide, respectively. Bill goes through the motions, but of course we know that Sookie can't be glamoured. Eric, on the other hand, takes the opportunity not only to erase Alcide's memory of Russell's capture, but also to tell him to protect Sookie and to never make a pass at her. In fact, he says, she kind of disgusts you. Heh.

Meanwhile, back at the Authority... there's a party in Bill and Eric's honor, and they arrive just in time for Roman's celebratory toast with 18th-century blood. Blech. The party atmosphere has really loosened up Meloni; he's even wearing a golf shirt! As they're preparing to execute Russell, Eric requests permission to see Nora. Roman appears to ignore him and instead asks Salome to fit Russell with an iStake. But he does get to see her in her cell, prostrate and elated at the news that Russell is to be executed. "It's all part of her plan," she reports. Come again?

Russell is presented to the Authority for execution, but when Roman pushes the button on his iStake, it malfunctions. There's a struggle, and with a few choice words — abovementioned in the title of this section. Russell stakes Roman. His face goes all wonky, but he doesn't explode into a gooey mess, so we don't actually see if he dies. That can't be it for him, can it? If so, what an utterly disappointing run by an otherwise fine actor.

Instead, the camera cuts back to Nora's cell. "Praise Lilith," she says. Anyone get the feeling we're going to meet this mystery lady some time soon?


Ifrit the fire monster has escaped Eller's compound and he's coming for Terry! But you can understand why when he tells Arlene that he has to leave her and her family because he's cursed and being chased by said monster, her first thought is that the PTSD-afflicted vet has gone off his meds. But he persists in his abandonment, and with a devastated resignation, she accepts his decision. They embrace, and he says, "Thank you for taking a chance on me. I wish it had turned out better." For as much as the show relies on this couple for comic relief, this was surprisingly emotional. It goes to show how invested in them as a couple I've become, which is really weird.


In yet another dream, Jason swears vengeance to his father on the vampires that killed his parents. "The only thing you have to fear is..." his father says, but the end of his sentence is ominously cut off when Jason wakes up.

He tells Sookie about those [see section title above] and what Hadley told him and recruits her in an effort to locate the mystery faerie nightclub, aka the Las Vegas branch of Circus Circus. Sookie knows the secret handshake, so they find it right away. There they bump into the kid (I think his name is Claude?) who helped her escape from the faeries last time, and he gives the siblings some depressing news. The Stackhouses were killed, he says, because the vampire was attracted to the smell of something in the backseat of their car, namely a skanky-ass old Band-Aid with Sookie's sweet-smelling faerie blood on it.

Anyone else think that the vampire in question was Russell? What could better put into relief his villainy than to make it personal for the Stackhouse siblings?


-Luna makes peace with her ex-mother-in-law, who agrees to keep Emma safe while a) Luna convalesces in the hospital and b) there's a band of shifter killers on the loose.

-Sam decides it's his job to help Andy investigate the shifter shootings, which leads them to that creepy anti-vampire gun shop. A standoff ensues, and Sam saves Andy's life, which allows me to hear him say his favorite exclamation: "Jesus tits!"

-Alfre Woodard is back as "Lala"'s mother! And she's as entertainingly unhinged as ever. She has a message: Jesus' mouth is stitched shut, but he has something to tell him. Lala decides he needs to visit Jesus' creepy brujo grandfather.

-Once Alcide finds out that J.D., the new packmaster, is actually working with Russell, he returns to take over the pack. At his side when he makes that declaration is a sexy, yet-to-be-named bitch (aka female wolf). Aside: A lot of salty language in this recap, no? Apologies.

-I like this forlorn Hoyt, and I suspect that watching him sink to more pitiful depths to win back Jessica is going to be interesting. This week, he misinterprets Jessica's interception of Tara's feeding as a sign that she still cares for him. She denies this, and storms off. Later, we see Hoyt being fed upon by a real sleazy-looking vamp, who notes that Hoyt's heart is slowing down rapidly. Out of nowhere, the same shooters who got Luna and Sam appear, shoot the vamp and load a woozy Hoyt into their van.

-I think it's hilarious that, in an effort to explain different standards of beauty, Claude describes Sookie as having an "overgrown baby head."

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On this week's episode of True Blood, The Authority captures Russell Edgington and plans to execute him. Jason and Sookie team up to find out if their parents were actually killed by a vampire. Terry comes to a life-changing decision after his run-in with a fire monster.

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