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True Blood Episode: "Fresh Blood"

Season 3, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Eric proceeds with caution in his quest for revenge; Jessica and Hoyt's romance intensifies; Bill's attempt to win back Sookie's trust backfires; Arlene's future depends on divine intervention; Jason struggles to understand Crystal's revelation; Lafayette receives a rude welcome back to reality after a "V" trip.
Original Air Date: Aug 29, 2010
Guest Cast Melissa Rauch: Summer Dale Raoul: Maxine Fortenberry Lindsay Pulsipher: Crystal Norris Denis O'Hare: Russell Edgington Grey Damon: Kitch Maynard Carlson Young: Tammy Dakin Matthews: Dr. Robideaux Tara Buck: Ginger
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Season 3, Episode 11
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Length: 51:00
Aired: 8/29/2010
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True Blood Episode Recap: "Fresh Blood" Season 3, Episode 11

On Sunday's True Blood, Eric's plan for vengeance took shape. Jessica and Hoyt officially reconciled. Jason took some time to process Crystal's news. Lafayette had difficulty readjusting after his V trip with Jesus. Arlene made a decision about her pregnancy. Plus: Will Sookie ever trust Bill again?


Still coming down off their V-induced magical mystery tour, Lafayette and Jesus have very different reactions to it. An amped-up Jesus immediately wants to do it again. But Lala is wary, emphasizing that this trip was different than any he's ever experienced. To put a finer point on what he means, Jesus momentarily transforms into a masked demon, all bug-eyed and forked tongue. The frightening image is, I think, meant to make us suspicious of Jesus, especially after we learned last week that his dark-arts shaman grandpappy had big plans for him. Big evil plans.

So Lafayette asks him to go home. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to strange voices, animal noises and singing coming from his living room. When he switches on the light, a collection of dolls and figurines are dancing and calling for him. "You need us," one says. "We need you," says another. Then the creepiest of the voodoo bunch barks out his name several times. Just me, or did it sound like Jesus' grandfather? Methinks his romantic mind-meld is going to lead to something altogether not so schmoopy.


"It's like a werewolf, only a panther?" Jason asks Crystal, which is good because we in the audience want to know, too. He seems hesitant, but it's clear that Jason has a hero fantasy, and he wants desperately to save Crystal from marrying her half-brother, who, she says, will then "breed me until I'm old or dead." Shudder.

While Jason is out looking for Sookie, he runs into Kitch, the cocksure high school quarterback who's gunning for Jason's passing record. He appears to have roped his teammates into an odd mandatory night practice. Jason notices something different about him. He's a fine athlete for sure, but he's also on V, as evidenced by his rocket-armed passes.

Jason says he's going to report him, to which Kitch replies that the principal and his parents are already very much aware of his drug use. And with that, he tells Jason he's going to blow his record to smithereens. (Aside: Kitch's girlfriend is awesome. "You said you were going to come home with me and watch me try on outfits," she whines.)

When Jason returns from his unsuccessful search for Sookie, he tells Crystal he doesn't want to break up, and that her shifty (ha) behavior is fine with him. "No one in this town is what they're supposed to be," he says. This is good news for Crystal, because she needs him to help stop the drug raid on Hotshot, to prevent her many inbred cousins (what's a double-cousin exactly?) and siblings from getting hurt in the crossfire. Clearly, Jason's tiny brain does not think this is a good idea. This time, his tiny brain is probably correct.


Hoyt and Jessica are reunited and it feels so good, so it's time for a good old-fashioned makeout sesh. But when your best girl is a baby vampire, blood will spill. Hoyt is pumped by his recent hot V injection, but Jessica is still wary of a relationship with a human. To make sure he knows what he's getting into, she confesses to accidentally murdering a trucker. She also reveals that she tried, but she can't live on TruBlood alone. Hoyt, ever the good boyfriend, tells her to drink his blood. So she does. Wait until Hoyt's momma finds out.

Wait, Hoyt's momma? I thought Maxine was out of the picture. But she's not. It seems the histrionic Mrs. Fortenberry has a plan up her sleeve, the first phase of which was for Summer to seduce her boy. Summer tells Maxine that she even offered him her virginity, which he turned down. "I appreciate that, honey, even if you broke God's law," Maxine says. Now that that didn't work, she'll have to resort to other measures, which doesn't bode well for our young lovers.


Tara slides into a booth with Andy and very calmly tells him that she knows about Eggs. She has decided that reporting Andy isn't going to help since she's the only one who ever cared about Eggs. Andy apologizes profusely.

Meanwhile, Sam is still acting like a jerk, alienating the people closest to him: first, Terry and Arlene endure his wrath and then, in a two-minute exchange, Tommy loses his job, his home... and his brother. In a final stroke of wrongheadedness, he kicks everyone out of the bar so he can sulk alone.

Tara notices Sam's behavior and perhaps recognizes herself in his lashing out. She sticks around to comfort/scold him, and almost instantly, their old spark reignites and they're back at his trailer having sex.

But what's this? There's some sort of device on Sam's nightstand with three green lights. Is it a bomb? Is it something to do with the restaurant's security system? That's what it sure seems like, especially since we then see Tommy clipping wires and working the combination dial on a safe.


After Sam's tantrum, Arlene and Holly grab some salt and vacate the premises, so they can get down to some witchy business. Out in the woods, Holly scatters a circle of salt and some votive candles around Arlene. Holly invokes "the great mother" and prepares a concoction, which includes several drops of blood, for Arlene to take four times a day for five days or so. "If the spirit is meant to be born, it's meant to be born," Holly says, which, to me, totally spoils what happens next.

Next we see a makeup-scrubbed Arlene fishing, bathed in golden light, which is True Blood code for "it's only a dream." She's speaking to her mother, who wants her to come inside. She says "in a little while" and then she bolts awake, where a panicked Terry points out that the bed is covered in blood and she appears to have had a miscarriage.

At the hospital, we learn that, despite the trauma, she's OK. But we also learn that she's still pregnant. "The baby's still on board," the doctor says. "You've got a strong little critter in there." "Yay," Arlene says half-heartedly.


Bill realizes that Sookie is in trouble and rushes off to Fangtasia, where he can sense Sookie's fear. Pam calls Bill an "infatuated tween" for not seeing the big picture beyond Sookie, and sprays aerosol colloidal silver in his face, blinding him.

Meanwhile, a disgruntled Yvetta releases Sookie to spite Eric. "Now we're all going to die because of one freaky little human," says Pam, who is perhaps more justifiably disgruntled herself. Sookie and Bill overpower Pam and silver her. After they leave, Ginger helps Pam escape. Pam repays the favor by feeding on her.

Sookie says she loves Bill, but also that she doesn't trust him or Eric. Nevertheless, when Godric died, she saw a whole other side to Eric, perhaps indicating that the two men are on more equal footing than they've ever been before.

Eric confronts Russell at the Jackson Art Museum, where he has killed a guard and is getting some culture, bloody urn still tucked under his arm. "Life is absurd... still, I'm excited to destroy you," Russell says. But not so fast, Rusty, Eric has something that you might want: the ability to day-walk, a "supernatural sunscreen" courtesy of the blood of one Miss Sookie Stackhouse. Eric says that if he's wrong, Rusty can kill him tomorrow.

Bill tells Sookie they need a fresh start, which prompts them to fantasize about what their normal life together might be like. She's a real estate agent. He goes fishing with Jason. They never see Eric Northman. (Fat chance!)

As if on cue, Eric and Russell appear in the roadway and practically up-end Sookie's Gremlin when Russell stops it with his hand. The motley quartet drives back to Fangtasia, where Eric stages a fight with Bill to properly hide the fact that they're actually in cahoots.

Eric tells Russell that Sookie is part fairy and that drinking her blood allows a vampire to day-walk. Bill confirms this, which does not please Sookie. Obviously, what they're hiding from Russell is that the effect only lasts for a minute or two before a vampire will sizzle like Sunday-morning bacon.

Russell is dubious, so in order to test Eric and Bill's assertion, he insists that Eric feed off Sookie and walk outside. But then his excitement and impatience overtakes him so he feeds alongside Eric.

Eric shows his unblemished skin to Fangtasia's security cameras, before turning away just as he starts to burn. He conveys what appears to be a telepathic message — "Don't let them see" -- to Pam. She sheds bloody tears because she knows what's going to happen next. Russell walks outside. In his momentary euphoria at being able to face the sun after what is probably a very, very long time, he doesn't notice the smoke rising from beneath Eric's collar.

Sudddenly, Eric turns to face him, revealing his singed flesh, and slaps handcuffs on him. "Be brave; we'll die together," he says.

Can you believe that the season finale is in just two weeks? (No new episode next week.) Here are two interesting tidbits I picked up from the previews: "Russell is no more," an unidentified female voice says. "Eric as well," says Bill. Clearly they aren't both dead, but I also spied Rene and Godric, two characters I was pretty sure were.

How are they going to wrap up this big mess of a season? More than the two prior seasons, it seems like the Season 3 finale is going to leave a lot of questions unanswered. Which do you think they'll get to?

Furthermore, it means that many new characters — Crystal, Tommy, Holly and Jesus come to mind — are going to be sticking around for Season 4.

So what did you think of "Fresh Blood"? Is Russell as compelling a villain as Rene or Maryann?

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On Sunday's True Blood, Eric's plan for vengeance took shape. Jessica and Hoyt officially reconciled. Jason took some time to process Crystal's news. Lafayette had difficulty readjusting after his V trip with Jesus. Arlene made a decision about her pregnancy. Plus: Will Sookie ever trust Bill again?

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